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Blacktop Wasteland [Reading] ➲ Blacktop Wasteland ➺ S.A. Cosby – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Beauregard Bug Montage husband father honest car mechanic But he was once known from North Carolina to the beaches of Florida as the best getaway driver on the East Coast Just like his father who disa Beauregard Bug Montage husband father honest car mechanic But he was once known from North Carolina to the beaches of Florida as the best getaway driver on the East Coast Just like his father who disappeared many years agoAfter a series of financial calamities worsened by the racial prejudices of the small town he lives in Bug reluctantly takes part in a daring diamond heist to solve his money troubles and to go straight once and for all However when it goes horrifically wrong he's sucked into a grimy underworld which threatens everything and everyone he holds dear.

  • Hardcover
  • 285 pages
  • Blacktop Wasteland
  • S.A. Cosby
  • English
  • 04 November 2015
  • 9781250252685

10 thoughts on “Blacktop Wasteland

  1. Meredith Meredith says:

    “They all underestimated him” Blacktop Wasteland is an emotionally charged thrillercharacter study about a man willing to commit one last crime to save his family and livelihood His decision might cost all he has worked so hard to achieve his family his business and his identity Beauregard “Bug” Montage mechanic and former criminal went straight 15 years ago Bug possesses exceptional driving skills that made him the perfect getaway driver who could not be caught Having put his last “job” behind him Bug is struggling to keep his family and business afloat When the opportunity arises for him to take on one final job he accepts to help his family His decision causes him to visit the past and grapple with his identity ultimately putting him at risk to lose what matters most Blacktop Wasteland is a fast paced action packed superbly written novel This book is so much than a thriller It’s about father son relationships family race class and identity In Bug SA Cosby has created a dynamic and complex character who is not to be underestimated I felt every one of Bug’s emotions his conflict his identity crisis and his pain over his father’s abandonment This book gutted me emotionally and put me through the wringer I don’t think my heart could have taken much The final page left me feeling destroyed This is a book that goes outside the box I highly recommend I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. karen karen says:

    if you like this book or sympathetic antiheroes in general come see this booklist thing i wrote for friction A mistake is a lesson unless you make the same mistake twiceugh i loved this book i thought it was a debut but apparently cosby wrote My Darkest Prayer a few years back and it slipped right past me so MY mistake lesson learned and i will be grabbing a copy of that ASAP to make things right this one is crime fiction in the grit litcountry noir tradition about beauregard montage—that’s BEAUREGARD MONTAGE PEOPLE—the flawed but decent son of a wheelman whose own skills behind the wheel once made him a valuable asset to criminals in need of a speedy getaway apart from his formidable driving skills his reliability discretion and willingness to get his hands dirty earned him an excellent professional reputation and enough money to open his own auto shop and go straight determined to leave that dangerous life—and his father's legacy—behind bug devotes himself to becoming everything his father wasn't—an attentive husband a responsible parent and a respectable small business owner although he struggles to make ends meet due in part to a competing garage offering lower prices and whiter mechanics he is able to ensure his family's safety and be a present positive role model to his sons however when his financial situation abruptly worsens and his terminally ill mother is about to be evicted from her nursing home he allows himself to be coaxed into taking on ONE LAST JOBand you know how that goesthe first chapter is perfect—it's self contained enough to be a short story and it lays out everything you need to know about bug montage his mind his skills his temperament his achilles heel while also establishing the motifs of cars and cons and pride and payback that’ll drive no puns please the rest of the bookand it’s so gooooood cosby's writing plants him on the literary side of the genre with a good balance between character development and action there is excellent heist and con and double cross criminal mastermindery stuff here—it’s tight and twisty and surprised me than a couple of times but i am a reader drawn to character work so for me it was all about bug’s story—the layers of what shaped him into who and what he was his values regrets self reckonings etc it's a very classic noir structure but the details make it feel very fresh and that little jab where a good deed done sours into the worst kind of regret ahhhhhh delicious the writing is vivid and dynamic and it does occasionally strain a little too hard under its own descriptive weight The bitter taste soon gave way to a languid turgidity that moved through her body with a stealthy determination etc but that's a minor complaint to the flipside of a major compliment—that it hooked me through parts that i ordinarily would have glossed over because this book is much vehicular than anything i’ve read before—all drag racing and car chases and engine modification etc which should have made me disengage but didn’t i have zero interest in cars in life or as entertainment—i’ve never had a driver’s license and i’ve never been able to follow car chase seuences in movies whether they are the emo boys drive fast ones drive baby driver or the “tough boys drive fast” ones the rest i usually just zone out until the confusing parts are over and use the bodily and property damage as context clues to figure out who won so you would think that reading a car chase seuence would be even duller to me AND YET—i both followed along and was genuinely invested there are several cars going zoom situations but one in particular felt very harrowing and for the first time ever it was fun to meand if we're dream casting this movie i am nominating mike colter in lemond bishop mode which is as crackerjack a character name as beauregard montage although he’d probably have to lose some of those luke cage muscles for this i have been using some of my sheltering in place time to rewatch the good wifefight and am smitten anew with his simmering facial expressions and how easygoing and affable he is—the very picture of businessman respectability until you fuck with his money or his family and then oh the danger under that smilehe's got my vote Beauregard knew there was no honor among thieves Boys in the game only respected you in direct proportion to how much they needed you divided by how much they feared you There was no doubt they needed his skillAnd if they weren't a little bit afraid of him then that was their mistakedo not underestimate beauregard montage or sa cosby this one's a winner this is an excerpt from the little author letter slipped into the book and it's perfect I believe in toxic masculinity and the harmful patriarchal hegemony that it engenders But I also believe in tragic masculinity A self flagellating mindset that diminishes men by inches even as we believe it is protecting us Tragic masculinity injures us on the inside and leaves behind scars that are felt not seen Blacktop Wasteland is about the hereditary disease that is poverty but it's also about the violent inheritance that damaged men pass on to their sons Not just physical violence but the emotional punishment that we inflict on ourselvesIt's also got a badass cherry 1971 Plymouth Duster in it And cousin that motherfucking dog can huntMY FIRST GOODREADS GIVEAWAY WIN OF 2020 WOOHOOOOOcome to my blog

