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The Secret Chapter In The Latest Novel In Genevieve Cogman S Historical Fantasy Series, Irene And Kai Have To Team Up With An Unlikely Band Of Misfits To Pull Off An Amazing Art Heist Or Risk The Wrath Of The Dangerous Villain With A Secret Island LairA Librarian S Work Is Never Done, And Once Irene Has A Quick Rest After Their Latest Adventure, She Is Summoned To The Library The World Where She Grew Up Is In Danger Of Veering Deep Into Chaos, And She Needs To Obtain A Particular Book To Stop This From Happening No Copies Of The Book Are Available In The Library, So Her Only Choice Is To Contact A Mysterious Fae Information Broker And Trader Of Rare Objects Mr NemoIrene And Kai Make Their Way To Mr Nemo S Remote Caribbean Island And Are Invited To Dinner, Which Includes Unlikely Company Mr Nemo Has An Offer For Everyone There He Wants Them To Steal A Specific Painting From A Specific World He Swears That He Will Give Each Of Them An Item From His Collection If They Bring Him The Painting Within The WeekEveryone Takes The Deal But To Get Their Reward, They Will Have To Form A Team, Including A Dragon Techie, A Fae Thief, A Gambler, A Driver, And The Muscle Their Goal The Kunsthistorisches Museum In Vienna, In A Early Twenty First Century World, Where Their Toughest Challenge Might Be Each Other

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    Can t wait for this book to be released Although, I do hope detective Vale is in the story

