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Layla [Download] ➻ Layla By Colleen Hoover – From New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover comes a novel that explores life after tragedy and the enduring spirit of love

When Leeds meets Layla, he’s convinced he’ll spend th FromNew York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover comes a novel that explores life after tragedy and the enduring spirit of loveWhen Leeds meets Layla, he’s convinced he’ll spend the rest of his life with her—until an unexpected attack leaves Layla fighting for her life After weeks in the hospital, Layla recovers physically, but the emotional and mental scarring has altered the woman Leeds fell in love with In order to put their relationship back on track, Leeds whisks Layla away to the bedandbreakfast where they first met Once they arrive, Layla’s behavior takes a bizarre turn And that’s just one of many inexplicable occurrencesFeeling distant from Layla, Leeds soon finds solace in Willow—another guest of the Bamp;B with whom he forms a connection through their shared concerns As his curiosity for Willow grows, his decision to help her find answers puts him in direct conflict with Layla’s wellbeing Leeds soon realizes he has to make a choice because he can’t help both of them But if he makes the wrong choice, it could be detrimental for all of them.

    Kindle Edition Í Layla Kindle Ê Bamp;B with whom he forms a connection through their shared concerns As his curiosity for Willow grows, his decision to help her find answers puts him in direct conflict with Layla’s wellbeing Leeds soon realizes he has to make a choice because he can’t help both of them But if he makes the wrong choice, it could be detrimental for all of them."/>
  • Kindle Edition
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  • Colleen Hoover
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  • 14 March 2019

About the Author: Colleen Hoover

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10 thoughts on “Layla

  1. jessica jessica says:

    UPDATE: holy crap you guys. i just got an email from the publishers letting me know i will be getting a new ARC with an epilogue! i dont want to say im the reason for it, but i definitely feel like my wishes manifested it into the world. and its so, so good. so y'all are welcome. lol.

    i am so here for CoHo branching out beyond her traditional contemporary romance stories. it just proves she can write human emotions so aptly, no matter the situation.

    this story is a roller coaster of a journey. i am always amazed at how much CoHos writing can make me feel. whilst reading this, i was constantly contemplating how well two people can really know each other, how fast and genuine love can develop, how much effort is enough to show someone how things used to be and the best way to act when certain feelings have changed. i love that there are no boundaries to this story. its thought-provoking and emotionally compelling. even with the paranormal aspect!

    my only minor critique would be the lack of epilogue. the ending is quite abrupt and it leaves a nagging feeling like the story is incomplete. i would love more than anything to see what the characters are doing sometime after the events in the novel, just to have more complete closure.

    but regardless, this is another satisfyingly wonderful CoHo story and i would never expect anything less from the queen herself.

    my eternal gratitude to montlake for the ARC! <3

    ↠ 4.5 stars

  2. Christy Christy says:

    4 stars


    She’s the victim now, even though she’s unaware of it. The only thing Layla did wrong is fall in love with me.

    Layla is the perfect creepy read for readers like me. I don't want anything too scary, but this is just spooky enough- especially great for fall.

    Leeds and Layla meet at a wedding and they're smitten with each other from the start. They develop a strong connection and bond. Something happens that turns their lives upside down and their relationship hasn't quite been the same since. Leeds decides to go back to where it all began. The bed and breakfast where they first met. There he meets Willow, someone who needs his help. But helping Willow could come at the determent of Layla and he's not sure what to do...

    Colleen Hoover always writes the best twists and this one threw me for a loop. Honestly, there was a time where I wasn't sure if I was liking it or the characters, but then BAM. It got me. It gave me just the right amount of feels and the ending, though I wish it gave me a bit more, was still satisfying.

    Even though I wouldn't personally classify this as a romance, it had a strong romantic element that drew me in. I truly enjoyed figuring out what was happening along side our leading man, Leeds.

    If you're a fan of paranormal stories on the ghostly side that are completely intriguing and compelling, this is the book for you. Hoover is one of the few authors that can get me to read something out of my comfortable romance zone, but I'm glad I picked this one up. I definitely didn't see it going in the direction it did, but I loved the twists and turns it took.

  3. Susanne Strong Susanne Strong says:

    Well that was Different! A Fresh, Wholly Intriguing Storyline unlike any that I’ve EVER Read!

    Way to change it up CoHo! Thank you for continuing to push the envelope.

    So what is this about? A musician named Leeds and a woman named “Layla” (no, not that Layla, though I can’t get the Eric Clapton song out of my head and I’m not sorry about it!).

    All I can say is that this is NOT what you think it is.

    Interesting, intriguing and well, strange, it kept my attention throughout. At times, admittedly, I was shaking my head and yet, I could not tear my eyes away, swiping the pages of my kindle as quickly as possible to get to the satisfying end. Colleen Hoover ventured into a new genre with this one and she did so with gusto.

    Thank you to NetGalley, Montlake Romance and Colleen Hoover for the arc.

    Published on Goodreads on 7.2.20.

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    If anyone had told me on Wednesday that I was going to pick up a paranormal romance book and enjoy it - well, I would have laughed right in your face. Yet, here I am, having just turned the last page to Colleen Hoovers latest, Layla, with such a big smile on my face. I loved this.

