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The Lion and the Crow In Medieval England, Duty Is Everything, Personal Honor Is Valued Than Life Itself, And Homosexuality Is Not Tolerated By The Church Or Society Sir Christian Brandon Was Raised In A Household Where He Was Hated For His Unusual Beauty And For His Parentage Being Smaller Than His Six Brutish Half Brothers, He Learned To Survive By Using His Wits And His Gift For Strategy, Earning Him The Nickname The Crow Sir William Corbett, A Large And Fierce Warrior Known As The Lion, Has Pushed His Unnatural Desires Down All His Life He S Determined To Live Up To His Own Ideal Of A Gallant Knight When He Takes Up A Quest To Rescue His Sister From Her Abusive Lord Of A Husband, He S Forced To Enlist The Help Of Sir Christian It S A Partnership That Will Test Every Strand Of His Moral Fiber, And, Eventually, His Understanding Of The Meaning Of Duty, Honor, And Love

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    It s been ages since I read a Historical book but I saw a friend s review of this and couldn t resist and I love this Author.Set in 1300 England,I did struggle initially with the medieval dialogue but the I read the I enjoyed it and found the dialogue actually worked.William first sees Christian at an Archery Competition and is instantly attracted to the beautiful young man.Christian is the youngest of 7 brothers and does not have a happy home life,so when the opportunity to escape for a while comes along he takes it.He volunteers himself to go with William to get Williams s sister away from her abusive husband.Both men know they desire men but neither has acted upon it.They are deeply attracted to each other and being together for weeks proves too much temptation.This is an adorable story of the two men fighting their feelings but eventually falling in love.Well written with an engaging plot and two hot as hell Knights.Christian completely stole my heart.Highly Recommended

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    Review for the revised, expanded edition from Dreamspinner Press 3.5 stars Eli Easton That ending I m so upset right now that I m docking 1 2 a star because of it Why did you have to do that to a girl I ve never read a historical that was THIS historical We are talking 1200s, people However, I m a HUGE Eli Easton fan she ranks in my top 5 favorite M M authors and so I had to give this one a try I had never read this story when it was in its original incarnation, so I won t be able to compare old vs new However, this version it was really special M M Historicals are sometimes hard for me to stomach because of the dangers associated with homosexuality It gives me a queazy feeling to think about, and even so in this story However, I had faith that this author could pull it off and she TOTALLY did I enjoyed the fact that this was a slow burn romance with lots of time for character development I got to learn a lot about Christian and William and really see their chemistry happen organically The beginnings of the story were pure magic, and though the novella veered a little towards the outlandish side towards the end, I think that the plot was really well done My main complaint was the epilogue, strangely enough It went on and on and ON through time I didn t need to read about each event that happened after the HEA, especially because the main couple fought so hard to have their happy ending I kind of wanted to leave it at that, and just picture Christian and William running off into the Scottish sunset together However, if you are a fan of historicals, especially knights that just happen to be virgins, you should try this little one But grab tissues, just in case Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 StarsI put off reading this one for many, many years, simply because I m a scaredy cat and was afraid of the emotional gut punch the epilogue was rumoured to have I finally decided this week was the week I could handle a good ugly cry, so onward I went, quickly devouring this M M medieval era romance in a matter of hours.And for those inquiring minds, yes, the new epilogue did indeed leave me a sobbing mess but in the best way possible, I pinky promise Easton can write, which is of no surprise to absolutely anybody, but it continues to impress and amaze me just how talented she is when writing across a sea of different genres I ve always been of the opinion that to write truly genuine, accurate, and affecting historical romance, a writer has to have an extra little something something in their writing arsenal Seriously, it can t be easy to capture the true essence of a time long past, bringing to life the places and the people of eras that are so far removed from our own 21st century life experiences Yet, Easton has done so effortlessly, here, and I applaud her for it.Now, the version I read is the most recent third addition 2019 , complete with a brand spanking new epilogue, so I m not really sure how vast the differences are between what I just read and the original free version that was once part of the Love Has No Boundaries DRitC event, but I can say with all confidence that this version was a M M historical masterpiece one I m immediately adding to my favourites shelf.

