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Draekon Warrior (Rebel Force, #1) Captured In Space Imprisoned Sold To The Highest Bidder But My Biggest Problem Is This Bossy, Aggravating, Impossible, Alien Who S Supposed To Rescue Me The Bossy Alien I Kissed That Might Have Been A MistakeKadir Is Dangerous I Ve Seen Him Fight, And His Body Is Littered With Scars He S A Soldier A Warrior And When He Loses Control, He Turns Into A Big Scary Dragon And Breathes FireEveryone S Terrified Of Him I M Not No, Call Me The Biggest Fool In The Galaxy, Because I M Attracted To The Big Jerk Kadir When I First Met The Small Human I Was Sent To Rescue, She Punched Me In The Jaw And Broke Her Wrist In The Process Irrational WomanThen She Insists That The Two Of Us Set Out Immediately To Find Her Missing Friend No, What I Have To Do Is Get Alice Hernandez To Safety She S Soft, Yet She S Strong Fragile, Yet So Brave She S Everything I Ve Never Known I Wanted Everything I Can T Let Myself Have When The Scientists Tortured Me, They Broke Me And When Alice Finds Out The Truth About The Fearsome, Raging Dragon Inside Me, I Will Lose Her

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    I have been looking forward to this new series about the original DRAEKONS Kadir is known as number two or Second of the Draekons that were developed in a lab He was experimented on and tortured by the scientistws, then made to go out and rescue two human females Alice is one of the females he had to rescue and the adventure begins as soon as he finds her Alice has been kept by the Zorahn for 7 months, experimented on and tortured daily When Kadir finds Alice, she was to be sold, but because she was damaged, she was left, tied up and vulnerable Once Kadir and Alice are together though, it s one adventure after another They find themselves in danger, but Kadir is a warrior, made to kill and he has one thing going for him, he can transform into a dangerous fire breathing dragon I really enjoyed the little human and the giant warrior together Even though Alice is small, she s strong and doesn t fear Kadir Kadir is fearsome and very bossy, but sweet when he wants to be The couple work well together and seem to have a special bond as they fight their way to safety The sex is steaming hot once they get around to it and there is definitely a bond between the two The danger and adventure they go through keeps you turning the pages and hoping they can fix all the problems and get back to bed I was very happy with this story of the fearsome Draekon Warrior and his little human I am now looking forward to the next adventure with Lani and Ruhan, Draekon Conqueror.

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    I received this book of an Advanced Reading Copy, now that I have finished reading it I would like to give an honest review of what I read On my goodness this book had me glued If you have not read any of the books from the Draekon series that is okay this book has enough information about the past to get you caught up to speed just enough This new series is something else indeed It introduces you to Second who has given himself the name of Kidar He is one of six of the first original Draekon warriors that were created, not born but made He and the four remaining brothers are brought out of stasis They have been in stasis for one thousand years The others fear them from the stories that they have heard of them from the past but the reality is they really don t know him and his brothers at all They think that they are unfeeling killing machines and give them all a mission Originally there were two ships that left Earth for the Zorahn homeworld One ship had crashed on the prison planet That is the first series of the dragon shifters The second ship took the women and auctioned them off to the highest bidders Alice and Tanya were bought by Zorahn scientist and for seven months they were tortured and experimented on Ordered to evacuate the scientist sell Tanya who is now just a shell of a woman Leaving Alice tied up on the ground left to die as the felt that she was disfigured and not worth anything This is where Kidar finds her To his shock once he unties her the fiery woman punches him in the jaw Not knowing who he was and what he is upon contact with his jaw she breaks her hand and wrist Kidar is drawn to Alice with her quick and sharp whit and tongue She is just as drawn to him as well Kidar though was told after he was created that he was worthless for anything other than war fair He has to struggle to learn to interact with others but he has a gift that is his favor Each of the brothers have a different gift Can the find out who is behind the attaches on the Rebellion Will they be able to find the other women that they have been assigned to find in time Will the Rebellion come to terms in understand the Draekons that were the first of the creators This is one great and fascinating read.

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    This is a spinoff from Lee Savino and Lili Zander s Draekon world Only now, instead of being on the prison planet, we are out in the galaxy at large We re still dealing with the bad, evil scientists, and aliens who want to hurt the Draekon and human women Alice is a human who was supposed to go to the Zorahn homeworld, but she and the 9 other women on the ship she was on got sidetracked, and the women were all sold She and another woman were sold to scientists who experimented on them and tortured them But now, the scientists have sold her and her friend on, and now she s been left, naked and tied up, in the streets of an alien market town The rebels need someone who can rescue the missing women So, they pull out their secret weapon Five of the original Draekon These are the guys who set the standard for all the rest There is no one better than them They are only known by their numbers, Second Sixth Second is sent out after Alice What no one knows is that he has given himself a name, Kadir I really liked Kadir It made me mad that the rebels treated him as they did, because it made them no better than the bad guys They acted like he was a nuclear bomb that was about to go off, even though they only spent all of about 5 minutes with him He has his job to do, and his duty, and he s going to go out and do it He really is a good male He has a really good heart, and even though he s done horrible things and he can still do horrible things, that s not who he really is and not who he really wants to be Alice is fierce AF Her introduction to Kadir comes when he tries to rescue her and she punches him right in the jaw I mean, she looked at him and realized how big she was, but she wasn t going to stop fighting, so she fought him She broke her wrist, but she stayed true to herself, and she stayed true to herself through the whole book That is truly awesome.

