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10 Things to Do Before I Die ❰Reading❯ ➼ 10 Things to Do Before I Die Author Daniel Ehrenhaft – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Lose my virginity

Apologize to Rachel

Get back at Biff

Jam and party with Shakes the Clown

Laugh in death’s face

Go to Africa

Rob a bank< Lose to Do Before I Kindle - my to Do MOBI î virginity Apologize to Rachel Get back at Biff Jam and party with Shakes the Clown Laugh in death’s face Go to Africa Rob a bank Tell Mark to screw himself Find out why Grandpa and Dad don't talk Tell the truthFrom the Hardcover edition.

About the Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft

Daniel to Do Before I Kindle - to to Do MOBI î Do Before I Kindle Ehrenhaft to Do MOBI is the author of several dozen books for children and young adults—so many books, in fact, that he has lost count He has often written under the pseudonym Daniel Parker his middle name, which is easier to spell and pronounce 10 Things MOBI :Ê than his last, and occasionally Erin Haft He Things MOBI : lives in Brooklyn with his wife Jessica, as well as a scruffy dog named Gibby and a psychotic Download Book Best Sellers in PDF format cat named Boots.

10 thoughts on “10 Things to Do Before I Die

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    This book tries to be funny, but a lot of it was just vulgar and immature, as well as not very original. The characters in my opinion were really unlikable and it's difficult to care about them at all.

  2. Muse Muse says:

    This book was... meh. The plot was incredibly ridiculous and the entire story was just incredibly annoying. The characters didn't really connect to me and its philosophy on life kind of failed, I thought. This story would have been okay if it wasn't so random and like UM WUT? o_O But I did like his style of writing and the surprise ending, I guess.

    It's a quick read though, and it's not really that hard to get into. I wouldn't really highly recommend it though.

    I feel kind of bad though, because my friend gave me this for Christmas.

  3. Laine Dermer Kendall Laine Dermer Kendall says:

    Could you imagine having 24 hours to live? I couldn’t have either and 10 Things To Do Before I Die didn’t help me imagine it much. The plot was extremely unbelievable and the characters were shallow and predictable. Nonetheless this was a fun, fast paced adventure that sometimes was a bit difficult to put down.
    The main character was Ted Burger. He was incredulous because he goes through such an unusual transformation. He starts out as an immature high school student who doesn’t like his girlfriend, hates his parents and always stays in the comfortable box in his mind including eating at the Circle Eat Diner and playing guitar in his room fantasizing about Shakes the Clown. Shakes the Clown is a semi-popular band that Ted worships. After he goes through everything, eating the “poisoned” fries and trying to complete his list, he becomes a guy who doesn’t stand around anymore, he starts doing things, standing up for himself and making life happen instead of letting it happen to him. It may sound like a classic movie/book transformation but it really the way Ehrenhaft told the story that made it very hard for the reader to believe.
    Ted’s best friend Mark was a very fun but predictable character. Ted always described him as a “compulsive maniac”, which was a good way to describe him but he had no second layer. You never saw him be compassionate, mean or anything else. His lack of depth as a character lead to his predictability. Nevertheless he still seemed like a cool guy who I would like to meet.
    One afternoon in the Circle Eat Diner the Ted, Mark, and Nikki, Mark’s girlfriend, a crazed recently fired employee comes stomping into the restaurant with a gun shouting threats. Mark jumps out at him and knocks him to the ground. This scene was very thrilling, suspenseful, and exciting but what 17 year old boy who lives in the rich part of New York would ever do that. That’s what sort of tore this whole scene apart.
    Even though at most points I enjoyed sitting down and reading this book I couldn’t help but realize the simple writing along with the many other faults. Maybe if I were a little younger I would have enjoyed this book overlooking all the details pulling this joyous book down.

  4. Chocolate Chocolate says:

    Interesting book. It’s kinda like clickbait, you know?
    Writing could have been better, it was still kinda funny though.

  5. Anna Weaver Anna Weaver says:

    Anna weaver
    My experience in reading 10 Things to do Before I Die, was a memorable one. I understood how the main character, Ted, felt during the plot. The book had a very interesting and action filled plot. I enjoyed the book very much because the characters were goofy, and fun to get to know. I found myself having troubles with putting the book down, and I finished the book within about a week. Personally, I wish the book could've been a little longer.
    'Ted, you've been poisoned, you're going to have the most epic list of things to do before you die.', said Mark. (Ehrenhaft 74). When Ted was poisoned, or so he thought he was, his friends didn't react the way you'd think they would. His friends weren't sad, yet they weren't happy. Ted's best friend Mark told Mark he needed to start living more instead of playing his guitar in his room all day. The quote leads into my question that I adjusted for my book. Instead of asking what turning points lead into adulthood?, but but what turning points change a characters whole perspective on life? Ted's life in a matter of minutes was drastically changed. He thought he was poisoned by a psycho path fry cook. Ted dropped everything, started to drink, and created a list of 10 things he was going to do before he died the next day. He did some crazy stuff, things he never would have done if he didn't know he was dying. Without the psychopathy fry cook, he never would've conquered life, and his fears. The book teaches a very important lesson.
    I would recommend this book to students who are sophomores, and older. The book had some mature content, but over all was very good. It was well written, yet the book went by too fast. Kids about my age would enjoy this book because it is filled with good humor, suspense, and drama.

