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The Goddess Gets Her Guy What Happens When The Goddess Meets Mr Rightbut She Absolutely Can T Tell Him Who She Really Is After Leaving His Job As A Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Aaron Samuels Needs A New Purpose In His Life Wanting To Help His Patients Even If He Can T Operate, He Heads To The Puerto Rican Rainforest To Find A Cure For Heart Disease He Never Imagined He D Meet A Beautiful, Mysterious Woman, Especially Not One Talking To A Frog In The Middle Of The JungleGaia Aka Mother Nature Has Had It With Paranormals Breaking Her Number One Rule Never Reveal Your Supernatural Powers To Humans, Not Even Your Mate Fed Up, She Transports To The Rainforest, Happy To Converse With Amphibians Who Don T Talk Back But Dr Samuels Is A Much Better Conversationalist, And Gaia Can T Wait To Help Him Mend All Those Broken Hearts He Told Her AboutWhen Her Attempts To Help Only Complicate Things Between Them, Gaia Begins To Wonder What Would Happen If She Opened Her Heart And Was Honest With Aaronand Herself Maybe Her Number One Rule Has Been Wrong All AlongPraise For Ashlyn Chase A Sexy And Fun Paranormal Romance Booklist For My Wild Irish Dragon Hot And Hilarious This One Is A Must Read Night Owl Reviews Top Pick For Never Dare A Dragon Shapeshifting Done Right This Fast Paced Romance Is A Must Read RT Book Reviews For Hooked On A Phoenix Funny And Sexya Different Twist On The Average Paranormal Theme Fresh Fiction For Kissing With Fangs

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    The Goddess Gets Her Guy by Ashly ChaseParanormal romance Last book in all the cross connected series Characters from most of the previous books make appearances which is fun if the previous books were read If not, can be difficult to keep track of who is related or connected.In this story Mother Nature looks for companionship of her own after following the romances of many of her paranormal subjects the books in the series Her sisters, Fate and Karma help and they all agree that Aaron is her match I liked Aaron He is a bit older with two grown daughters He worries about his daughters and their families as well as the world His goal is to the make the world a better place before he leaves it Mother Nature created the universe in this storyline so has quite the ego It s very evident in many of her dealings The good thing is that as the story progresses, she does try to become nicer and tolerant And speaking of ego Excerpt of Gaia, Mother Nature musing She couldn t help thinking about Aaron as she gazed out over the plants She didn t understand why he would continue refusing her help when she could ve cut through so many layers of red tape for him It must be that stupid false pride thing she accidentally injected the male of the species with She was trying to give them pride in their accomplishments Instead, she seemed to give them pride to the point of being full of themselves I received a copy of this from NetGalley I also purchased a copy to share.

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    The Goddess Gets Her GuyAshlyn Chasehttps m.facebook.com AuthorAshlynChRelease date 11 26 2019Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca Blurb What happens when the goddess meets Mr Rightbut she absolutely can t tell him who she really is After leaving his job as a cardiac surgeon, Dr Aaron Samuels needs a new purpose in his life Wanting to help his patients even if he can t operate, he heads to the Puerto Rican rainforest to find a cure for heart disease He never imagined he d meet a beautiful, mysterious woman, especially not one talking to a frog in the middle of the jungleGaia a.k.a Mother Nature has had it with paranormals breaking her number one rule Never reveal your supernatural powers to humans, not even your mate Fed up, she transports to the rainforest, happy to converse with amphibians who don t talk back But Dr Samuels is a much better conversationalist, and Gaia can t wait to help him mend all those broken hearts he told her about.When her attempts to help only complicate things between them, Gaia begins to wonder what would happen if she opened her heart and was honest with Aaronand herself Maybe her number one rule has been wrong all alongMy review When a supreme being of all the super beings is looking for a mate, how will it turn out When I requested this book, I thought I was for a fun read about a goddess encountering a man who stirred her curiosity and intrigued her to want to know him .I got it but I confess I felt confused at the beginning as aplenty of characters were introduced, and it became obvious this standalone story was in fact the end of many other stories This book is the epilogue tying up the knots of the many protagonists life from previously published paranormal series, with a happy ending for the most ranked of the supernatural beings.But once I passed this detail, it was quite en enjoyable read, even if I had to get a crash course in what is the ether for the author.Gaia is mother of all, yet over the centuries, she is challenged by her creations, the human kind is a deceptive breed, why she added restrictions to her paranormal creatures but time has passed and she must too take a fresh look on her own rules.She is far from perfect and in fact appears human like than she likes, why when she meets a man who puzzles her, she feels lost and needs guidance.Aaron is a widower, with two grown daughters and a change of carrier waiting for him as he no longer can be the cardiac surgeon he once was When he first meet Gaia, she appears as lonely as him, and soon he knows why.Their relationship is one of friendship at first, where she has to learn to listen and If one thing is sure, Gaia does not listen, she decides and acts.I liked Fate and Karma, Gaia s sisters they are what they were named for, fair and agreeable than Gaia, who is very haughty and full of herself, as it is for the mother of everything.If one part of the book is about setting a date for Gaia which results in humorous moments, the other is to close all the loose threads from the other stories.In all an enjoyable story but to fully appreciate it, you must read the author s previous work.Why I rate it 4 stars.I was granted an advance copy through Netgalley by the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca.Here is my true and unbiased opinion.https www.facebook.com 429830134272