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    4.75 StarsThe Secret Chapter, by Genevieve Cogman is a delightfully fun read with absolutely wonderful descriptions and portrayals of Fae, Dragons, and Librarians The perfect choice for a feel good and exciting read Irene, a Librarian, has been tasked with securing a specific edition of a very specific book There is just one catch The book is held by a Mr Nemo, a mysterious Fae, who is hidden away on a private island Being the only copy of this book, Irene has to go and see Mr Nemo and hope she can make a satisfactory deal.Irene is joined by Kai, dragon royalty and her partner, who uses this opportunity to show off his diplomatic skills However, during their trip, and upon their arrival, they realise that this job may be complicated than they first thought Irene and Kai find they are not the only ones who wish to deal with Mr Nemo, and Mr Nemo knows how to use this to his advantage He has a very specific form of payment required from the group, in exchange they will all receive what they were inquiring about.The only problem Mr Nemo wants the group to band together and perform and impossibly difficult heist, secure a specific item and return it to him without damage.As a result Kai and Irene find themselves working with a Dragon tech master, a Fae thief, a gambler, a driver and a fighter But how far does this trust go And will they succeed Disclaimer This is the sixth book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone characters from earlier books will appear Personally I read this as a standalone as I wasn t aware it was part of a series until it was too late However, I will be picking up the rest of the series as soon as possible Due to this though there may be inadvertent spoilers so I apologise in advance, it is unintentional if I do not mark one Witty And Interesting The Writing Style and Narrative Cogman s writing style is incredibly witty and interesting, it immediately pulls you in and really connects you with the story right from the start Genevieve Cogman manages to balance wit and sarcasm with the serious and thoughtful and it works wonderfully The writing style also allows you to know a lot of information without feeling too info heavy, and without information dumps, it is cleverly written and very organic.The Secret Chapter is written from the perspective or Irene, and it is amazing Using her perspective allows for you to have a lot of insight, particularly into the Library, the peace treaty, and Irene s thought process However, it means there is also an element of mystery and suspense Irene is intelligent and knows when things are suspicious or wrong, so do we as a result, but she doesn t know why or what the truth is This allows a lot of theorising and mystery for us The narrative is also extremely helpful for people who read this as a standalone as Irene is explanatory by nature as well as thoughtful so we learn a lot from her without meaning to The narrative is extremely fun to read and allows you to connect with the book and characters very well Fun And Exciting The Plot This plot is fun and exciting and unique and all around enjoyable A band of misfits coming together to pull off a heist or event is not inherently original BUT the story as a whole is incredibly unique in its execution and style Not only is it unique in execution but also in terms of the way the Fae and Dragons are used, the portrayal of the treaty, the alternate timelines and, of course, the Library I ADORED the way a Library is used at the core of the story, it is neither good nor bad, it is neutral but protective and is the key to stability Moreover, I thoroughly enjoyed the complicated rivalry between the Fae and the Dragons and how each fit into archetypes or general traits The contrast of chaos versus order added such an interesting dimension to the novel and story and aided the rivalry in a subtle but effective way.This rivalry made the story very intriguing as it had such unexpected effects on the way the heist played out and the group worked together It allowed for humour, anger and hostility to grow and develop and made the read through much entertaining I don t want to say too much on the plot as it is very easy to spoil But, I also thought that it was paced very well, there was a great balance of action, magic, planning, discussion and character development Complex And Clever The Word Building Magic System This book had some complex and clever world building and an extensive magic system Firstly, let s talk about the Library and the Librarians First of all LIBRARIANS are awesome in this story, readers are portrayed as being awesome, and I adored this than words can say The librarians are a neutral party, mostly human, who are there to maintain the equilibrium, the Library is the signatory of the peace treaty and they are aiming to create a balance But they are morally grey, they steal for the greater good but are professionals at theft from others They have the ability to use a power called the Language, they can change change how you perceive reality and it is amazing But, magic has a cost, it has a physical toll on the body, particularly if you try to use it on too many people at once This adds some realism ad restraint to the magic which adds to the story.The next set of magic is that of the dragons Powerful royal dragons can control an element, only a specific one, and can take on their dragon forms at whim They are powerful, prefer order and have an in depth system of rules and loyalty they also dislike the fae However, their magic is also restricted, to use their element they must have access to it, i.e a lake if it is water, and they cannot take on their dragon forms in ares of high chaos usually areas with high fae activity This was incredibly interesting and unique as dragons are seldom used to such an extent or with an in depth and complex look in regards to other supernatural or mythological creatures.The Fae I simply adored the portrayals of the fae They are highly chaotic, flirty, and can be extremely vicious EXACTLY how fae are meant to be But, Cogman goes even further and creates a system of archetypes, specific personas that individual fae try to achieve, such as being a manipulator or gambler etc Each specialise in these areas and have skills pertaining to them However, their archetypes all have weakness that can be exploited.Each set of magic is incredibly different but works so well together in the novel, they each have their own limits, weaknesses and strengths allowing individuality and incredibly unique uses of the magic.The world itself is intriguing, areas are categorised as relying on either magic or technology, order or chaos, and have their advantages and disadvantages to each race, being fae or dragon, even the librarians The world is an incredibly complex one consisting of alternate timelines However, despite the jumps in time period, and timelines, it is never confusing and works magnificently I loved this world, especially the library, and will definitely be on the lookout for the prior books so I can learn about it Realistic And In Depth The Characters Every character is well crafted, complex and interesting, they are realistic and in depth and so are incredibly easy to connect with Normally, I would split all my opinions on the characters but to avoid too many inadvertent spoilers I will keep it a little briefer than usual Irene She is a Librarian and she is amazing She is smart, headstrong, independent, determined, and absolutely dedicated to the library and what it represents She is loyal and honourable, but also incredibly witty and sarcastic, which adds so much amazing humour to the story Throughout the story she is observant but is unable to piece everything together and this is wonderful for the reader as it shows her intelligence but also allows us to theorise too Her relationship with Kai is realistic and breaks away from stereotypical cliches They are loyal to each other, but Irene puts the library fist, the world first, and Kai understands this Their relationship is balanced, kind, and full of understanding it is just a perfect adult relationship and is not over the top nor does it take over the story it just is and it works Kai He is a dragon, he is loyal to the dragons, his family and Irene But, the Dragons secrecy comes first He is clever, diplomatic and sweet, but quick to aggression He is a great character to read about and adds a lot of wit and interest to the story Being a dragon he often gets into disagreements with the fae and they are simply wonderful to read about and incredibly funny at times.Not only are the characters and the relationships realistic but there is diversity among them It is added naturally and adds realism to the story I loved the characters and cannot wait to see of them The group that band together with Kai and Irene are so unique and have such individual personalities tat you cannot put the book down because they are so interesting The dynamics of the group are fun, witty and suspicious and were absorbing to read about An honorary mention to Silver creepy as he may be his characters is incredibly funny, flirty, witty, comical, sarcastic and everything I want from a fae A Feel Good And Exciting Adventure Overall This historical fantasy is a feel good and exciting adventure It is full of magic, comedy, action, sarcasm and wit with a dash of violence and a sprinkle of amazing The characters are complex and easy to connect with, the plot is fun, unique and well paced, and the magic is cleverly weaved throughout.Overall, I would recommend this to fantasy and magic lovers It is a great read, perfect for if you want something fun and light but also complex and action packed This series is a must read with magic, fae, dragons and magical librarians what could you want I received a free e ARC of TheSecretChapter, by Genevieve Cogman from Netgalley and PanMacmillan Panmacmillan in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a blast to read as usual Fast paced, fae, dragons A heist A way interesting outcome of Brexit mentioned it was half a paragraph where politicians was discouraged from such ideas by public beheadings So without spoilering anything, this book brings out on yet another adventures with Irene and Kai This time to 21st century Europe to steal a painting in order to obtain a book And they have to work with other fae and a dragon in order to do that and all the obstacles that comes with it Sadly it was difficult to get to know the other characters in the team Other than Indigo I so love how Irene s and Kai s relationship has developed since the first book also I can t believe not even a year has passed since the start of the series Also I am weak for Kai s draconic and overprotective side It was also great fun to finally meet Irene s parents, however brief it was the books also needs to feature Silver and Vale Especially Silver, he s so fae and I just love it whenever he has page time Kai also needs of his own PoV chapters.

