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    Chai tea anyone? You’ll need it if you’re hunkering down with Janet MacLeod Trotter’s ‘The Sapphire Child’ to be published December 08 2020 You are about to embark on a 524 page evocative journey back to Rawalpindi in the foothills of the Himalayas and discover what life was like in colonial India Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas in Northern India in 1933 Trotter shares the story of childhood friends Stella Dubois and Andrew Lomax Andrew’s father and stepmother own the vibrant Raj Hotel in Rawalpindi and Stella is the daughter of the hotel manager Strain is put on their friendship when Andrew expelled from school leaves India to join his overbearing mother in Scotland Over the next few years the two see little of each other as life keeps them busy When WW2 breaks out Andrew joins the army and Stella having suffered recent betrayal joins the Women’s Auxiliary Corps Embittered with life the two unexpectedly meet in India and receive the answers they each need to move on with their life Has their friendship withstood the test of time? Has war changed them too much to rekindle their friendship? Can they put scandal and heartbreak behind them? I absolutely loved the backdrop of colonial India It reminded me of the 2015 2106 British drama Indian Summers with Julie Walters Trotter’s impeccable research made for such a fantastic read She wrote to all the senses; I could almost feel the heat and humidity smell the pungent spices hear the throngs and see the architecture and décor of the British Raj that flavoured the final years of their rule in India A true smorgasbord for the senses Paramount to Trotter’s success is her access to the treasure trove of old diaries letters photos and home movies of her grandparents Having left Edinburgh to live and work in Northern India she was able to draw on their intrepid travels between 1920 – 1950 Her encompassing story is full of twists and turns unexpected events and colourful uniue characters Trotter masterfully brings to life colonial India and the ex pat experiences Central to the theme of this historical family drama is forbidden love the devastation of heartbreak the power of family and the importance of getting to the truth instead of making assumptions My heart is full and I’m feeling uplifted after such a purely indulgent experience

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A Sapphire Child (The Raj Hotel #2) ❮Ebook❯ ➥ A Sapphire Child (The Raj Hotel #2) ➦ Author Janet MacLeod Trotter – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In the dying days of the Raj can paths divided by time and circumstance ever find each other againIn 1930s Northern India childhood friends Stella and Andrew have grown up together in the orbit of the In the dying days of the Raj can paths divided by time and circumstance ever find each other againIn s Northern India childhood friends Stella and Andrew have grown up together in the orbit of the majestic Raj Hotel Spirited Stella has always had a soft spot for boisterous Andrew though she dreams of meeting a soulmate from outside the close knit community But life is turned on its head when one scandal shatters their friendship and another sees her abandoned by the man she thought she lovedAs the Second World War looms Andrew joins A Sapphire PDF/EPUB or the army to fight for freedom Meanwhile in India Stella reeling from her terrible betrayal also throws herself into the war effort volunteering for the Women’s Auxiliary Corps resigned to living a lonelier life than the one she dreamed of as a childWhen Andrew returns to the East on the eve of battle with Japan the two former friends are reunited though bitter experience has changed them Can they rekindle what they once had or will war demand of their friendship the ultimate sacrifice.