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Running ❰EPUB❯ ✵ Running Author Natalia Sylvester – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When fifteen year old Cuban American Mariana Ruiz’s father runs for president Mari starts to see him with new eyes A novel about waking up and standing up and what happens when you stop seeing your When fifteen year old Cuban American Mariana Ruiz’s father runs for president Mari starts to see him with new eyes A novel about waking up and standing up and what happens when you stop seeing your dad as your hero—while the whole country is watchingIn this thoughtful authentic humorous and gorgeously written novel about privacy waking up and speaking up Senator Anthony Ruiz is Running for president Throughout his successful political career he has always had his daughter’s vote but a presidential campaign brings a whole new level of scrutiny to sheltered fifteen year old Mariana and the rest of her Cuban American family from a Minutes–style tour of their house to tabloids doctoring photos and inventing scandals As tensions rise within the Ruiz family Mari begins to learn about the details of her father’s political positions and she realizes that her father is not the man she thought he wasBut how do you find your voice when everyone’s watching When it means disagreeing with your father—publicly What do you do when your dad stops being your hero Will Mari get a chance to confront her father If she does will she have the courage to seize it.

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  1. Natalia Sylvester Natalia Sylvester says:

    Friends today I'm thrilled to share the cover of my debut YA novel RUNNING with youComing July 14 2020 it’s the story of 15 year old Mari how she begins to find her voice when her father runs for president Artwork by Alex Cabal design by Sharismar Rodriguez at HMH teenLinksAdd it to goodreads enter to win an advance copy on Instagram at

  2. Claude& Claude& says:

    Cuban American Mariana is running She is running to keep up with her rapidly changing life as her father's political career becomes front and centre for her family Her life will now play out in the media for all to see Every blemish will be noticed and every smile judged for it's sincerity I thought this was a good exploration of how violated a person can feel when they become a public figure up for scrutiny Finding out that your parent may not be the hero you always thought they were is also uite a relatable theme and Mari's struggle to speak out against her father felt believable Her pain was evident as she developed an understanding of how her father was potentially failing the people he claimed to be proud to represent I enjoyed Mari's friendships and loved that there wasn't any romance I thought it was really important that the author also raised awareness of how Gloria her friend and father's employee had negative media attention directed towards her and her girlfriend because of their romantic relationships Politics has lots of victims The author's notes reveal that the environmental concerns covered in the book were based on a real Bill that was passed in the Florida House and Senate but was ultimately vetoed by the Senator after people raised concerns over potential health issues Pretty inspiring stuff happens when people speak out

  3. CW (The Quiet Pond) ✨ CW (The Quiet Pond) ✨ says:

    What a phenomenal and incisive book that asks some really fantastic uestions about politics privacy and family power dynamics and what it means to stand up for what you believe in even at the detriment of your parent's career Follows Mariana a Cuban American teen and daughter of a GOP presidential nominee Growing up Mariana has always separated her life from her father's political career but when her privacy is invaded and she can no longer turn away from her father's political positions Mariana will have to speak up even if it's against her own father My goodness this book is PHENOMENAL I'm in awe with how Sylvester deftly and perfectly wrote a teenage voice that balances being both young and vulnerable explores the pressures and condescension that young activists face and explores family dynamics especially between parent and child I also really enjoyed the uniue YA perspective that explores what it's like being in a high visibility contexts; that presentation and image is curated deliberate and absolutely everything I LOVED Mariana as a protagonist I loved that behaved like a teenager had teenage concerns and had an incredible coming of age journey where she learns unlearns examines her own privileges and grows I also think the fact that she was a younger teen 15 years old worked REALLY well for her character arc Honestly? Everyone should read this bookTriggercontent warning view spoilerinvasion of privacy family conflict panic attack hide spoiler

