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コーヒーが冷めないうちに [Reading] ➺ コーヒーが冷めないうちに ➰ Toshikazu Kawaguchi – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What would you change if you could go back in time In a small back alley in Tokyo there is a café which has been serving carefully brewed coffee for than one hundred years But this coffee shop offers What would you change if you could go back in time In a small back alley in Tokyo there is a café which has been serving carefully brewed coffee for than one hundred years But this coffee shop offers its customers a uniue experience the chance to travel back in timeIn Before the Coffee Gets Cold we meet four visitors each of whom is hoping to make use of the café’s time travelling offer in order to confront the man who left them receive a letter from their husband whose memory has been taken by early onset Alzheimer's to see their sister one last time and to meet the daughter they never got the chance to knowBut the journey into the past does not come without risks customers must sit in a particular seat they cannot leave the café and finally they must return to the present before the coffee gets cold Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s beautiful moving story explores the age old uestion what would you change if you could travel back in time More importantly who would you want to meet maybe for one last time.

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  1. Claudia Claudia says:

    Despite the appealing subject the writing ruined the reading for me It is written as a theater play than anything else with the right setup and characters Everything is explained and the whole story takes place in the coffee shop The blurb is very accurate so I won’t get into details However nothing in it to keep my interest The characters are like puppets their dialogues disjointed the actions artificial The time travel part is of a disguise here I wouldn’t classify it in this sub genre; it’s of a magical realism story about regrets and things not said or done until too late and the possibility to change that; well sort ofNot my cup of coffee at all ARC received thanks to Pan MacmillanPicador via NetGalley

  2. Kate Kate says:

    55starsNo uestion this is as good as everyone keeps saying Absolutely beautifully simply written incredibly uniue especially on such an over used idea like time travel absolutely tragic but also incredibly happy and dealing with some tough subjects almost everyone can empathize with honestly one of the few books I can call INSPIRINGAbsolutely loved this wow

  3. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    ‘’The cafe’s name was Funiculi Funicula It had become famous with long ueues each day an account of time travelling But it wasn’t possible to find anyone who had actually gone back in time because of the extremely annoying rules that had to be followed The first rule was ‘’The only people you can meet while in the past are those who have visited the cafe’’ This would usually defeat the purpose of going back Another rule was ‘’There is nothing you can do while in the past that will change the present’’ The cafe was asked why that rule existed but their only comment was that they didn’t know’’ In a basement somewhere in a busy neighbourhood in Tokyo there is a special cafe that will allow you to travel back in time And in the future under certain circumstances But it isn’t your run on the mill time travelling No You need to follow a set of important rules You can’t meet any person you want You cannot alter the present You have to sit in a particular seat and you must never move from it while in the past And there is a limit You must say what you have to say before the coffee gets cold Or else you will become a ghost in the cornerSo many would wonder Why bother to drink the special brew if you can’t alter the present? What’s the use? Well let’s listen to the stories of the five characters yes five but you need to read the book to discover the fifth who travelled back and forth in time to settle their unfinished business The Lovers A young woman falls in love with a young man So far so good But when he decides to accept a job in New York she realizes that there are certain things that need to be said Husband and Wife A husband who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and a wife who tries to live with the fact that he will soon forget her existence A letter that needs to find its destination before it’s too late The Sisters Two sisters who loved one another had to go their separate ways when the eldest decided to distance herself from the family business and form her own path When tragic circumstances arise travelling in the past and a change of heart may be the only remedy Mother and Child A woman travels to the future to meet her unborn daughter in the most moving moment of the bookThis tender sensitive novel isn’t about time travelling as many have come to know it from ridiculous ‘’books’’ that violate all sense of uality It isn’t about being ‘’married with children as some have stated It is a story about feelings about people like you and me about love and regret and the sadness caused not by the lack of change but by missing the opportunity to unburden your soul Sometimes you don’t need to change the past or alter the future Sometimes all you need is to finally say what was left unsaid ‘’But Kazu still goes on believing that no matter what difficulties people face they will always have the strength to overcome them It just takes heart And if the chair can change someone’s heart it clearly has its purposeBut with her cool expression she will just say ‘Drink the coffee before it gets cold’’ My reviews can also be found on

  4. Warda Warda says:

    A slow moving but beautifully paced novel about time travel and uestioning the idea that if you were given an opportunity to visit the past would you? Even though there is nothing that you can change? Even if there are strict measurements set in place making it seem almost pointless to even take part in the activity? This story left me slightly overwhelmed This was such a character driven story with so much heart and puts you in the shoes of those characters and you become connected to their pain and suffering as the story evolvesIt's captivating and memorable and I desperately need stories like this