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    Sometimes, what the world asks of us is wrong And when it is that wrong, there is no honor in obeying it I don t read historical romances, let alone medieval ones, so I don t really know the genre I read it anyway, you know, because it is an Eli Easton I ve never thought it would affect me that much The storyline was thrilling, and even though I knew beforehand that it had a HEA, I was scared and worried for the characters here and there Swoon worthy knights, a breathtakingly beautiful romance, delicious and steamy erotic scenes, exciting fights, and a wonderful ending I loved it I could totally imagine this as a movie I read the version published in Love Has No Boundaries Anthology Volume 4.My favorite quotes.

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    4.5 starsFabulous, this is the reason why I continue to read and love historical romances Because they re fun, engaging and dreamily romantic, especially when they re believable and the story flows, holding my attention all the way Big win, was the mutual admiration between Christian and William bringing their unique skills to win the battle Christian wasn t a weakling, he was tough, sweet and a great match for William, the trust and respect between them is awesome Sexy knights and a slow burn romance capped it off for me So happy about this prompt and story, its one of my favrouries so far and what an amazing cover too Loved it.

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    Whoathat was good No It was great Which coming from me former self proclaimed historical hater that s actually like excellent.I always love Easton s writing I was instantly smitten with Christian And fell deeper as the pages flew by.And William was, well, equally endearing in a different manner Epic first kiss.Heart stopping final chapter.And an epilogue that made my eyes misty I wish this was a film.I would adore watching this tale unfold on the screen funny how so many remarked on their age gap and I had to go back and confirm but they only had 5 summers between them Ha Guess I don t consider that much of a gap at all.

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    This new edition of The Lion and the Crow from Dreamspinner has about 12K new words added, including new scenes and a new epilogue, plus it s been fully re edited I love William and Christian and wanted to give them a definitive story.Hope you enjoy it,Eli

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    Say what you like You are mine and forever will be This is a very simple story And that s nothing to be ashamed of Well written, well paced, convincing and straight to the point, it gave me what I was asking for It took me into the Medieval world for a few hours and it drew me in a relationship full of warmth and affection.I have to say first that everything Medieval draws me I m lucky because I live in the Old Continent, so there are endless opportunities to go crazy when finding those characteristic silhouettes on the horizon And I also go crazy when there is a M M story between those stoned walls Above all when they are not that common.Christian Brandon, the Crow, is the youngest of 7 brothers, none of which made his life easy He s been mistreated as far as his memory goes He is too pretty for a man, but he has learnt to defend himself and toughen up And he has sinful desires William Corbet, the Lion, is several years older He first sees Christian in the archery competition and his beauty hits him to the core He refuses to acknowledge it and decides to concentrate on his purpose ask Sir Brandon his help to free his sister from his abusing husband Sir Brandon rejects the proposal but Christian offers to accompany William in his mission Sir Brandon agrees, but with strict orders to get married once he comes back.I truly expected much resistance and much beating around the bush, but in fact both guys came to the conclusion that ignoring their desires was hiding from the truth, and as such, a pointless thing to do The trip is several weeks long, so plenty of time to form a bond and get to know each other better William finds out Christian is not a weakling who spends his existence from bed to bed And Christian is only determined to get William be his finally and forever.It s a very adorable story It doesn t show complicated conflicts or forced twists There is also a striking stratagem from Christian that was utterly unexpected and original The ending is pretty predictable and the plot sometimes is too convenient for the main characters, but the important thing is that I lured into it, because the feelings were real I liked how they get under each other s skin and their feelings develop There is always a defeatist aura around because of the cruel circumstances and the conviction this is not going to last But Christian is not ready to resist and let William go after he has found him This only adds an epic brush on the story, but it never felt exaggerated or lame.The review ends here The killing lesson begins here.Of course I m kidding.Maybe.I don t want to be the pettifoggery here but that murder was a shitty thing to do Not the act, because the guy really deserved to get some kind of justice, but because of the making When you are hugging someone and you have a dagger in your hand, the last thing you should do is stick it between two ribs on the front It s just impractical If you want to kill someone from that position, you should stab the back just under the ribs and aim upwards Do not choose the centre of the back because that s where the vertebras are Go for the left side, just where the spleen is, because it bleeds nonstop, or for the right side, the liver, which is not a bad option, either This way is much effective for two reasons your blade will not bounce against a rib because, believe it or not, it s damn difficult to hit the target Ribs exist for a reason so of course they are not useless protectors Secondly, moving your hand upwards and towards yourself makes the most of your strength, while at the same time you might reach the heart and death is just coming sooner than later Because that way you pull the person towards yourself in order to trap him, and at the same time you stab him adding that strength in the same direction Pushing the dagger and pulling the person is less efficient, tiring and problematic.If you decide to go for the front anyway, you need to get away from the person to make space for the dagger, and you lose a little of the surprise factor, above all when you want to achieve a silent death in order not to be discovered Anyway, the way to do so would not be between the ribs, either Yes, I know it s pretty impressive to see a sword hanging from someone s chest in the movies, but reality is never that cool As I said, it s very hard to hit the target that way If the person is quiet and thin , sure, go for it But the person is not going to wait for you to put the dagger in his heart The most effective way here, and the most lethal one, is to go for the stomach, which is obviously softer than bone You go for the sternum, just below the xiphoid process, and aim upwards and to the left side of the thorax, directly to the heart If you don t touch the heart you will surely reach the lung or an important vessel or maybe the pericardium Whatever you manage you will have enough time to finish him off it he hasn t died yet.Another possibility is cutting the carotid artery.I m of course not a master in the killing area, but with a little of anatomy knowledge and common sense it s not difficult to figure this out To show you that I m not creative nor clever, Jamie Fraser gives a lecture about this to Claire in Outlander That s why it doesn t make sense Christian is a warrior and still does things this way.