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Fascinating invigorating raw harsh adrenaline pumping one of the greatest reads of the year highly recommended to the lovers of tasty crime novels and noir genre Nope I cannot give anything less than five gazillion stars because from the first pages breathtaking action packed truly dramatic Beauregard Montage’s story enhances you You feel the several harsh slaps of reality against cheek throughout your reading journey Beauregard aka Bug loses the fight with his inner demons hearing whispers to his father who introduced him to the criminal life when he was younger boy He wanted to be a good husband a good father who is capable to provide his own children’s needs He wants to keep the roof over their heads and conduct a successful business but he fails he is behind the mortgage payment of his car shop and he gets a call from his mother’s nursing home inform him they’re so close to kick his mother out It’s simple and clear He cannot make his ends meet He needs to find ANOTHER SOURCE TO GET OUT OF HIS GROWING DEPTH PROBLEM ASAPHe hears the sound of screaming tires smelling the dust of asphalt shivering with adrenaline pumping He is not Dominic Toretto Nope he’s incarcerated Steve Mcueen The passion of racing is in his blood soul It helps him to stay alive He cannot deny the dark side’s calling he enjoys the speed adrenaline rush facing the danger like a sea breeze brushing his cheeks He is still a good man who is dealt a very bad hand So he needs to cheat for winning this game He has too at stake so one driving job won’t make things worse right? But as you may imagine things can get complicated than he expected I’m not giving spoilers You just have to learn what’s gonna happen next by yourself but I’m so sure for one thing as soon as you get this book into your hands you will be captivated by the high skilled mesmerizing writing and well developed characters getting lost in dark intense realistic crime world It was effective than watching an action packed exciting thriller There is no cliche no pretense no exaggeration Everything is so real shocking soul crushingI cannot thank enough to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing this fantastic Arc with me in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  4. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Five fabulous action packed starsBuckle in for an edge of your seat crime thriller that will leave you breathlessBeauregard also known as Bug is a man locked in a personal battle between two conflicting identities A man emotionally split down the middle between his past and future Ultimately those two worlds are destined to collideBug is the best getaway driver this side of the ole’ Mississippi Actually probably safe to say both sides of the line Bug is a major risk taker and thrill seeker One that not surprisingly doesn’t always play by the rules or the law for that matter On the other side of the coin Beauregard is a devoted family man still deeply in love with his wife and wants only the best futures for his children Here’s where things get wellcomplicated Beauregard feels confident he’s left Bug in the past until he finds himself in a pinch only Bug can get him out ofSA Cosby writes a superbly executed gripping and emotionally charged crime thriller Make necessary arrangements because once you start you won’t be able to set this one aside It’s dark it’s gritty and without uestion one of the best books I’ve read this yearThe author did such a fabulous job of painting a picture of Beauregard Capturing his loyalties and struggles leading me to feel as though I knew him personallyThis book would make an excellent action movie Have the movie rights been picked up for this book💁🏻‍♀️ Hollywood what are you waiting for? 🎥 Thank you to Flatiron Books Via NetGalley for an ARC to read and reviewPublication date July 14th 2020

