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Hannah's Hero ❰Download❯ ➵ Hannah's Hero Author Ruby Dixon – All I want is Hannah We've resonated but she avoids me She has made it very clear that she wants no mate whether he has two arms or four But when others leave the Icehome beach camp for a getaway to a All I want is Hannah We've resonated but she avoids me She has made it very clear that she wants no mate whether he has two arms or four But when others leave the Icehome beach camp for a getaway to a fruit filled cave Hannah wants to go and she needs a companion Me For the first time we talkand I realize my female isn't as good as ignoring me as she thinks She watches me with hungry eyes She blushes at my bold words When I touch her She no longer runs away It is time I show her that a Strong Arm hunter can be the right mate for her and that four arms can hold her twice as closely as two.

About the Author: Ruby Dixon

Ruby Dixon is the secret penname of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author As Ruby she writes sexy barbarian aliens grumpy shifters and domineering bikers.

10 thoughts on “Hannah's Hero

  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    I fucking love IPB and IH so damn much These books are like a drug to me The best alien smut evar I can't wait til the next book PS For real is it me or are these covers just amazing I fucking love the cover of theses books

  2. Meagan ✊& Meagan ✊& says:

    I am addicted to this world I fucking love Ruby Dixon THIS JUST MADE MY WEEKEND

  3. Mei Mei says:

    Maybe the timing for reading this was wrong but I wanted to slap the idiot Hannah so many timesHer stubborness was over the top How can she not understand the word stranded???? Is she an idiot? How can she not understand that being on a strange plant without even a space ship makes it impossible to return to Earth???? She's supposedly intelligent enough to write a bestseller but she doesn't have enough imagination intelligence common sense to understand that??Poor J'shel resonating to such a stupid woman I was sorry for himI hope the next heroine will be better

  4. Whitney Whitney says:

    RUBY YOU ARE KILLING MEI went from thinking that taking a break from the book community was the worse thing I ever did to thinking it was the best thing I ever did You wanna know why? Because I get to binge all the RD books that I've missed out on If you have never read a book by Ruby what are you waiting on? I'm serious The blurb of this book gives you all you need to know about this story Yes it follows the usual plot of cootie resonate avoid and snog But these stories are so much than that I'll spare you from my annoying repetitive fangirling Just know that these books never disappoint5 Stars

  5. Laura Elizabeth Laura Elizabeth says:

    So these books have been my in between guilty pleasure reads for a couple years now This series is the same old same old from the connected series but I was still liking it But this one was awful No story really and this new crop of women on the planet are awful They are annoying selfish self centered mean girls at least half of them and I could care less about their stories now Hannah in this one was awful I feel bad these guys are stuck with these immature bitches I’ll read the next one but if it stinks like this oneI may have to say goodbye to my beloved planet blue balls and just read her spinoffs It was a good run though guys 👍🏻

  6. Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ Umaiya ❄️Ramblings of a Scattered Mind❄️ says:

    Eh shrugsIt was sweet and very Dixon y

  7. Erin Wolanin Erin Wolanin says:

    Love Ruby I love this author I have read every single book and have reread them too I love this series but Hannah was a little difficult for me She annoyed me but I understood where she was coming from to a point and understood what Ruby was trying to do with the character I look forward to continuing the series But I was halfway through the book and was like why doesn’t N’dek have a prosthetic and have one of the girls be the one who makes it for him as an OT or a PT from our world ya know? And there it is 😁

  8. Under the Covers Book Blog Under the Covers Book Blog says:

    Ms Ruby Dixon please stop going into my head dragging out all my secret fantasies okay they aren't that secret and then release them for public consumption Actually scratch that Please continue because there isn't a single thing I don't love about these booksWe haveA gorgeous behorned and blue alien with 4 arms the arms thing is a relatively new fantasy of mineA curvy heroine finding it a little difficult to fit inCave shenanigansWhat could I ask for?I am really enjoying the IceHome series there are so many things going on We have an entire new tribe of people all from different places coming together as a community So not only do you have the dynamics of the romantic relationship to look forward to but it's also interesting watching as the characters try to find a place in their new homeIf you already love Ruby Dixon's books then you have probably already read this I know I read it the day it came out if not you need to give her a try She does great alien sci fi romance which are perfect for introducing newbies to the genre Soon she'll have you gazing longingly at the sky dreaming of horns and spursReviewed by Suzanne❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email ♡ ❤

  9. ♛ Garima ♛ ♛ Garima ♛ says:

    Rating 5 awesome starsTrigger Lots of strange fruit eating oh wait that's not a triggerShort review This was awesome and so much This is what IPB or Icehome should be like All frustration of Marlene and Zennek's story gone When it started I thought it was just typical IPB you know resonance and khui and mating and I skipped but story definitely taken different turn when out frustrating couple read Hannah reached to fruit cave Both are likable characters and new twist was breath of fresh air I am sure we all have been waiting for Review in imagegif Recommended Yes but only if you are up to speed with Icehome seriesAftermath possible spoilers There are lot of loose threads and with Devi and N'dek Bridget and A'tam situation and I would say that keep them coming

  10. ❀ Crystal ✿ - PEACE ☮ LOVE ♥ BOOKS ❀ Crystal ✿ - PEACE ☮ LOVE ♥ BOOKS says:

    So I’ll admit Hannah was certainly not a favorite character of mine I wanted to throttle her stubborn ass for the first half of the book But like every single Ruby book I was sad to see it end and I’m eager for whatever comes next Hannah denies her place on the planet for longer than she should Her life at home was about to turn her into a superstar and she’s having a hard time giving up the thought of becomign famous Sure it may seem a little vain but from what I see of Hannah’s character her anxiety about herself makes her bossy to others and drives her need to control order in her life to stop it from getting out of control She finally had a chance to become someone people loved not talked about behind her back or be called bossy and controlling Unfortunately for Hannah and her mate it takes her uite awhile for her reality check to hitWe got a little insight into future characters and personally I most intrigued by Devi a science nerd who views the Ice Planet as a giant Petri dish There were so many taunts and hints as to other characters such a Bre shit lol and her regrets over hooking up with Atam I believe With all these new characters and personalities it’s becomimg a crazy world I absolutely loved the return of the fruit cave full of heat and humidity all types of growing fruits and a beautiful waterfall and swimming pool Nothing sounds better for life on an ice planet Once the big bad of the story is out of the picture I’d certainly ask my mate if we could live there lol

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