  4. Karen (idleutopia_reads) Karen (idleutopia_reads) says:

    I can vividly recall the first time I stood up for myself to my mother It was an inconseuential thing for most of my childhood my mother had dressed my sister and I in similar outfits We were often confused as twins since there’s only a two year difference between us I can’t recall why this bothered me but it did so one day I told my mother that I didn’t want to dress alike any that I wanted my own style I remember feeling scared that I would hurt her feelings but also the importance of standing up for my own It’s hard to stand up to family because deep down we figure that what they do for us they do it out of love it can be one of the greatest challenges you ever face It’s one of the challenges that Mariana Ruiz is forced to make in the amazing YA novel Running Mariana’s father is running for President he’s currently a Senator for Florida running as a Latino candidate Mariana loves her father she admires his tenacity his dedication to fight for what he believes and when we first meet her he believes he can do no wrong Of course this is a lie that is uickly dispelled as we grow older and we are forced to see that our parents are fallible and deeply human It isn’t disrespect or disloyalty to uestion your parents no matter what they’d have to say about the matter Part of growing up is forging your own path unlearning certain beliefs as you start delving into the world around you Mariana is truly the girl character I would have wished I had growing up and one that I am so excited to share with my youngest sister and nieces I’m proud that they’ll have Mariana as a role model As we continue following the Ruiz family through Antonio’s presidential race we see the cracks in the foundation cracks that we are unaware of when we’re younger but that seem so obvious as we continue to experience life Mariana starts hanging out with an activist group at school that makes her aware of the power she holds because of her father a power to make changes to be heard when so often those around her are not and when often decisions made by those in power affect those she loves Mariana is afraid of this power because she doesn’t know how to wield it and to be frank she doesn’t want it She’s learning to reconcile the fantasy she had of her parents these people she put on pedestals with humans that can make wrong decisions while standing up for what she believes in even when it goes against her family At the same time this power that she is learning about has her viewing her relationship with those around her including her amazing friend Gloria who had hidden a part of her life because of her father’s beliefs How much of a friendship is there when the power dynamics are tilted in your favor? Impact and intent are also explored in this book Sometimes an ideology is filled with the best of intentions but the execution towards these ideals deal with an impact that can’t be ignored This was truly one of the best YAs I’ve read all year in a year filled with amazing YA books I was rooting for Mari from beginning to end I understood her struggle to stand up for herself to stand up against her family while remaining loyal to them to try to find out a way to be herself and still be by their side It’s a struggle one that’s not often talked about especially in a country where we already feel displaced and feel as if we have to stand up for our community no matter what Mari shows us there’s a way to stand up for yourself and for them a way to open a dialogue to get to feel content with yourself and your community This was truly inspirational and I hope you all will give it a chance Don’t forget to vote in this coming election too This book is a reminder of how much power we have how it matters that we stand up and have our voices heard Thank you to the publisher for the advanced copy of this book Thank you to Natalia Sylvester for writing this my teenage self and myself thank you

  5. Adri Adri says:

    45 Stars CWs Mild instanced of bullying invasions of privacy and some derogatory commentsThis is an AMAZING story and the perfect gateway into Natalia Sylvester's work Running tells the story of a young Cuban American girl named Mariana who's trying to come into her own and find her own voice all while being watched by the entire nation as her father runs for President It's such a thoughtful depiction of our current political landscape in Ameria where the advent of social media clickbait journalism and even meme culture has proved to change the tide from one day to the nextMariana's life is extremely restricted and scripted to a T for these exact reasons and the story is very much about her rejecting her role as a political prop in her father's family man image and figuring out what she actually believes in She's also learning that saying nothing and doing nothing are politically charged actions and that there is no such thing as a neutral stance when it comes to real issues that effect real peopleThis is about Mariana making political choices for the first time in her life and realizing that not having a vote is not euivalent to being helpless This is an empowering and emotional story about standing up to injustice even when it's not easy or straightforward which is exactly the kind of story young people need right nowI love what Natalia Sylvester has accomplished in this book and I look forward to reading of her work in the future

  6. Jaclyn (sixminutesforme) Jaclyn (sixminutesforme) says:

    This May 2020 release is one you're going to want to pop on your radar While I love dipping my toes into YA reads I rarely find one that isn't centered around a romance so really enjoyed the coming of age focus that was built around opinion and politics This is a brilliantly engaging story about young Mari finding her voice amidst the backdrop of her dad's presidential campaign As his campaign amps up the nature of his associations and his policy positions are brought to Mari's attention and they do not align with what she thought of his issue positions With the environmental focus to the policy issues the content felt immediate combined with the complex and richly developed characters that form Mari's story this made for a really compelling read I loved the issue driven plot particularly in the way that Jackie is written into Mari's narrative And by the same measure I also really found strength in the multiple layers written into Vivi's story and the points of reflection Mari has about this throughout the narrative I also loved the nuance in the relationship Mari has with her mom and the reflection on her own passions and opinions before Mari was born The timing with the way this part of the narrative was written I found particularly powerfulMany thanks to HMH Teen for sending me a review copy

  7. Natasha | readalongwithnat Natasha | readalongwithnat says:

    I cannot believe this is Sylvester's YA debut novel Just Wow A phenomenally well written book This will absolutely be one of my top books of 2020