  5. Liz Liz says:

    Wow Wow Wow Five big starsAbsolutely nothing is going right in Beauregard “Bug” Montage’s life The loan on his business is past due his kid needs braces and he’s just been hit with a bill for his mother’s nursing home care So he goes back to what he did in a prior life criminal planner and getaway driver This book is sad and gritty all at the same time Cosby has created some great characters here starting with Bug He’s a decent man who's been handed a raw deal You just want things to work out for him His mother is a total piece of work and it’s a testament to his decency that he doesn’t just walk away from her And my God Bug’s co criminals are not going to win any awards for smarts or ethics You just know that things aren’t going to go well The writing is fabulous Take this phrase “hehad a hairline that was retreating like Lee at Gettysburg” I was highlighting phrases just so I could go back and review how crazy good the writing was This will appeal to those that like Lou Berney’s or Attica Locke’s writing Very atmospheric taking the time to set the stage before moving into a higher gear Once things get rolling the dominoes fall in rapid succession I just did not see so much of this book coming It was not only action packed it was heartbreaking I could see this book being easily transformed into a movie My thanks to netgalley and Flatiron Books for an advance copy of this book

  6. Roxane Roxane says:

    Too expository but the action is exhilarating It’s like Fast and Furious but literary

  7. Debra Debra says:

    Man oh Man oh Beauregard Listen when you're a black man in America you live with the weight of people's low expectations on your back every day They can crush you right down to the goddamn ground Think about it like it's a race Everybody else has a head start and you dragging those low expectations behind you Choices give you freedom from those expectations Allows you to cut 'em loose Because that's what freedom is Being able to let things go And nothing is important than freedom There's Bug and then there's Beauregard the same man with conflicting sides within himself One part is the loving devoted husband and father the other is a fast car driving outlaw Bug thought he left his past behind he thought he could move on and run his business and be there for his family but he couldn't leave the ghost of who he used to be and the memory of his father who disappeared when he needed him the mostWith mounting bills and stress Bug cannot walk away when he is presented with the opportunity to make some money All he must do is drive the getaway car Bug is drowning in bills stress and obligations and it seems like easy money but is it?SA Cosby put the pedal to the metal with this one Blacktop Wasteland is raw gritty dark and action packed It's a character study of one man's last ditch effort to make a better life for his family but at what cost? It is beautifully written in vivid raw and descriptive prose Thought provoking gripping and raw This book is not to be missedThank you to Flatiron Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for and honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

  8. Larry H Larry H says:

    Now HERE’S an excellent crime novelthriller for you SA Cosby's new book Blacktop Wasteland “You were never out of the Life completely You were always looking over your shoulder You always kept a gun within reach not buried under cement in your basement Having a gun nearby was the only way you could pretend to relax”Once the best getaway driver on the East Coast Beauregard “Bug” Montage has put that life behind him He’s a husband a father an excellent mechanic But lately the pressure has been mounting—the kids need glasses braces everything and business has slowed down—and he doesn’t know how to get his head above waterSo when a guy with whom he’s worked before shows up recently out of prison and talking about a can’t miss scheme involving a jewelry store and a tremendous payoff Bug can’t resist the temptation to get back behind the wheel again despite everyone’s warnings to the contrary What Bug doesn’t really count on however is just how messy a web he’s about to step in At the same time he’s trying to figure out what kind of life he really wants to lead he’s haunted by memories of his father who also was a renowned wheelman and who disappeared when Bug was younger His father left him a classic car and he can't help but conjure up memories of him each time he gets behind the wheelIn addition to some pulse pounding chases and action scenes this book explores the idea of whether a life of crime is somehow hard wired in our genes or if it’s just a life some are backed into SA Cosby is such a fantastic writer because he makes you root for Bug and his family despite the choices he made I've never read any of Cosby's earlier books but I'm definitely going to check them out nowSuch a fantastic book both fast paced and cerebralCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

  9. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    A dream come true is a fine thing  Bug Montage has worked hard to turn his errant life around  He's happily married with kids lives in a doublewide trailer and operates a small successful mechanic shop  After a series of unfortunate events he stands to lose everything  There's that dream turning into a nightmare  Bug makes a decision he can't take back and he's in trouble deep  Tough gritty and full of some stellar metaphors  Get ready for a wild ride  Man oh man can that dude drive

  10. Dave Dave says:

    Cosby's Blacktop Wasteland is a lesson in what makes a great crime fiction novel And when I say great you better believe it It harkens back to all the top caper novels It's all about a guy named Beauregard Montage better known as Bug And Bug is just trying to go straight to life a good life be a good husband a good father But as Springsteen once said he's got debts no honest man can pay He's going to lose the garage business he's built up over the years since he got out And maybe if he pulled one last job he'd be able to provide for his family See Bug is a driver He's a driver like Steve Mcueen is a driver and no one is at one with a set of wheels like Bug But see the thing is when you're desperate you don't have the luxury of picking your jobs and you can't pick your partners The job ain't planned out to the second like Bug wants and his partners are trying out for a walk on part in Goodfellas Like any good noir novel you can already sense the whirlpool starting and you know it's all going to go sideways Bug is like a drowning man without a damn life preserver Bug is a terrific complex character who can't get off the road he's on The writing in this novel is absolutely fantastic Every page counts Every word counts Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review

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