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  • Kiss Me Every Day
  • Dena Blake
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  • 14 September 2016
  • 9781635555516

10 thoughts on “Kiss Me Every Day

  1. Lex Kent Lex Kent says:

    This was a fun read As a “Groundhog Day” movie fan I was really excited to read this I like the premise of having one day to do over until your life changes for the better And to get a WLW version of it I’m all for it I’m happy to say that it was the entertaining storyline that I was hoping for Dena Blake is one of my go to authors when I want something really angsty I was actually surprised to see that this had way less angst than her books normally have But the book still had plenty of conflict pushing the story forward so that it went at a nice fast pace I read this whole book last night and the story flew by for the most partSince this is a story about reliving one day over and over it does get a little repetitious I think Dena did a good job of mixing things up with different outcomes but you do know that the main character has to do everything right before she can move on so some parts have to be done over and over If you pay attention to the book you will have a guess as to why Wynn can’t move forward I think it was the second to last repeated day that I started yelling at Wynn to figure it out too so the story could move on I think I personally would have liked one less repeated day so I didn’t get that frustration but this still was a fun premise Since the romance mostly takes place in one day it feels like insta love but because Wynn has that day over and over it’s not insta love for her Even the sex feels like it came a little uick for Carly because it is on her first date but for Wynn it has been half the story It’s interesting how that worked out and almost messed with me a bit The chemistry is really good between the mains which I always appreciate If you are a “Groundhog Day” fan and like the “do over” premise than I would definitely recommend this one I had to spend my birthday last night at home social distancing but this book entertained me and made my night better I can’t really ask for much than that during these times An ARC was given to me for a honest review

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    I enjoyed the first half of this book but it really fell apart for me at the end This is about a woman reliving the same day of her life one year in the past that impacted many facets of her life most importantly losing the opportunity with a woman who ended up going on to marry the main characters sister and everyone ending up miserable When Wynn is able to go back and relive that day the first roadblock for me was that it took her a very long time to realize that she’s reliving the same day even though there’s things about the day being in the past that are obvious her dog is now a puppy; her bathroom renovation is still happening and it took her way longer than necessary to catch on The first handful of days that are relived were fine but then it started to get very repetitive By the last half Wynn starts telling other people what’s happening and I found that to be entirely too unrealistic especially their reactions I also thought earlier days relived would have been much better jumping off points for Wynn to reset her life and didn’t find the day that finally “clicked” to be very satisfying especially with how the romance ended up playing out I also would have enjoyed other people maybe realizing they were too in a loop as it felt weird to have only Wynn experiencing these close emotions and experiences with others and them not remembering Lastly I don’t tend to love when characters in stories like these relive a day and then jump to the future again with no recollection of what happened in the time between It would have been nice to see her settle back into the memories from the time between So overall although the first half was a cute story the last half felt convoluted and brought the story down for me

  3. CLo CLo says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was a groundhog type story where the same day repeats itself but it wasn't Things changed constantly based on what happened like the weather and feelings toward one another Wynn was such a likable character and so was Carly I will say I would have liked Jordan drama but that is just me and I almost wish the future day wasn't changed because I think Carly could grow from it but the twistnow that was good and I loved I feel as if I am rambling but so far this has been one of my favorite reads this summer It made me smile shake my head and want to know what happens next

  4. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    Cute Groundhog Day revisited

  5. Hsinju Hsinju says:

    Wynn Jamison shouldn't have stepped aside and let her sister Jordan pursue Carly Evans after they shared a phenomenal kiss a year ago Now Carly is unhappily married to Jordan and Wynn cannot seem to keep Carly out of her mind When Wynn finds herself waking up on that game changing day a year prior she is desperate to make her and Carly work But then the day keeps repeating itself What does she have to do to get out of the wretched cycle?If only we could all relive the day we made the worst decisions of our livesThis is a weird book Good weird Kiss Me Every Day is a story about two people who were meant to be together but weren't because of circumstances From the beginning we see that Wynn and her sister in law Carly both hold a special place in the other's heart and everybody around them thinks they should be together But Carly is married to Jordan and as a marriage counselor she refuses to consider a divorce When Wynn starts reliving the day from last year I no longer needed convincing to root for them They are wonderful for each other and both have decent character growths as the story progressedThe book covers many aspects of Wynn's life romantic work neighborly and family relationships Her repeating day feels like an exceptionally hard video game stage that one cannot pass and has to start over again and again While frustrating because we share Wynn's desperation it was also as adrenaline filled as watching someone play an intriguing game Though there were a few times the timeline messed with my head and seemed off given the confusing nature of the theme that actually added to the suspense It was an enjoyable read Kiss Me Every Day is a reminder that life is so much than work It is definitely a thrilling story that keeps you on edge because you cannot wait for Wynn and Carly to end up together for good And shoutout to Jeanine Henning for putting a mysterious yet slightly fading illustration of Carly on the cover I received an e ARC from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  6. Farah Farah says:

    This is a Lesbian Love Triangle written by the talented MsBlake Though from the first chapter this reader anxiously awaits the reveal of why WynnCarly JordanCarly ever got together in the first placeDo you know how it feels to be on a constant verge of an anxiety attack for the entire book anticipating the answers looking for clues making assumptions creating countless theories guessing worrying your brain in overdrive your feelings all over the place your heart racing not knowing what will happen in the end? That didn't happen at all to me while reading Kiss Me Every Day and till the end I still wonder what do they see in one another Yes I'm disappointed as this is the 3rd book I read by MsBlake and history is repeating itself Another book by her that I think the storyline had the ability to be fantastic if presented in a different way