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    The Secret Chapter is the sixth book in the magical, alluring Invisible Library series but each instalment can be read independently without any an issue although it is preferable to have read the previous instalments It is the perfect time to release the book as the nights draw in and the cold returns curling up of the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and reading this feels very comforting This is effectively a heist novel and Irene and Kai team up with a group of shady individuals in an attempt to steal an important item from a secure museum The group brings together both Fae and Dragons which of course means that there are a whole host of trust issues right from the get go Can they all work together to nab the object or will it descend into chaos before their very eyes Ms Cogman has built an incredible world that is intricate and complex yet easy to understand the way it works The story is packed to the brim with action and suspense but also explores profound topics such as ethical and moral dilemmas which are thought provoking to say the least The message in this book about the quest for peace, and the treaty signed by rivals Fae and Dragons, is one we all need right now However, how long peace will prevail is anyone s guess Moving at a quick pace we are treated to a multi faceted tale with multiple twists and turns and an intense and exciting plot This is the perfect winter page turner with wit and charm and the usual heist storyline turned on its head and woven with the supernatural Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for an ARC.

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    Why does this sound like Six of Crows

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    I can t wait for this to come out, I absolutely adore this series.

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    I had this book on pre order, so when I got the chance of reading it earlier via an e ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a review, I could only say yes, please From the first book in the series, I ve loved the adventures of Librarian Irene and Kai the dragon as they travel between alternate worlds collecting rare and unusual books for the Library in order to maintain the balance between Order and Chaos.This time, the quest is personal they must retrieve a book from the world where Irene went to school, before it slides into chaos and its people become mere ciphers under the rule of the Fae But, as ever, it s not going to be a simple undertaking The owner of the book, the mysterious Mr Nemo, is willing to part with it, but of course, he wants something in exchange And to obtain the requisite item, Irene and Kai must work with a team of strangers on a world where fear of the supernatural is all envelopingThese books tend to start a little slowly, and this one is no exception, but once the plot gets going, it becomes a runaway train, ploughing downhill and scattering ideas and characters in all directions I love shows like Hustle and Leverage, so a good heist plot is always welcome, and this one is nicely done We get new developments in the overarching series plot, new information about Irene s family and the history of the dragons and of course inventive use of the Language The only minor downside to this book is that Vale isn t involved in the main plot this time, but I can see how it would have been difficult to get him involved in it.Excellent entry in the series, as ever, looking forward to the next one

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    I adored this, the first I have read and didn t realise it was a series when I requested, but it s so well written and the world building so well done I didn t feel lost in this world at all In fact I felt welcomed from the first page, the characters are so well developed and three dimensional, each twist and turn in the story is a delightful journey, I can t wait to read and so happy I can go back at find while I wait Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion

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    It was wonderful to return to a favourite world or universe, I should say, or possibly even multiverse I have been looking forward to the next Invisible Library adventure, and it didn t disappoint.I really enjoyed the heist theme of this book, it was a marvellous adventure It was fun to see Irene and Kai teaming up with new people though obviously not trusting them And the bits of information about the true history of the dragons were interesting I hope that we will learn in future books.If you ve delighted in previous books set in this multiverse as I have then you ll love this one.I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I really do love this series They re such amazing fun And this had the delights of going back to the core of being a librarian trading for books to stabilise worlds In this case though, Irene has to go thieving Eeeeeeexcellent I do love a good heist This had just the right amount of complications, threats and fun to be practically perfect I really loved the world the heist was on, and want to know about how it s all set up I always love getting to see the Fey play into the archetypes, which we get here, but we also get an alternate take on dragons which I found very intriguing Don t get me wrong, I ve loved the spying and politics, but it was nice to take a little break and sprinkle only a little of that over some good old fashioned thievery If you re not already reading this series, why not