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Mekong First Light ✤ [Download] ➼ Mekong First Light By Joseph W. Callaway Jr. ➶ – “Before we got to Vietnam the troops all thought you would be the first lieutenant killed and in the end you were the only one left We were all wrong You were the best”—Sgt Lonnie “Tallman” “Before we got to Vietnam the troops all thought you would be the first lieutenant killed and in the end you were the only one left We were all wrong You were the best”—Sgt Lonnie “Tallman” Caldwell December Platoon leader Lt Joseph Callaway had just turned Mekong First PDF/EPUB or twenty three when he arrived in Vietnam to lead forty two untested men into battle against some of the toughest most experienced and best trained guerrilla soldiers in the world Callaway soon learned that most events in this savage jungle war were beyond his control But there was one thing he could do well take the best damn care of his troops he knew howIn the Viet Cong–infested provinces around the Mekong Delta where the platoon was assigned the enemy was always ready to attack at the first sign of weakness And when the jungle suddenly erupted in the chaos of battle the platoon leader was the Cong’s first target Mekong First Light is at times horrific heartrending and heroic but is always brutally honest Callaway’s account chronicles a soldier’s painful realization of the true nature of America’s war in Vietnam It was a war that could not be won.

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Mekong First Light
  • Joseph W. Callaway Jr.
  • English
  • 17 March 2016
  • 9780891418160

3 thoughts on “Mekong First Light

  1. Matthew Siemers Matthew Siemers says:

    A great look into the war at all levels Calloway rubbed shoulders with a lot of different people with different ranks and developed a uniue perspective on the war He gives many thoughtful insights into why the war was fought and how it affected the soldiers who fought it

  2. Michael Burnam-Fink Michael Burnam-Fink says:

    Callaway didn't write this book for us He wrote it for his sons and for himself But it got published and I read it so here we are with a reviewThe long introduction to this book is Callaway's childhood in Alabama which he regards as idyllic despite segregation and then a middle class adolescence in New Canaan Connecticut which he found alienating and pointless Callaway drifted through high school and after flunking out of college for the third time joined the Army because he was going to be drafted anyways He finally found his talent at bootcamp went to Officer Candidate School and then Vietnam as a platoon leader with the 9th Infantry DivisionThe writing is well serviceable is about the kindest way I can describe it This memoir was written nearly 40 years after the events it concerns and memory gets worn smooth I was idly flipping through when on page 68 Callaway describes a soldier under his command getting shot in the jaw in front of him which was the first moment in this book with gut wrenching immediacy Callaway lost a lot of friends in Vietnam and writes movingly about grief in a combat zone but these are short passages buried in a mass of memories that have lost their finer details and generalities about the warIt's a shame because Callaway had some uniue experiences He was a better than average platoon commander with all the duty courage and tactical skill that entails note I've railed against the six month Vietnam combat tour for officers in other places but Callaway argues he was totally spent at the end and continuing in command would have gotten himself and a lot of other Americans killed from sheer exhaustion Hard to disagree with the man Afterwards Callaway joined the Special Forces and had a REMF job in the midst of absolutely insane luxury and financial corruption When he retired from the Army and went back to college he protested the war and co taught a class on Radical Marxism under the guidance of Howard Zinn All of this is super interesting but Callaway doesn't have the chops as a memoirist to bring these stories back to life in the way that they deserve I applaud him for writing this book but I can't honestly recommend that people beyond his friends and family should read it

  3. David David says:

    Mr Callaway does an excellent job of taking the reader to Vietnam He doesn't dwell too much on pre Vietnam biographical material except as it related to how he got to Vietnam His story unfolds sort of like sitting with an uncle or grandparent would tell the story sitting on a front porch drinking iced tea His writing has a rambling style that jumps back and forth at times We can feel his pain his fear his frustration and unfortunately at times his ego After awhile Callaway comes across as extremely judgmental He complains about inept officers so much that the reader begins to believe that nearly every superior officer Callaway ever came in contact was inexperienced ignorant incompetent etc That isn't to say that one does not feel gratitude for Callaway's work in Vietnam minimizing his own platoon's losses I expect Callaway did an excellent job in Vietnam His description of military tactics are informative and enlightening His descriptions of battlefield geometryfields of fire defensive perimeters patrol operations etc are spot on It is good to read a book by someone who was there in the thick of things this one just rambled a bit too much and offered a bit too much criticism of others for me to rate it any higher than I did Sorry Mr Callaway if you are reading this somehow I appreciate your service on behalf of our country it is your book I was not overly impressed with

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