  7. Karen Karen says:

    425 StarsI wasn't sure how Kiss Me Every Day was going to play out but I still wanted to read it I am so glad I did I really enjoyed reading it This idea of ground hog day hasn't played out much in the romances I have read I only read one book similar Blake wrote that one but still this concept was different Dena Blake made this workWynn Jamison missed out on the woman who could be the one She shared a wonderful kiss with Carly Evans who ends up marrying Jordan Wynn's sister Sad thing is Carly isn't happy and neither is Jordan It really is a mess Wynn on the other hand avoid Wynn and has focused on her career Everything changes when Jordan skips her anniversary meal with Carly and asked Wynn to stand in for her The next morning Wynn starts her ground hog day experienceAs I sit and reflect I liked ground hog day the movie so now I am not surprised I enjoyed this romance Wynn has to figure out how to make things right in her work life and personal life Trust me she tries and tries and at some point if you are paying attention you can figure out what she is missing I really enjoyed her trying to fix things I liked how Blake built upon the chemistry between Wynn and Carly each day Even though Carly isn't living this ground hog day experience her feelings for Wynn build each day and she can't seem to understand That made for a really hot and steamy romance I liked both mains and thought they fit togetherThis arc was provided by netgalley and the publisher for an honest review

  8. Megan Megan says:

    2 stars Wynn Jamison does not have a love life and she is okay with it until she spends her birthday dinner with Carly Evans her sister Jordan's wife Carly and Wynn had shared one kiss a year ago a kiss Wynn could not forget but thought did not mean as much to Carly She is proven wrong at her birthday dinner and then shares a kiss with Carly just like the one a year ago She is transported back to the day Carly meets Jordan and Carly and Wynn share the magical kiss She knows she has to re do the day and find a way to be Carly's wife and not Jordan I had a couple problems with this book The day is replayed way too many times I really got sick of reading about the same day over and over again I really wish it just replayed once or twice and then you saw Wynn and Carly's relationship I wanted of their relationship as a whole and not just the first day over and over again I really did not enjoy reading it and only really felt the character development on one side Wynn since she kept her memory every time she relived the day I wish there was just about them in general and not just this day It was an interesting concept but I wish it was better written The synopsis made it seem like it was about her dating her sister's wife but there was none of that in the book and it was about winning her back I would not recommend this book

  9. Kira Kira says:

    Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest reviewI don't really know what to say about this book I'm lost for words I don't think this was a bad book I just found it to be way too long for the amount of plot and with the groundhog day esue idea the book became uite repetitive in some parts I found myself really wanted this book to be over because it just tended to drag on unfortunately I enjoyed that this was an LGBT romance but it's just unfortunate that the book didn't work for meI don't think the groundhog day elements complimented this book very well honestly and personally I would've preferred this story to have been told as a linear love story but I understand that's not for everyone and this added a different spin to your usual contemporaryOverall if I hadn't committed to an arc of this book I than likely would've DNF'd it uite early on as I just didn't enjoy it enough to justify spending my time reading it

  10. Les Rêveur Les Rêveur says:

    Such a fun and an exciting book filled with so much loveThis book is just packed with fun and memorable moments I was thinking about for days after reading it This is one hundred per cent my new favourite Dena Blake book The pace of the book was excellent and I felt I was along for the fantastic rideI adored Wynn’s passion and audacity at winning Carly’s heart Losing Carly is clearly one of her biggest regrets and she is determined to change her fate and win Carly’s heart Honestly her courage and determination were really rather attractiveCarly was my favourite character and she deserved every ounce of happiness she missed out on with Wynn by marrying the wrong sister The epilogue is one of my favourites to date and wrapped everything in a big red bow I adored the ending to this book so muchI can’t recommend this book It’s fabulous and will transport you into a whole new world of fate and possibilities Definitely a must read Go grab your copy below

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Kiss Me Every Day✫ [PDF] ✑ Kiss Me Every Day By Dena Blake ✸ – Wynn Jamison is turning thirty Her career has made her rich but her love life is sorely lacking She’s okay with that until she spends her birthday dinner with the woman who could’ve changed it all Wynn Jamison is turning thirty Her career has made her rich but her love life is sorely lacking She’s okay with that until she spends her birthday dinner with the woman who could’ve changed it all There’s only one problem She’s married to Wynn’s sister Carly Evans is tired of her wife ignoring her needs to put her career first Family has always been important to her and Jordan just doesn’t seem to care A freak thunderstorm rages during the night and Wynn finds herself catapulted back in time to the day she made the worst decision of Kiss Me PDF/EPUB ² her life―stepping aside to let her sister romance Carly Reliving the day over and over again Wynn must decide what is most important success loyalty or love Given a second chance at happiness will she take the opportunity and change her destiny.

About the Author: Dena Blake

Dena Blake grew up in a small town just north of San Francisco where she learned to play softball ride motorcycles and grow vegetables She eventually moved with her family to the Southwest where she began creating vivid characters in her mind and bringing them to life on paper Dena’s first novel Where the Light Glows is a Rainbow Award winner for Best Lesbian Debut as well as Runner Up for B.