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  1. Endpoint Endpoint says:

    I finished this book a couple of months ago It was worth the read but somewhat disappointing to me I found it to be very scattered More plot twists than necessary in my opinion and in most cases vaguely developed characters It would have pleased me greatly if the book had continued along the path it began on without the wild divergence Keep in mind however that I am no writer and put this book leagues above what I would be able to produce so my criticisms are probably not very fairThe reason I ordered this book was because it was recommended as libertarian fiction and I was pleased with the libertarian concepts presented I would definitely enjoy another libertarian fiction by this author if it was concise Mr Samples seems to bring a wide range of knowledge to his writing

  2. Adrian Jowitt Adrian Jowitt says:

    What a super book and a taste of one possible future of the human race I can really connect with this author in respect of the runic symbolism I absolutely love the thought of the ring to protect all and the first amongst euals One of my favourite books of all time and I hope we see a number of seuels as I need to know about the others and those who left to search for Dana springs to mind here ;

  3. Jean Jean says:

    This book will make you reconsider everything you have ever been told It makes you think about the real futurethat has been compromised by stagnation wars and control This is a novel about a possible tomorrowWhat the editor said Fe Fi FOE Comes was released in July of 2008 After four months without a mass market publisher without access to the major market bookstore bookshelves silence from the established review sources such as the New York Times the Galley Proof Edition continues to move by word of mouth to readers in such diverse locations as Alaska California Pennsylvania Florida Alabama Maryland and beyond to England Belgium Germany Italy and on the battlefields of Ira and Afghanistan The vein of the feedback is universal this is an entertaining read that gives thought to everything you have ever believed or accepted on authority; it not only mirrors the current headlines it goes beyond and explains the interplay of forces in society It is also a stern warning about the conseuences of diminishing freedom the technological stagnation via regulation and the possible catastrophes that no one is planning for at all In the genre of speculative fiction such as Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Orwell’s 1984 Huxley’s Brave New Word Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and Heinlein’s Starship Troopers the novel does not borrow or compete but rather the author has drawn from his professional non fiction writing experience in the fields of science engineering architecture law as well as political science both from the perspective of government and the private sector to create an alternate present and future His beginning premise is that much of the way we find the world we come into is almost the exact reverse of the way things should be This includes relationships; the novel contains many inspiring love stories and personal bonds between partizans of a nature mostly unknown nowadays Unless we fall into the abyss of state suppression of ideas Fe Fi FOE Comes will be a benchmark of free expression for the beginning of this milleniumS C Morsak EditorVel Norðr Editions

  4. Debutante Debutante says:

    I am astounded by this book It is awesome I'll tell you when I finish itOkay so I finished the book Long read like 870 pages but well worth it So the book begins in the here and now and everything is pretty messed up worldwide like it actually is There's someone writing about the future though and the govt is after him to stop his writing because he's stirring people up but get this the future he is writing about is REAL It seems the people now are beginning the future reality Everything turns on whether or not freedom will remain lost or be sustained and it is the FOE that are the champions of freedom in the future No matter where anyone in the world is if someone is trying to harm them or oppress them then they can call the FOE and they will comeI don't want to give too much away but when you get into the story you begin to wonder how we could have all been gyped so much for almost forever and how close we are to losing it all Oh yes the powerful love storiesThis book is going to be read and read again I don't understand why the mainstream is ignoring it well maybe I do LOL

  5. Lekeshua Lekeshua says:

    Loved loved loved Will return with review later

  6. E. Franmklin E. Franmklin says:

    A Sci Fi thriller that leads the reader through a thought provoking storyline about a political vision and libertarian society in the not too distant future Well developed characters and a plausible plot make this an easy read in spite of the length of 869 pages The reviewed copy was a galley proof copy and contained some errors that should be caught in the final editing Although the size of Fe Fi Foe Comes may appear daunting to some readers it flows easily enough that you get caught up in the storyline from the first few pages Somewhere around the middle of the story the light comes on and the reader will begin to put it all together The dedicated SciFi fan will enjoy Fe Fi Foe Comes as will the political enthusiast If you are looking for a uick read this is not the book for you but those who enjoy a Sci Fi thriller coupled with political comment on our system’s shortcomings will find it entertaining and thought provoking

  7. Judy Judy says:

    Long read but I liked it and am waiting for the second one to come out

  8. Cy Cy says:

    Startling glimpse at how we got where we are what will happen if there is no radical change and how to get beyond I'm rereading it I enjoy the love stories as much as the ultimate warriors

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Fe Fi FOE Comes [Read] ➲ Fe Fi FOE Comes By William C. Samples – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From the Back Cover A warning to the reader You may not wish for people to know you are reading this book In some jurisdictions such material is banned and in some there may be severe penalties should From the Back Cover A warning to the reader You may not wish for people to know you are reading this book In some jurisdictions such material is banned and in some there may be severe penalties should you be caught with it in your possession Even in places with free speech some authorities and some of your neighbors will be suspicious if they open and read Fe Fi Kindle - portions of this book and find you reading it In the near future the conseuences could be much worse You may not wish to read it at all A note from the author The fact is our world is mostly made from refined technology invented long ago Shelter transportation medicine even space exploration technology dates from than half a century ago The most innovative technology of our times is electronic including computation because it is the least regulated by the government Regulation taxation and stagnation go together To those of us that grew up with visions of a world with freedom and technology that would save time human effort much human misery open the door to space travel and all the benefits that can bring including perhaps the ultimate survival of our species current events and the status uo signal the death knell of such possibilities Until when What will change Rather than ending on a note of doom I will say that indeed things do change The truth is really out there To those who think maybe truth is important and maybe things should change I invite you to read the book in private while you still can This is a work of fiction or maybe it just hasn't happened yet Bill.