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    My thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a free copy for an honest review I have read a few books from this author and have so far loved every book that i have come across The only reason that this book did not get 5 stars is because it is a little heavy on the save the world theme.I did love that we got to see characters from two other the authors other series, Boston Dragons and Phoenix Brothers and that they now all know each other and have relocated to Costa Rica.Mother Earth Gaia did seem to need a lot of assistance by her sister Karma and Fate in understanding the modern world, and at times there were lessons for all of us to learn in this book.I do love my fantasy books and will certainly look for from this author in the future.

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    That old tagline stuck in my head as soon as I picked up this book It s a hoot Gaia, Mother Nature herself, is looking for a significant other She s cranky, she s pretty full of herself, and she is all knowing what chance does a guy have in her world Enter Dr Aaron Samuels someone who seems like just a nice all around guy Loved him Let s say this story is over the top with laughs and paranormal folks and the learning of love and just what kind of star stuff you are made of Cute love story, the goddesses and some gods will make you laugh and root for us mere mortals Definitely worth the read.

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    This one was just ok for me A big part of that was due to Gaia, I didn t really like her In the past books I liked her when she would pop in, but a whole book with her was a bit much She is the ultimate me girl Aaron was a good match for her, someone steady and stable, someone who understood the demands on her time and had his own interests I m glad they worked things out, but I was also glad to be done with the book.

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    Mother Nature is urged by her sisters, Fate and Karma, to let them find a date man for her Mother Nature s goddess name is Gaia She is the head goddess and is very strict with her paranormal subjects Gaia is highly irritated that her subjects cannot keep her number one rule, never reveal your supernatural powers to anyone, not even your mate Mother Nature Gaia decides to go to the rain forests of Puerto Rico to get away from it all and meets Dr Aaron Samuels who is there to do research The two become close and Gaia wonders if her strict rule is something that she can follow Cute story line with snappy, sizzling dialogue Fun reading for anyone who wants a getaway from it all