  5. EmBibliophile EmBibliophile says:

    45 starsThis was a case of love at first sight I had no idea what this book was about I only read the first line in the synopsis and then I randomly got it Time travel is such a fascinating subject to me In this book it was done in such a uniue heartwarming and a really touching way It’s a book that made me both happy and sad It put such a sad smile on my face A Cafe that gives you an opportunity to time travel if given the chance who would you like to meet? With a set of rules that make all of that seem “pointless” like how you must come back before your coffee gets cold and no matter what you do you can’t change the present Is it still worth it?I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like that book before The book was so interesting and heartwarming to read The last two stories made me so freakin emotional My only complain is that it kind of lacked depth I wanted Such a lovely easy to read beautiful book that would make you both feel and think

  6. demi. ♡ demi. ♡ says:

    ❥ 45 5 starsDamn If you read this book and you don’t cry you’re freaking heartless

  7. Elsa Rajan Pradhananga Elsa Rajan Pradhananga says:

    I fell in love with the blurb of this book Before the coffee gets cold is a collection of 4 interconnected stories set in a cafe that offers its customers the uniue experience of traveling in time My mind was preoccupied with thoughts on the many possibilities as I placed my order for this book But I won’t say I was elated when done with it because the rules the time travelers had to follow came in the way of my high spirits #1 The only people you can meet are those who’ve visited the cafe#2 There’s nothing you can do in the past that’ll change the present#3 It is only possible to time travel when seated at a particular seat in the cafe#4 While in the past you must stay on the seat and never move from it#5 You must return to the present before your coffee gets coldThe absurdity in not being able to change the past present or future makes the time travel pointless but those that went ahead and met a loved one in another time did so out of sheer regret and anxiety My favorite of the stories was of a couple that freuented the cafe – Fusagi who suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s and his wife Kohtake He wrote a letter asking Kohtake not care for him like a nurse if he ever forgot who she was and carried it with him every day knowing well that his wife would visit him from the future to be able to talk to him at a time when he still remembered her An absolute tear jerker I loved the ghost who always sat reading on the much sought after seat and didn’t think twice about terrifying or cursing customers who attempted to move her from her spot When alive she had visited the past but couldn't make it back before her coffee got cold and was thus suspended between the time frames Nevertheless she stuck to her set of rules and was outwitted in one of the stories Overall Before the coffee gets cold is a uniue take on time travel with heartfelt stories that stress on the value we place on relationships and remind us to express our love and concern for our dear ones while we still can

  8. Henk Henk says:

    Despite a tantalizing premise the execution of time travel with ever added on new rules is sloppy And the underlying morale of the four stories is basically highly conservative in my opinionThe underlying messaging that grated on meTo kick off in respect to my last sentence I mean the followingThe first story feels so old fashioned with a girl crying over being left by a guy and this just continues I mean the geek boyfriend of a stunningly beautiful girl gets a job in the US with a game studio of all things and then his career is in her mind suddenly accomplished than hers? She works in medical engineering for a listed firm; she is a manager and can supposedly speak 6 languages but can’t even normally articulate her needs and opinion to him apparently? And then she realizes that happiness lies on waiting for her non communicative boyfriend to return The endIn the second story a women just naturally sees herself as a nurse for her husband and is treated uite unappreciatively by him This story did have heart and I am not going say much negative about this oneWhile in the third story a man thinks of a gynecologist as a woman’s domain where no man should venture And an independent woman learns that the secret to happiness is paying heads to her family’s wishes and giving up her own businessFourthly and lastly we have a woman continuing her pregnancy despite the health risks involvedWould make a fine Netflix series but as a book did not work for meNot to be mistaken the concept is nice but the execution sloppy Also after the first story the newness of the premise starts to wear off despite some arbitrary rule changes all of tBefore the Coffee Gets Coldhe sudden and things like the weirdly specific descriptions of people focussed solely on the colour of their clothes started to catch my eye An example A woman entered the cafe alone She was wearing a beige cardigan over a pale aua shirt dress and crimson trainers and a white canvas bagMore annoyingly Toshikazu Kawaguchi explains everything the characters feel making the stories feel a bit overtly simple and sentimental Somewhere the following passes someone’s mind But none of those feelings could be formed into wordsBut there are literally two paragraphs before that exactly describe how she feels and whats she feels and why she feels that wayIn the end I feel would work fine as a TV series with hopefully a progressive messaging at its core but failed as a book

  9. Olivia (Stories For Coffee) Olivia (Stories For Coffee) says:

    Like a nice cup of coffee on a rainy day this book warmed my heart and put a smile on my face Split into four parts Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a wonderful uick read that will transport readers to a mysterious cafe where its patrons are able to time travel but must return before the coffee gets cold There we follow along with four different stories of characters wanting to reconcile past arguments find closure or assure loved ones through the use of time travel While this book is slow moving and heavily reliant on dialogue rather than descriptions something that I really really enjoy but others may not like I absolutely fell in love with the story and the little lessons woven into each narrative It was bittersweet endearing and touching to see people from all walks of life try to reconnect with loved ones where they learn that they might not be able to completely fix the past but they can learn from it and be touched by it For months upon months I've eyed this book wanting to dive into its story and now I'm so glad that I did It felt like a warm hug given to be by a sweet yet heartbreaking read

  10. Tan Markovic Tan Markovic says:

    A new favourite 😍💖

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