  8. Xueting Xueting says:

    15 year old Mariana's father is running for president in the United States and she's just starting to realise that maybe she doesn't agree with his positions and policies They're a Cuban American family living in Miami and her father is the son of immigrants but he has voted against immigration reform And he was the state senator who sponsored the bill that's responsible for a water contamination crisis that Miami is facing That's just a few of the examples showing his stances that horrifies not just Mari but also me as I read the book As Mari becomes gradually disillusioned with her father I also gradually develop a dislike for the guy both as a politician and as a father He's seriously arrogant egoistic stubborn and patronising when he talks to anyone including his own daughter His campaign invades his family's personal privacy a lot but he doesn't genuinely give a hoot when Mariana says she's not comfortable with it I rooted for Mariana throughout as she fumes about how he's not listening and as she tries to gather the courage to stand her ground talk back to him and make him listen She's very inspiring in a not too grandly heroic way because of her fear of speaking in public she's always chosen to take a silent passive role on the sides just supporting her father in the background at rallies and parroting lines written for her by his assistant that say she supports his positions she believes in him blah blah blah Finally a crisis in her best friend's family forces her to become aware of the environmental and housing problems happening in her county and she joins her school's political activist group these all make her research for the first time her father's political positions and voting record and she has trouble reconciling the father who's always made promises to her and the people and the contradicting real actions he has takenPolitical elections and being informed about your representative's positions and policies is a really relevant and important topic to explore not just because another US presidential election is coming in 2020 but also because the age of social media and clickbait online journalism has turned politics into a personality game and performance causing a politician's personality to overshadow their policies which should be the ultimate focus In Running the author shows us a lot of what goes on in campaigning Mariana's family goes through awkward press interviews they gotta come up with election slogans and Mari has to replace her personal photos and posts on her social media with cheesy stock photos of nature and inspiring captions the campaign staff picks out for her This posturing is what her father uses to show his constituents that he's a family man but this is superficial because not only are there tensions with his wife and his daughter behind this facade but also why does it even matter so much what kind of people they are in their personal lives? Are we voting for the people or for the actions and policies they will make? I've been thinking about these things recently and this book pushed me to think further It's a well researched and refreshing YA novel where all the characters are well developed and the whole plot is super tightDisclaimer I received an eARC from the author and HMH Books via NetGalley thank you The book will be out on July 14

  9. Casey the Reader Casey the Reader says:

    Thanks to HMH Teen for the free advance copy of this book Mariana's father has been a politician her whole life something she's mostly been able to ignore just posing for photo ops here and there But now that he's running for president all of her privacy is gone and her parents feel like they're worlds away Plus Mari is beginning to uncover exactly what her father's policy positions are and she does not agree with any of them RUNNING is a story about finding your voice when the whole world is watching you It's terrifying enough to try to separate yourself from your parents as a teenager but when your classmates are booing you for your father's political ideology? That's something else entirely This book delicately navigates the confusing layers of living a public life you didn't ask for invasive photos people knowing your family's business being unable to simply be a teenager like everyone else Plus RUNNING also deals with how very personal Mari's father's Republican stances are to her friends and family in Miami Xenophobia homophobia inaction on climate change and all affect their lives in measurable negative ways It may be theoretical to Papi when he's away in DC but Mari witnesses the effects firsthand and decides she cannot stand aside RUNNING is not to be missed

  10. Izzie Izzie says:

    This book follows the main character Mariana who is a 15 year old Cuban American whose father is running for President Throughout this book Mari starts to develop her own thoughts and opinions and she realises that her father's opinions are in direct contrast to her own She rejects her role as a political prop in her father's campaign and learns what it truly means to think for herselfWhat I LikedPolitics I think this book did a fantastic job discussing politics and how severely lives can be affected by political policies This was age appropriate and well explained without being condescending It also explored the idea that you cannot be neutral when it comes to real issues that effect real lives This is something that isn't generally discussed in YA literature and it was extremely well done Mari I really connected with Mari's character as I have always been a very independent thinker so I really enjoyed watching her journey as she became her own person I don't think that politics is a very developed theme in YA books but in this instance it's nuanced and is explored from a number of different angles I liked the fact that Mari made mistakes on her journey but she learnt from them and was able to admit when she was wrong she was a very real character Overall this was a thought provoking and relatable novel based on a uniue theme I didn't completely fall in love with it but it was a well written and engaging novel

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