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Happy Birthday, Molly: A Springtime Story (American Girls: Molly, #4) [Reading] ➿ Happy Birthday, Molly: A Springtime Story (American Girls: Molly, #4) Author Valerie Tripp – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Molly is excited to learn that an English girl is coming to stay at the McIntires' and just in time for Molly's birthday But Emily Bennett turns out to be different from the glamorous girl Molly pictu Molly is excited to learn Molly: A Epub ß that an English girl is coming to stay at the McIntires' and just in time for Molly's birthday But Emily Bennett Happy Birthday, MOBI :Ê turns out to be different from the glamorous girl Molly pictured Emily is shy and seems unfriendly Then Molly discovers that Emily is worried about her father Birthday, Molly: A MOBI í and the girls become good friends They even plan to turn Molly's tenth birthday celebration into a real English tea party But they can't agree about what's important and it takes a special birthday surprise to help them patch up their hurt feelings.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Molly: A Springtime Story (American Girls: Molly, #4)

  1. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    When I was a little girl I wanted to have a birthday party just like Molly's with fancy British tea and little cakes I love these books

  2. Molly Strzelecki Molly Strzelecki says:

    January 2018 3 stars

  3. Jen Jen says:

    Keeping up with the kiddo with this read ; This is an excellent introduction to what the war was like for a British child and the history is conveyed smoothly But the girls were so petty in this story it was frustrating I found it difficult to believe that the children wouldn't have gotten a little explanation from adults to encourage compassion

  4. Panda Incognito Panda Incognito says:

    I read this book than any other American Girl book because it was one that my sister randomly happened to own I never liked how petty Molly and Emily were at the climax of this book hence the three star rating but the story is full of interesting dynamics related to how British and American children experienced World War II differently The peek into the past section is also interesting It goes through what the average American girl's life was like from birth to emerging adulthood in Molly's era and it was here that I first learned that the 1940s invented the concept of a teenager Since I hated teenagers and dreaded becoming one it helped me tremendously to learn that our culture's view of this age group was socially constructed several decades ago and that I wasn't guaranteed to lose my mind and be unbearably rebellious and obnoxious as soon as I turned thirteenOf course nothing that this book says conveys a negative view of teenagers It just helped me deal with my biases and anxieties to learn that people's behaviors during this age were culturally influenced and prescribed for them not guaranteed simply because they were a certain ageAlso Earlier this year I read a book that is set in the 1400s and narrated by contemporary characters When these people from the Middle Ages referred to some boys as teenagers I laughed out loud and watched all my suspension of disbelief shatter onto the floor Clearly people should have benefited from this Molly book's peek into the past

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Molly an American girl in 1944 during WWII thinks she has it very tough She misses her father terribly and doesn't like that they have to live without some things An English girl named Emily comes to stay with Molly and her family and she thinks Molly is spoiled compared to her Molly then realizes that she has it easy compared to Emily in some ways Her and Emily plan a birthday party together that is going to be a princess tea party but they disagree on some things Will they put their differences aside and have a great party?I enjoyed this story because it really showed the differences between the Americans' lives during the war and the British It showed how different kids grew up during this time and how hard it was for both countries

  6. Miri Miri says:

    In this Molly story there is a new arrival at the McIntire home Emily Bennett a refugee girl from England has been sent to America to escape the bombings and is staying with Molly's family Molly is excited at first but finds it really hard to get to know Emily she hardly talks and never smiles but soon Molly learns how to befriend Emily and they end up planning Molly's birthday party together

  7. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    Molly was my favorite American Girl growing up I loved reading these stories

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    After reading three books in the Molly series that proved to be abysmal the fourth installment was a much welcomed surprise This book so than it's predecessors actually showed the effects of war on the world as well as Molly and her family I was wondering if the narrative would ever address this somewhat sick habit of these kids to play war and have fun in bomb shelters Luckily we have a new character named Emily to set these Americans straight And she calls Molly out on her BS Yes Molly is still a spoiled child I'm not sure the narrative wants to address that reality seriously and so these books shall remain at best just okay

  9. Alex Alex says:

    I’m still enjoying re reading these books but Molly thinking a bomb shelter was a “fun pretend game” was really cringe worthy Her new British friend was right Molly has no idea what the war actually means

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    Meh Realistic but not as heartwarming Molly is actually spoiled in this one and so whiny

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