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Bloodchild [KINDLE] ❃ Bloodchild Author Tim Bowler – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Will lies in a deserted lane All he knows is that he's had an accident that his life is slipping away Against all the odds he survives but with an almost total loss of memory He does not even know him Will lies in a deserted lane All he knows is that he's had an accident that his life is slipping away Against all the odds he survives but with an almost total loss of memory He does not even know himself At night he is tormented by visions in the daytime by hostile strangers Why does he have so many enemies.

  • Hardcover
  • 339 pages
  • Bloodchild
  • Tim Bowler
  • English
  • 04 June 2014
  • 9781848415003

About the Author: Tim Bowler

Tim Bowler is one of the UK’s most compelling and original writers for teenagers He was born in Leigh on Sea and after studying Swedish at University he worked in forestry the timber trade teaching and translating before becoming a full time writer He lives with his wife in a small village in Devon and his workroom is an old stone outhouse known to friends as ‘Tim’s Bolthole’Tim has written t.

10 thoughts on “Bloodchild

  1. Big Book Theory Big Book Theory says:

    Will is knocked over by a car and then drifts around in the space between before he wakes up after a few days When he wakes up he cannot remember anything not even his parents The girl with the long black hair and striking blue eyes that he saw in the space between haunts him though He sees Crow the homeless man who lives on the beach and the little boy named Muck Beth tells him that he was on the verge of finding out vital information from Crow before he was knocked over Muck reminds him of the girl he keeps seeing and also of the five shadow faces People in Havensmouth are wary of Will because he keeps ranting and raving about a sickness in the town There are people who want to stop him before he reveals their secretsBooldchild was an enjoyable read and it had enough of the paranormal to keep me interested This story is filled with mystery murder and secrecy and will keep you reading until the very end It reads easy and the story flows unhindered although everything is only revealed in the last chapters which makes you wondering what is going to happen all the time When the secret is revealed it was not what I had expected it to be at all

  2. Corey Corey says:

    Tim Bowler definitely has a talent for telling stories and this one is an enjoyable one From the moment Will wakes up without his memory the novel has you turning pages trying to figure out what happens next The reason why I gave novel a three is because I could get into the characters I am totally a character person I read books to become friends with someone uniue and someone I can relate to Bloodchild did not meet those needs With that said the story is amazing and if you read for story you will love this book It mixes crime solving with the supernatural in a wonderful way Enjoy

  3. Samanta Samanta says:

    this book made me cry and made me laugh it has twists and it is the best you could literally feel how the character is feeling i am just like will i can see things too

  4. Maria Casey Maria Casey says:

    25 starsThis book has been on my shelf for about 9 years Can finally get rid now

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Tim Bowler writes some wonderful chilling suspenseful books for young adults His books tend to be aimed suarely at the teen market This book like many others he has written is uite dark but never overpoweringly soIn Bloodchild the adventure starts when a teenage boy has an accident and loses all his memories He discovers that he is not an average teenager in any case he has some special needs but also he is drawn to a younger child living with a tramp on the beach

  6. Polly Todd Polly Todd says:

    Will has to piece his life back together after suffering from amnesia Gradually he manages to put together the different pieces of the puzzle together to solve the mysterious sickness that he feels is in the communityI found that this book was a real mystery story as I was discovering links and learning about the different characters with Will An excellent twist on the detective style story His special heightened intuition is interpreted differently by the people he interacts with and at some points this does stretch plausibility but then I believe it is supposed to The title didn't inspire me and I think I might easily have passed this enjoyable read over if I had been browsing in the library or bookshop Overall I found the plot engaging and clever I will certainly look out for books by this author

  7. SsRs SsRs says:

    Tim Bowler is one of the great teenage authors today and in Bloodchild he has beautifully combined a crime matter with superstition He reveals nothing up to the end and during the book he mesmerizes the reader so that each time you put it down you want to start reading again The major part of the book is based on conversations that are enjoyable to readWithin most of the first half the author has taken his time introducing different characters so one has to be patient until something happensIn my opinion some characteristics are exaggerated some hate the main character and others are over supportive This is the only weak point I foundConclusion An amusing novel which is worth spending the time

  8. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    This was actually the first book by Tim Bowler I ever read and to this day it still remains my favourite I was well and truly gripped right from the first page I didn't just want to know what happened to Will; I NEEDED to know The story itself explores some uite dark areas which was an element of the book I really enjoyed I won't post any spoilers here but I can say that I definitely approved of the ending The book as whole was superbly written and I can't recommend it enough

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Before I start my review may I just say that the cover totally CREEPED ME OUT Onto the review thenI had never read something like this in terms of plot and theme however it did not fail to bewitch me I would recommend it to those who love creepy stories with a bit of a twist in the end The book deals with a few mature ish matters so my age based rating would be somewhere in the early teens or maybe 12

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    One of the most mysterious and gripping novels I've read Bowler definitely knows how to keep his readers on the edge of their seats

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