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The Tale of the Lucky Cat ➵ [Reading] ➷ The Tale of the Lucky Cat By Sunny Seki ➪ – This retelling of the most famous Japanese folktale captures positive values love and kindness A toymaker who cares for an injured cat ends up having his own life saved and is repaid with good fortune This retelling of of the PDF/EPUB æ the most famous Japanese folktale captures positive values love and kindness A toymaker who cares for an injured cat ends up having his own life saved and is repaid with good fortune This classic story reminds us that doing a good deed may offer its own rewards The Japanese Lucky Cat also known as Maneki Neko has become a very popular symbol of good luck and prosperity Maneki Neko can be found all over Japan especially in the entrances of shops restaurants and homes A raised right paw is believed to bring The Tale eBook ´ fortune while a raised left paw brings happiness and good luck.

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  1. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is an interesting story about the origins of 'Maneki Neko' or the Japanese Lucky Cat aka Beckoning Cat Money Cat or Fortune Cat We lived in Japan for four years and the cats are ubiuitous there I never really knew anything about the origins of the talisman but I knew the figurines were considered lucky and were often seen in restaurants and stores You can find out at the Wikipedia page here From what I can tell the story in this book is not an original tale but it certainly is an unusual story The beginning is uite sad and we were a bit surprised but the story ends on a positive note The illustrations are colorful and complement the story nicely The copy of the book we borrowed is a VietnameseEnglish Bilingual edition Overall we really enjoyed reading this story together We also have the book Maneki Neko The Tale Of The Beckoning Cat and The Beckoning Cat Based on a Japanese Folktale on hold at our local library and we are looking forward to comparing the stories

  2. Miss Jenny Miss Jenny says:

    This is an excerpt of a review that was originally published on my website Miss Jenny's ClassroomA little cat is rescued by a young man who travels from town to town to sell his toys after he is injured by a cart Though he has little himself the man shares what he has with the injured catsadly the cat passes away The young man continues his journey and believes he sees the cat and moves towards it – only for the mirage to have saved his life He decides that he wants to make a toy in honor of the little cat but his efforts failuntil an old craftsman gives him some adviceI just love this book It is a fantastic length for using with younger students – I have used with students as low as grade 1 – and they actually become invested in the young man achieving his goal Yes there have been tears because the cat dies even a couple from me when I first read it but it all has a purposeA great teaching point about using this book were the connections the students made to having seen the statue toys Maneki Neko in local restaurants – this made for an excellent Text to World discussion It also then opened up discussions and learning opportunities about the cat often depicted Japanese Bobtail and how there is some variation as to what the cat is holdingAnother aspect that is worth incoporating in your teaching is whether it was because the cat was lucky or if it was hard work or a combination of the two that allowed the Tokuzo to achieve his success This is also a good debate topic as to whether the cat was real or imaginedOf course there is the history aspect as well With references such as above it’s a good way to introduce the Edo Tokugawa Period to your class especially if you teach older students

  3. Nicole Nicole says:

    copyright 2008genre traditional literaturetheme remembrance luckMy favorite part of this book was how even though the boy was sad he made something positive out of itI would use this book to teach my students that there is always a bright side to an event

  4. Sarah Oswalt Sarah Oswalt says:

    This book has a very sad ending But I do use this in my classroom to teach children that out all the time endings have a happy ending

  5. Cheri Cheri says:

    Used this for 2nd grade Reading Groups Standard Retell Fables and Folktales from diverse cultures and determine central message lesson or moral Japanese Folklore doing a good deed may offer its own reward

  6. Jane Jane says:

    A cute story about a boy and his journey in becoming a maker of Lucky Cat figurines

  7. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    Had to get this book from the library because Phoenix was going to be performing this book on stage at our local cherry blossom festival with the author of the book It's a great book

  8. Laura Laura says:

    It is a very interesting story of how the spirit of a dead cat brings good luck to the boy who tried to help him The illustrations are beautiful Also it is written in both English and Spanish

  9. Syarinna Syarinna says:

    Excellent book to read to young kids as it promote good moral values Great to have an open discussion on acts of kindness to animals and the benefits of doing good deeds

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