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    Alice and her fellow travelers haven been missing for 7 months They thought that they would be going to a place that would cure disease But they were wrong They have been sold and are used for experiments When she and her friend Tanya are sold, they have no idea what will happen Kadir has been awoken to rescue the humans He and his brethren will search for the 10 women When he finds Alice, he sees a fighter But she stirs something in him that he did not realize could happen I love the fact that we have a new Draekon series, Rebel Force We now get to focus on the other ship and there passengers The hunt is on for the other women Plus we get to read about Oliva, Dorothy, and Felicity I love that we start with Alice A strong woman who is also a doctor and has been fighting from the very beginning She is one tough cookie Kadir and his brethren you have to feel for Being created and used by the royals and scientists He may not know what his future will be but having Alice by his side is a big plus You have to love that these two strong fighters are an excellent start to the series I did feel for Tanya She didn t have the strength that Alice did She tried for a bit but ended up shutting down I can t wait to find out about Lani and Ruhan, Draekon Conquerer.

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    First of the Rebel Force Faction Loved it Half the women taken from Earth crash landed on a prison planet the prior Draekon books The other half were sold to scientists and experimented on Alice has just marked her two hundred and sixth day as a captive She fights every step of the way, even though it means brutal retaliation Kadir is woken from a thousand year sleep His label is Second as he is one of six who were the original Draekons They do not need to meet their mate to transform into their dragon He is charged with finding the captive human women Their meeting is slightly contentious It s not enough that the human I m here to rescue isn t the slightest bit grateful No, instead, she s sharp tongued and suspicious Spirited, my dragon corrects Spirited is good Alice is neither contemptuous of me, nor afraid Nobody has treated me this way It s refreshing.These characters both have much to work through, and both are warriors in their own way A relationship begins, and you will fall in love them both as they work through their differences and try to stay alive I am thrilled to see Draekon stories in the offing I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book

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    Draekon Warrior is the first book in the Rebel Force series, connected to the Dragons in Exile world Alice has been tortured and sold, and just as she s left to die, Kadir comes to rescue her But Alice is no damsel in distress and she s not afraid of Kadir When danger comes, will Kadir keep Alice safe and his heart intact Oh wow, what a way to start this new series off with a bang Alice and Kadir are such warriors, both in their own right, and I absolutely loved their fight and their passion Alice is feisty, doesn t care about other s opinions, and I love that she stands up to and for Kadir For a warrior who has been encapsulated for the past thousand years, Kadir was amazing, sensitive, such a good guy just wrapped in a bad reputation and battle wounds I absolutely loved their connection, I loved how they bantered with each other, but also trusted one another They really built each other up The danger in this book is absolutely intriguing, and I like that there will seem to be an overarching enemy for this series I can t wait to see how it all unfolds, and in the mean time, I absolutely love this book and would read it again and again

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    I loved every second of this amazing read I thought that there was something truly special between Alice and Kadir I found it so easy to feel for both of these incredibly strong but wounded characters My heart ached for Alice From the loss she had suffered in the past, to the horrible conditions and treatment she survived, her life had a lot of tragedy in it In spite of all this, this woman was fierce, spunky and amazingly resolute Kadir had his own heavy emotional baggage from simply being a Draekon and the mistreatment and injustices that he has suffered because of it This book quickly captures every single bit of your attention as quickly ensnares you in its complex and compelling world This beautiful love story is filled with drama, action, powerful emotions, danger, sweetness, humor, tension, steam and romance This book is the first in a new series that is a spin off from the Dragons In Exile series You do not need to read that series first to read this book However, If you enjoy this book and you find yourself curious, I also highly recommend that series I am electing to post a sincere review.

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    Phenomenal Sci fi ROMANCE Never A Dull Moment In This Amazing Romance should be the sub title for every novel written by the writing team of Zander and Savino If their newest collaboration, DRAEKON WARRIOR, is any indication this writing team knows how to give their readers the very best all the feels and hours of wonderful entertainment Their easy to read writing is so descriptive, readers can see the settings, feel the emotions, and fall in love with spectacular characters who are really out of this world That ROMANCE can be the unifying factor is why DRAEKON WARRIOR is going to make those readers life long fans of this writing team and the trope of Sci fi Romance I volunteered to read a copy of DRAEKON WARRIOR, ordered my copy early, too and this is my VOLUNTARY and HONEST 5 STAR review Purchase your copy of DRAEKON WARRIOR today you will be so glad you did Happy pages

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    I could not put it down If you love Alpha make dragon shifters who are powerful, obsessive, and relentless in protecting their mate, you will love this book First, a dragon shifter who has named himself Kadir, has been awoken atlfter a one thousand years to help in a special mission As part of this mission he must see Alice, a human, to safety from forced captivity Though not instant, they feel an attraction for each other but each attribute it to a normal physical reaction If they ONLY knew that there s nothing normal about what they feel and that surviving will entail facing poweful forces seeking to destroy them I loved this book, it had action, betrayal, and lots of lust Cant wait for the next one

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    These are the first draekons, they were created in a labWell, I was expecting a menage story like the previous books, but I was wrong It was a straight m f story but i still enjoyed reading it.This book introduces us to the original, created in a lab, draekon There are 6 of them This book is about Kadir who was named Second by the scientists.He is sent to rescue a couple of human women One of them is Alice She was an ER doctor on Earth The scientists have been experimenting on her and another human for 7 months Alice and Kadir work well together They each believe in the other person even when no one else does.This could be read as a stand alone book and beginning of a new series But I loved the previous books and would recommend them all.

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