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    BR with Giulio and Mark This one goes straight to the favorites shelf I loved every word There s romance, adventure, a few deserved killings, and some smoking sexy times Plot concerns WilliamAnd Christianand their attempt to rescue William s sister from her ogre of a husband The two knights fall in love and lust along the way and I am still swooning Great, great book.

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    This was the most historicalhistorical story I ve read so far And surprise, surprise I enjoyed it The Lion and the Crow is a sweet and romantic medieval m m historical that didn t bored me like I was expecting to I must admit the only reason I decided to read this one is because I enjoy Eli Easton s writing style AnywayThe writing, as always was flawless and engaging and a little bit different of course since it s a historical.The story is about two men Sir William Corbet and Sir Christian Brandon who fall deeply in love in a time when homosexuality wasn t tolerated by the church or society.Sir William needs to rescue his sister and his two nieces from his brother in law who apparently is a cruel abusive bastard He needs badly some help, he needs an army, so he goes to Lord Brandon to ask for it Lord Brandon refuses to help him and to sacrifice his men, but he agrees to let his youngest son, Christian help him being his guide From the moment he laid eyes on Christian at the tournament, William knew he will never meet a beautiful person, man or woman Christian is attracted to William as well, even if he knows his response to this man is shameful.They travel together and they get to know each other, despite the fact William tries to stay away They eventually fall in love, discovering what means to be happy, to have love and passion, to have what you always wanted.Since this one is a short read, don t expect a complicated plot The plot was convenient at times, yes, but I was ok with it since it s a novella I liked the narrative voice and how the story is told In my opinion the romance between these two men was developed in a realistic way It was sweet, it was romantic and it was believable Despite the short length, both main characters are good enough developed and I liked them both Both are brave, kind hearted, smart and loyal Both are honorable men I enjoyed the slow burn romance and I think the author did a really great job with it Their interactions are lovely and their sexy moments are sweet, but intense For William honor is important than it is for Christian and he cares than the other man about what society thinks about homosexuality I totally understood his point Even nowadays being gay and admitting who you really are can be dangerous.Overall, a great read