  6. Josh Josh says:

    10 Things to Do Before I Die
    Daniel Ehrenhaft
    224 pages
    published June 13th 2006 (first published 2004) by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
    isbn: 0385734069

    Ted is the main character and a really unlucky guy. In the beginning of the book it just gives us a description of his life. The whole story starts when Mark and Nikki, who are going out, and Ted are in a diner in Manhattan. That night one of the employees got fired, and lied about putting poison into the fries. Ted happened to eat the fries and finds out he has 24 hours to live. Mark and Ted made a list with 10 things they want to do before they die. So Ted takes the list and goes through the night trying to accomplish all 10 things before the clock is up.

    It is a funny but sad story, that grabs you from the beginning. The language Daniel Ehrenhaft uses is pretty simple and therefore an enjoyable easy book to read. Since it gives you a huge right turn down oops valley, the ending gets to be very interesting and makes you want to read on until you find out what happens. If you want to find out what happens i guess you will have to read the book.

    I recomend this book to people who want a pretty short and easy book to read. Also for people who want something to make you laugh. Througout the book the theme is adventure. Thuis is because Ted has only 24 hours to complete these 10 things. The 10 things he does shows the adventourous theme.

  7. Carly Carly says:

    So I was reading this book, right? And I was thinking, Damn! This is the best book I've read all year! Maybe, maybe it's tied with David LaRochelle's Absolutely, Positively Not, but other than that it is the BEST, for sure.

    And it still is, almost. The problem is the ending, which is horrifically predictable and even more horrifically executed. I don't necessarily mind predictable endings as long as they're written well and fit nicely with the rest of the book. This ending I minded. I foresaw it, but then it went beyond what I foresaw with a level of suckitude of which I would have never imagined such an amazing author was capable.

    At least, I call the author amazing because the first four-fifths of the book absolutely blew me away. I can't remember the last time I've been so sucked in by a book. This book was like one big giant vacuum. I wanted to read it all the time. I actually considered (CONSIDERED, okay? That's all!) attempting to read the book at the same time I was driving back to Honesdale from Rochester, NY. I couldn't get enough of it.

    Then there was the ending. Too bad.

    But even the ending wasn't enough to ruin such a mostly magnificent book. Do yourself a favor and read one of the best, most true-to-life, and funniest YA books I've ever read.

  8. Huiling_mei Huiling_mei says:

    10 Things to do before I die by Daniel Ehrenhaft is about seventeen year old Ted Burger's life and how he go through with all his stress he is holding up inside of him. Later on it talks about him and his two best friend Mark and Mark's girlfriend Nikki at the diner in Manhattan. When one of the employees was fired, he lied about putting the poison into the fries which Ted accidentally ate. Ted found out about the news from Mark from the news. So Ted goes through the rest of the 24 hour of his life. Instead of going to a doctor he tries to do everything on his napkin which was a list of things they came up with for Ted to have a great spring break. And end up being somethings he was going to do before he died. He had so much other things he could have done, but they only came up with 10 and 10 only.
    I thought the experiences that Ted went through can be related to teenagers nowadays. The life of Ted and what he has to go through during that 24 hr that was left of his life. His parents weren't even there for him when he thought he was about to die. He was about to leave the world and they weren't there for him. If it was me i wouldn't know what to do, but I might do something i always longed for.

  9. Madison Lantvit Madison Lantvit says:

    The main character, Ted Burger, starts off as your normal 17 year old. But things take a turn for the worst when he is poisoned by a crazy cook at his favorite diner. His two best friends, Mark and Nikki, make him make a bucket list of things to do in his last 24 hours. The list includes: lose virginity, party with favorite band, rob a bank, get back at a bully, apologize to girlfriend, do something heroic, go to a third world country, and pull a crazy stunt. These items take him on a crazy journey through New York City. Until, Ted is too sick to go on and ends up in a hospital.
    This is a great book for high schoolers because it's relatable. Although it is a quick read; it's a great time filler. It is full of fast moving action, partying, and a plot-twist ending. With a bit of a love story for the hopeless romantic.
    I give this book a 5 out of five stars. The only problem I had, was it was so short. I didn't want it to end. It was both well-written, with a clear authors voice, and original

  10. Kristy Kristy says:

    All great ideas are written on napkins.... right?!?!?!

    1) Lose my virginity

    2) Apologize to Rachel

    3) Get back at Biff

    4) Jam and party with Shakes the Clown

    5) Laugh in death’s face

    6) Go to Africa

    7) Rob a bank

    8) Tell Mark to screw himself

    9) Find out why Grandpa and Dad don't talk

    10) Tell the truth
    Well, I think my list was a little different....

    Spoilers from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, this book is about a kid who is going to die... yet he doesn't. It's a wild goose chase. His bucket list was created by his best friend for him.... which is okay, but wouldn't you think your bucket list of the end of your life would be something you should either do yourself or have a huge part in?!?!? Anywho.... Ted doesn't accomplish much of his list....... he does try and he even suceeds in his own way.

    I'm glad this was short. It was funny and light at times, but it could have been so much better.

    meh.2.5 stars.

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