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  1. Birjis Birjis says:

    Lenora was once a beauty of the court She comes down with Pox and was thrown down to the crypts with other afflicted to await death But Lenora was strong willed she threatened and bribed the ghoulish looking attendents who were taking care of the afflicted so they can take care of her After three months of struggle she breaks free of the Pox Upon waking she overhears her parents wishing she had died for no man would want to marry her now Hurt and sad with the affliction Lenora proposes marriage to Garman who she knows won't feel sorry for her least bother to think of her scarred face Garman Orde is a knight who came to play in a fight Surprised with Lenora's proposal he finds Lenora not as ugly as everyone seems to put Eloped and married both live on a farm Garman owns Garman is grumpy and cold hearted to Lenora in most of the story But Lenora was wise when it came to dealing with his ruthlessnessThis is the story of two people married based on a convenience each having their own vulnerabilities and trying to figure each other out Garman is a mean bastard which the author balances by his loyal and caring personality He is uite hard to figure out his intentions unclear and his reasons for his behavior leaves a small niggle of bothersome Lenora is a heroine to admire Her tragedy changed her into a new person She used to be concerned with her looks and she did have vapid mean streak on her Now she strives on honesty and the way she takes the claim of her life was wise It was a great read

  2. Sometime Sometime says:

    Oh my I'm teetering between 45 and 5 This book was absolutely amazing Alice Coldbreath gets better with every book she writesLenora is a character we've seen in previous books She is the acknowledged beauty of the court but seems vapid and only concerned with her looks After she comes down with the Pox she is dumped in the catacombs beneath the castle to fend for herself or die Luckily Lenora is a strong willed tough lady and she pulls through out of sheer stubbornness But she does not escape unscathed Her beauty is marred by scars on her face and eyelids Knowing that she will never make a good match now that she's lost her beauty and not willing to subject herself to the pity and scorn of the court she takes matters into her own hands and proposes marriage to the knight she thinks will be least interested in her face and herself Garman Orde is known as a ruthless fighter in the contests and Lenora knows that she will get honesty and no pity from himBy chapter 5 the couple have eloped and married on the road to the farm that Garman owns The rest of the book is spent with the Hh getting to know each other in their marriage of convenience I loved Lenora She knows that she used to be a self centered twit with no substance and she is doing her best to be interested in those around her Her illness changed her for the better and she strives to be honest and reuires honesty in return She discovers unknown depths to her character and is slowly becoming the woman she is meant to be Garman was a big burly grumpy teddy bear He can be a right bastd but he is loyal and caring to those he loves You just have to hope you are one of that small number It was so much fun watching these two trying to figure the other out while protecting their own vulnerabilities Occasionally Garman would decide he needed to pull away and would become cold and I thought the author could have done a better job of explaining his motivations We do learn as the book goes on but it's not until near the end that it all becomes clear This is really a small niggle and didn't bother me much but did leave me confused a few times as to what Garman was thinking and whyWhere Coldbreath really shines is in her relationships I seriously fell in love with their love story Near the end Garman gets angry and does something that hurts Lenora terribly He proves once again that he is a ruthless man But the grovel and apology were spot on There was so much emotion and love poured into that scene that it brought tears to my eyes I really wish I could do a brain wipe and start this book all over againSafety is goodview spoiler The h is a virgin as was typical of the time The H is experienced but I didn't get the feeling he was a manwhore He doesn't like the court ladies because they are so fake He tries to shock the h with his past but most of it was only for shock value and not true He has never had a real relationship Once they are married they are true to each other No OMOW drama This book was safe for me hide spoiler

  3. Ira Ira says:

    475 starsThe most hilarious book I’ve ever read from this author and loves it ❤️But I cannot give full 5 stars because of Garman nastiness near the end he regretted soon enough but I wanted to hit his head with the skillet 😠If you already read this author’s book go on read this one tooLenora is much improved person than the one you met in Eden and Roland book and Garman is a fabulous surprise for a hero 😘❤️❤️❤️

  4. Karen Karen says:

    5 STARS “Aye wife your face” His voice was thick with emotion and lust but he held her gaze as he started to thrust in earnest  “For it’s the face I love best in all the world” Well shit I am such a sucker for these books I cannot get enough of Alice Coldbreath's writing And I would not in my wildest dreams have guessed that Lenora's story would go like this I was glued to the pages And of course it had nothing to do with our surly boorish hero that never held back his opinion good or bad Honestly Coldbreath creates the best characters I even fall in love with the old crone the cats the dogs the little kids Brilliant All of it I cannot wait for the next release There was a convent plan?

  5. Aou Aou says:

    It was a good story but I didn't like as much as as the other books 35 stars

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This wasn't my favourite by Alice Coldbreath While it has a lot of the elements that I enjoy an interesting fictional historical setting a slow burn romance between the MCs an h who is a lot feistier and smarter than she gave herself credit for and an H who has to learn how to be a human being I felt like the H was cruel in this story I never got that feeling from the other stories I've read by this author Mason Oswald and Roland the three brothers and Hs from the Vawdrey brother series were never mean on purpose to their respective hs Even Mason who was a little cold hearted in the beginning of his story softened up uickly The H in this story on the other hand waited until the last chapter to tell the h how he felt I didn't feel like the about face was substantiated and therefore didn't believe in the H's transformation I needed to see him suffer without the h and watch him get berated by all the people who were offended on the h's behalf Unfortunately we don't get to see that at all Instead he told the reader how he suffered and expected us to believe him I did like the h in this story She was actually pretty wise in her dealings with the H Overall this was just an average read I'm hoping that Princess Una's story will be better She deserves some happiness in her life