    I really don't want to discuss the plot. At all. Beware reading any reviews in fear of spoilers. I would have been pissed if someone had ruined this for me.

    This is only my second CoHo book but I sure do see why so many readers adore her. There is just something about her easy breezy style of writing that hooks you right away. Not to mention I just love her humor. She is one author that I would love to chill with and have a couple drinks. She just seems like my kind of gal. The best part? She has so many more books for me to discover and that makes my heart happy.

    If you're a CoHo fan then I know you already have your copy pre-ordered, however, if you haven't read her or you're a newer fan to her work like me then know that I highly recommend this. It's a genre I NEVER would have tried but I am so glad that I did. This time, anyways. 😉 4 Stars!

    Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    4.5/ 5 stars

    There are very few authors that I would drop everything to read their new release. But Colleen Hoover is one of them. Everything that she writes is amazing. And I was so excited to read Layla.

    To say that Layla was my most anticipated read of 2020 would be an understatement.

    This book is not typical Coho. I like that the author is constantly trying new things. But this book is very different from her previous books. Layla is Colleen Hoover's first paranormal romance.

    The narrator is musician Leeds Gabriel (1st person POV- male). Leeds meets Layla (22) when his band is playing at a wedding

    The book starts from when Leeds meets Layla. And we get glimpses throughout the book of 8 months later (these parts of the book are called the Interview). The book moves forward in time until we reach that point 8 months later.

    The first line of this book was epic. I was scared and I wondered what am I reading?.

    I had so many questions about what was happening during the interview part of the story. I don't usually like when a book goes back and forth in time. But in this case both time periods were so interesting.

    For those contemporary romance readers who don't think that they will like paranormal let me reassure you. This isn't a vampire/werewolf/witch type of paranormal. It actually reads like a contemporary romance. But with a fairly major paranormal element. I think that readers who don't like paranormal will still enjoy this.

    There were definitely some parts of this book that were typical Coho. There were some very impressive reveals. And there was a lot that I definitely did not see coming.

    There is also a bit of a mystery. Leeds has to figure out what is happening. And we are taken along for the ride.

    When I started Layla I was looking for an epic love story. As I was reading the book I just could not see how this was going to happen. But wow the author did things in this book that I was not expecting. And the result was amazing.

    There was so much to like about this book. I loved the romance. I loved the characters. I loved the setting (much of this book is set at a Bed & Breakfast).

    The end is everything for me. And the last chapters of this book were very strong. The last third of the book was 5 stars. I finished the book feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The end was riveting and made me feel so much. There were definitely some things that didn't make sense to me while reading the book. But all the things that did not make sense came together in the end. Honestly I have no idea how the author was able to do this. But I ended up being amazed. I was on the edge of my seat.

    Overall, I was very impressed that this was the author's first paranormal romance. The more that I think about Layla the more I liked it.

    *This book was formerly titled Isla.

    *I would recommend not reading the book blurb before starting this book. As there are some spoilers that I definitely would not have wanted to know before reading the book.

    Thank you netgalley and Montlake romance! This was my most anticipated read of 2020!

  6. Jessica | JustReadingJess Jessica | JustReadingJess says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with my thoughts and feelings about Layla. I loved Layla so much. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book. Layla was such a unique mix of romance, thriller and paranormal romance.

    The story was so interesting. Instant love followed by a life changing event. Will Leeds and Layla become closer or farther apart from staying at the bed and breakfast?

    I don’t read a lot of paranormal romance, but Layla has convinced me I need to read more.

    I highly recommend Layla to fans of Colleen Hoover especially if you liked Verity. I also recommend Layla to anyone looking for a unique book and fans of paranormal romance.

    Thank you NetGalley and Montlake/Amazon Publishing for Layla.

    Full review coming soon:

  7. Camilla Camilla says:

    This creeped me out. And then it proceeded to blow my mind.

    This is nothing like Colleen Hoover's previous works. And in such a good way, because it just shows how gifted this author is (trust me, I've read 19 of her books).

    Layla is just this girl at her sister's wedding, where Leeds's band is playing. They meet and instantly fall in love. We know that from The Interview chapters, where Leeds is describing everything that happened between him and Layla to a mysterious man.

    I went into this book blind, I only knew that it was paranormal. It really surprised me, especially since this book had a few horror elements that got me on the edge of my seat.
    My only complaint is that this had a very limited scenario and cast of characters, so sometimes in the middle I lost a bit of the interest. But, guess what? The reveal is totally worth the wait.

    Be sure to pick this one up in December: Colleen Hoover really knows what she's doing!

    (NetGalley ARC)

  8. Gloria Green Gloria Green says:

    Mind blown! I’m afraid all those creepy dolls Colleen has collected have warped her mind a little. Her first paranormal book and it’s so crazy good. Not recommended reading before bed though. Creeped me the hell out.

  9. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    *Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

  10. Tucker (TuckerTheReader) Tucker (TuckerTheReader) says:

    oof. this cover is.. not my favorite


    confession time - I have never read any books by Colleen Hoover... but I am ready to fix that

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