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Emperors Throne (Desert Cursed #6) Three Against One Is Not The Best Odds In Any Fight But Does She Dare Gamble On Making An Enemy Into An Ally The Final Installment In The USAT And WSJ Bestselling Epic Urban Fantasy That Readers Have Been Waiting ForThere Might Be No Rest For The Wicked, But There S No Rest For The Exhausted Either We Ve Barely Survived One Fight, And We Have Another Blade At Our Throats Strike That, Three Blades I Can See Only One Possible Chance At Surviving The Three Evils We Face, No Matter How Much I Might Hate It I Have To Make My Peace With One Of Them And Pray That They Will Help Me Take Down The Other Two Before We Turn On Each Other The Only Question Iswho Do I Trust Not Only My Life But With The Life Of My Family Because I Have All Those I Love The Best At My Side Maks Lila Bryce Or Do I Leave Them, And Take The Danger With Me To Face It All On My Own One Thing Is For Sureeven If I Go Down, It Ll Be Swinging With Everything I Have

About the Author: Shannon Mayer

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was born into a family of Star Wars nuts I have a lot of siblings somewhere I lost count but I think there was than could be numbered on one hand and being one of the young padawans I was subjected to Star Wars marathons, on a regular basis If you ve read any of my books you ll see there is often a reference to said movies as a small homage to my

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    I generally hate when a series come to an end, and I frequently, for whatever reason, don t read the last book This is the last book in this series, and I had to read this one to see what happens Wow There were so many twists and turns, and so many darn surprises I was like No way so many times, I lost track LOL Zam, Maks, and Lila are a wonderful team, and this book proves how great they are together I can t believe just how far they have all come, and how far they have yet to go I hope this isn t the end, but if it is, it was a great ride and a great ending Great writing, wonderful plot with twists and turns, and fascinating characters abound in this series ender Love it Highly recommend this book, and I received a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

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    Emperor s Throne is the final book in Shannon Mayer s Desert Cursed series and this book packs it all in and unleashes a lot of greatness like a whirlwind So buckle up and get ready for a fantastic story that closes out the series with a bang This book is so awesome that it s heartbreaking that the series comes to an end with this book, but it is totally worth it Zam has a lot on her plate, and there is to come The falak is set to be reborn into the world thanks to a witch greedy for power Ishtar is a force to be reckoned with as she still craves power herself and has her own agenda in play Once you open this book you are hooked in to the last page as the race is on to save world from those who are driven by their greed of power I love that even though the relationships are established the author never stops building on them and making them stronger Be prepared for some well deserved retribution in this book as well I was so thrilled when certain scenes played out I ll admit that a couple caught me a bit by surprise, but it all works out in the end Be prepared from some seriously mind bending twists in this book More than once the author had my jaw on the floor from shock My mind is STILL reeling from one shocking revelation and I ll probably be stuck on it for a day or two LOL There is absolutely nothing that I don t like about this book other than the fact that it comes to an end But as the saying goesall good things must come to an end I have to say that this book is a fitting close to this series, but I m hopeful that we will be revisited by these unique and wonderful characters in the future I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars If you have read the previous books in this series then I highly recommend that you grab this book up and dive in You won t be disappointed.

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    Shannon Mayer s brain must be a strange and wonderful place The words that woman can come up with to express her stories are sheer magic Emperor s Throne is the last in the Desert Cursed Series I am very sorry to have that series end It will be among my all time favorites Shannon led us through all of her unexpected twists and turns and change ups to a surprisingly satisfying conclusion with, yes, an opening for all to hope for adventures Love, as always, is paramount in the story Zam loves deeply all she considers friends and family She will defy all and everything to keep them safe As strong as Zam is, she is stunned and amazed at the duplicity of others She treats those she can with compassion, those she can t with justice One scene, of justice meted out to a very deserving character, while long in coming was quite satisfying While I look forward to her next book, I will definitely miss Zamira, Lila and Maks.

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    All The Feels.No one quite makes me cry like Shannon does when I read her books, and this one was no different I ve loved Zam from the very start This series, much like the Elemental Series, made me cry with each heartbreak, loss, and triumph Somehow, Shannon s books always get to me in the very best way, a testament to her talent After reading this entire series thinking I had even an inkling of how things would play out for Zam and her merry band of misfits BAM Shannon hits me with the mother of all plot twists I love finding little hints and bits of foreshadowing as I read and I simply did not see this one coming It was a complete surprise of the very best kind While I am sad there won t be any full length novels, I have a feeling there s much to Zam s story.

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    Oh man, can Shannon Mayer write an ending Emperor s Throne is such a rich, intricate story with surprises abound As Zam, Maks, and Lila get to the end of their journey and the final fight, I thought I had at least a basic idea of how this would play out, but I was so wrong Shannon Mayer surprised and entranced me with every page and every new clue found From tragedy to elation, heartbreak to relief, this is one of those stories that has it all and I greatly enjoyed the wild ride I have a feeling I ll be think of and rereading this series for a while Abd I have to doubt I ll catch little things I missed every time Shannon Mayer is a master at her craft and The Desert Cursed Series is an amazing gift for all readers out there.

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    Zam, Lila and Maks are back for the final installment of the Desert Cursed series First let me just say Zam is my hero, she doesn t let her curse and bad luck bring her down She always helps those in need and she has the biggest heart Her story has been fought with heartache, friendship, love, magic, betrayal and mystery She made a deal with the Emperor and she has to follow through on it Will the world be destroyed, will Zam live through that meeting This is a must read series You will not be disappointed by this last book So many twists and turns and unexpected events that you won t want to put this book down So schedule so alone time, get cozy and settle in for another epic adventure

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    Phenomenal Conclusion Once again Shannon Mayer takes us on an epic fantasy adventure with her amazing ability to weave words into outstanding storytelling This fantastic conclusion is mind blowing It will take you on an intense and utterly thrilling rollercoaster ride of epic proportions The characters as always are fantastic and amazing You can t help but fall in love with most of them and seethe with utter hatred for others Zam, Maks and Lila will forever have a place in my heart Bravo on one fantastic series and one epic journey you have taken us readers on Highly recommend.

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    The conclusion to Emperor s Throne was written beautifully It is such a bittersweet ending I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Zam, Maks, and Lila grow not only as individuals but as trio I love their relationship and how they go back and forth with their games This book was amazing and it had me on the edge of my seat It was full of action, heartache, badass fighting, and jaw dropping discoveries So much happened, that I m still recovering from a book hangover It is so good and I m sure you will love it Trust me, you will love this trio They will work themselves into your heart and you will find loving some of the other characters as well MUST READ.

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    I can t believe this is the end Zam s story has been crazy, non stop action and the Emperor s Throne is no different Zam has Maks back and Lila can now shift into her true form, so things should be easier, right Not so much Now there is a new threat on top the Emperor and Ishtar Three evils and Zam has to determine which is the lesser evil that can help take down the other two Oh, and she still has to find two stones Cake walk I couldn t put this book down I was on the edge of my seat and couldn t believe the twists and turns this book took It was so good and a perfect ending to Zam s story.

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    Didn t want it to EndMy title says it all I didn t want this story to end Having said that The Desert Curse Series by Shannon Mayer doesn t disappoint it has kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.Shannon weaves such wonderful adventures and develops such intricate worlds and characters I have truly loved the twists and turn in each book and I am looking forward to re reading the whole series from start to finish.Do you love fantasy that is action packed, full of twist and turns but still makes you cry and laugh Then start this series, you won t be able to put the books down until your done

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