  7. Riana Riana says:

    Ratings 3 stars It was an okay read The story I had really high hope for this one marriage of convenience and slow burn romances are two of my favorite tropes add to that a disfigured heroine and I thought I'm gonna love this one But unfortunately it was a Luke warm story at best The book started out really great I was definitely invested with the h's journey of finding herself as a new person But after the MCs got married it actually started to drag a lot The book felt like 1000 pages long even it was 380 something pages actually I got lost with all the Knights and their names and banners and all that The book had great premise but it just didn't work for meHero Garman I really disliked him He's the main reason the story failed for me I knew going into it that he's gonna be a jerk but I thought he would redeemed himself later which he didn't He repeatedly judged the h for giving importance to looks for being shallow but he kept on doing the same thing himself He criticized her all the time without even trying to know her He didn’t doubt that she would make much of it this morning looking tragical and making a great play with wet eyelashes and hurt feelings She was a spoilt court beauty after all he thought with a scowl I got it that at first he didn't care much for the h because he hardly knew her but even after spending time with her knowing her past and her struggles he still treat her so badly In one hand he pursued her but at the other whenever she started to show feelings for him he went cold She was a pleasing armful but she needed to know her place Which was in his bed and on his cock but even so that did not mean they were friends or companions or anything other than he determined And not just the h he wasn't affectionate towards any person and downright mean to some I was completely put off by his treatment of his cousins his maternal grandfather and also the widow whose house he wanted to buy They did nothing to him to warrant such kind of behavior but Garman was way too selfish to think about anyone else The reasons given behind his personality was not believable for me The only person he cared about was himself To be fair he was starting to get better from the middle of the book but then he again pulled a giant dick move and got back to being a jerk I was never able to see his love for the h so his using big declarations of love at the end actually irritated me Lenora swallowed “You—you did not speak of love” she pointed out shakily “Yes I did” he insisted “With every single word I spoke” “You did?” “Aye with every word and every action” Eh Where exactly??? Certainly not when he left Lenora for weeks and came back at night only to have sex with her and left each morning or when he kicked her out of his house just because she did something he didn't likeEven when he tried to grovel he ended up making everything about him and his feelings only rather than how Lenora felt Even when I was saying harsh words they pained me to speak them Inside I was torn and bleeding” Heroine Lenora I was really liking her at first and thought of her as a strong heroine I loved how she genuinely tried to be a better person She was definitely the best thing about this book I will change she vowed Plenty of wretched creatures were forced to eke out a life with far less good fortune than her own But at the end I got mad at her as well with how easily she let Garman off the hook Why aren’t you giving me a harder time?” he asked hoarsely “You should be angrier with me Why aren’t you?” Lenora blinked Did he not think she had demanded enough from him already? Umm No girl you didn't Whatever she asked of him was for his own good I know that at that times women didn't have much choices but with how frank and outspoken she was throughout the book that I really thought that she would at least give it back to him verbally But she didn't and forgave him way too fast Well at least he said sorry once but I still wanted grovelling Some other details Instalove NoOW drama NoOM drama No but the H got jealous every time any men tried to speak with the hCheating between MCs NoLove triangle NoSteam MediumAngst MediumSeparation Yes for few daysHEA Yes Would I read it again? No

  8. Mei Mei says:

    Really wonderful I'm always happy when an author can make a truly insipid and stupid character into an interesting oneIn the previous book Lenora was just an emptyheaded pretty face Here instead she's just wonderfulGarman thinks himself to be a tough heartless warrior Ha Lenora will teach him betterI'm so looking forward to Una's story

  9. Bookadmirer Bookadmirer says:

    It is a really good story and also very well written The male protagonist is totally grumpy The best part is the character development of the female protagonist Also they are the kinkiest couple in this seriesThe hero is really rude but the heroine handles everything very wisely The epilogue was really cute Both protagonist take time to developed feelings for each other and it as pleasing However I felt sometimes the plot development was slow The heroine had cats and i needed scene of her with her cats

  10. SWEETY SWEETY says:

    I LOVE IT UghgghhghhhhhhI SOOOOOO DO LOVE ITI was slightly underwhelmed by the first book in this series Wed By Proxy However I’m ecstatic to say that I was not at all disappointed by The Unlovely Bride Written in her classic style Ms Coldbreath once again the gives us perfectly imperfect characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with

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The Unlovely Bride Brides of Karadok Book 2 ❴Reading❵ ➷ The Unlovely Bride Brides of Karadok Book 2 Author Alice Coldbreath – Lenora Montmayne leads a charmed life as the most beautiful woman at King Wymer’s court surrounded by admirers And then disaster strikes The red pox sweeps the summer palace at Caer Lyones and Lenor Lenora Montmayne leads a charmed life as Bride Brides PDF/EPUB ¾ the most beautiful woman at King Wymer’s court surrounded by admirers And then disaster strikes The red pox sweeps the summer palace at Caer Lyones and Lenora’s fair face falls victim to its The Unlovely MOBI :Ê ravages Without her looks what does Lenora have left to her If ever there was a knight the crowd loves to hate it’s Garman Orde Even his own family despises him Then one night a heavily veiled lady offers him an Unlovely Bride Brides PDF ´ extraordinary bargain And he finds out that Lenora Montmayne was never just a pretty face The Unlovely Bride is a stand alone novel of over words and is set in a medieval style landscape in the fictional kingdom of Karadok Unlovely Bride Brides of Karadok PDF/EPUB or Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.

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  • The Unlovely Bride Brides of Karadok Book 2
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