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    Heat Factor The sex is infrequent but quite detailed.Character Chemistry They spend barely any time together Plot Fate and Karma decide to find Mother Nature a boyfriend Maybe if she gets laid, she ll stop being so pissy all the time Overall The premise is soooo ridonkulous the execution is sooooo earnest The Goddess Gets Her Guy is a zany romp that is bogged down by way too many side plots and secondary characters While it s being sold as a stand alone, be warned that it is the 13th book in Chase s paranormal world, and that basically ALL of her previous characters make cameos Because of all the extra stuff going on with the secondary characters Love stories Weddings Babies Moms getting out of prison Paranormal human relations , there s very little space for Gaia and Aaron s relationship to develop naturally It feels very rushed when Gaia started thinking about how Aaron meant everything to her, my first reaction was that they barely know each other On the other hand, Gaia is literally Mother freakin Nature, so maybe she can use her psychic powers and earth magic to know things like this quickly While the story was overstuffed and the characters underdeveloped, I did enjoy the narrative voice The tone is light and breezy and easy to read, and bits are quite funny I mean, a Goddess as old as the universe is trying to learn about modern human dating rituals, and has no patience for technology and other nonsense So when her sisters the aforementioned Fate and Karma set her up with a profile on a dating app, the results are about as ridiculous as you d expect In a good way I also appreciated that Gaia s love interest is an older man he s a retired surgeon with two adult daughters Frequently, really old paranormal characters in romances end up with sweet young twenty somethings in this case, however, the characters explicitly talk about finding a man for her who has some life experience and will be able to stand up to her a bit And honestly, I m only in my 30s, and I could not even deal with dating a 20 year old, so I don t know how these thousand year old vampires manage A central component of Gaia learning to date is her becoming a better person in general She s been yelling at the paranormals so much lately, and they all think it s time she learned how to control her temper and think about the other person s perspective All of this makes Gaia way less of a fun character She starts off sassy and a bit bitchy with a tiny bit of earnestness about the environment, but once her self improvement kick really gets going, she s so earnest all the time, and has earnest conversations with everyone about the best way to treat people Characters need a bit of spice to them, and making the occasional joke while always doing the right thing is not nearly spicy enough for me While bits of this story were fun there are a few great vignettes, especially of Gaia hanging out with Fate and Karma as they try to figure out how dating will work for her I would really only recommend it to readers who are already familiar with Chase s work Avid readers of her previous series especially Flirting with Fangs, Boston Dragons, and Phoenix Brothers will probably enjoy seeing closure for all of her characters, but readers new to her universe will likely be overwhelmed by all the extraneous stuff going on I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR 255.This review is also available at The Smut Report.

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    Gaia aka Mother Nature is old as dirt and a bit grumpy She s been yelling and talking down to so many of the paranormals that her sisters Fate and Karma decide that she needs a date So they set up a dating profile for Gaia on a dating app Gaia has one rule and that s for paranormals never to show their powers to humans and she s beyond sick and tired of them breaking her rules The dating does not go well because the men her sisters are fixing her up with are just not her type She did find a man on her own to be friends with but there s a misunderstanding soon after they start to talk, and feelings are hurt Aaron is a retired doctor who has two grown daughters, one of which moves back home after breaking up with her boyfriend Aaron and Gaia didn t get to really know each other until than halfway through the book There relationship was a very slow building one and while I like a slow building romance, I also want it to advance a little quickly than it did in this book Between that and the fact that there were so many other storylines going on as well as a lot of secondary characters showing up in this book that it felt bogged down a bit with too much information I think the romance in this book suffered because there was just too many other things going on.If you ve been reading the series up to this point though, you will probably enjoy this book Disclosure I was given an ARC of this book via NetGalley but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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    To fully appreciate this book I would say it is not just recommended that the previous books be read first but essential as this book is almost in two parts The first being Gaia s Mother of All romance with widower Aaron and the tying together of The Author s previous paranormal books protagonists lives.Aaron is a widower , with two teenage daughters , looking for a career change he can no longer be a Cardiac Surgeon.Gaia , Mother of All , has found the restrictions she imposed on her creations are being ignored , determinedto take a fresh look at her own rules , she realises she is human than she thought.On meeting Aaron , Gaia soon realises that she is just as lonely as he Their relationship develops from one of friendship but she must learn to listen and not just act , perhaps be like her sisters , Fate and Karma..The book has its humorous moments , particularly the setting of Gaia s date but it also brings together all the threads from the Author s previous books in this arena.An enjoyable read on the whole and I look forward to reading the previous books which would give me context for this one.I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Firstly I want to say that this is a really well written fantasy paranormal romance tale Secondly, this is NOT a standalone by any means Thirdly, you need to read it AFTER the other books Ms Chase has written or you will be as clueless as I was Sadly, I haven t read any of her other books as yet I intend to now , so this book was a bad decision on my part to review I think it s a wrap up of sorts, for at least a dozen other paranormal books shapeshifters, dragons, witches etc a big epilogue you might say, where Gaia mother nature finally gets her man a human, Arron a retired surgeon and also a witch apparently An older couple certainly, as mother nature is 14 billion years old The main focus of the book is not their romance at least for the first half, as the author is busy wrapping up stories for all the other couples in previous books Therefore I was confused and floundering in a sea of characters Plus multiple points of view Sad face.What I did read was entertaining and very inventive and from a great imagination, but please, do read the other books before this one If I had read them first, I would probably be giving this book 4 or 5 stars As a stand alone, 3 stars Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.

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