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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Safer Than a Known Way
  • Ian MacHorton
  • English
  • 17 July 2014
  • 9780553126709

About the Author: Ian MacHorton

Served as an officer with a Known PDF/EPUB ¼ the famous Chindits during World War II in the India Burma Theater.

10 thoughts on “Safer Than a Known Way

  1. Phillip Phillip says:

    An amazing story

  2. Mike Van In Mike Van In says:

    This is one of my all time favourite books It is the true story of a soldier very reluctantly abandoned by his team of fellow combatants due to his severe injuries sustained in an ambush in wartime Burma The author explains in detail beforehand how this arrangement was pre planned should such an occasion arise a pragmatic action in wartime given the tactics employed in jungle combatThe majority of the story details his ordeals eluding enemy patrols often near death still seriously wounded obviously starving and under euipped his discovery and rescue by locals his recovery in their care and then his resumed solitary efforts to return to his own forces He is captured by a Japanese patrol and deteriorates badly in captivity as do his fellow captives The narrative continues by relating how these prisoners manage to escape and attempt to exit the enemy territory to rejoin their own forces The central character is eventually separated as their group is all but annihilated and makes his way once again entirely on his own Since this is a true story the sufferings and deaths described are all the sorrowful After my experiences in the South African border war these events were very tangible and accordingly disturbing which aroused depths of melancholy that caught me by surprise In any event the story takes on an unexpected but entirely convincing aspect when our distraught victim finds a trail of boot prints and follows them through swamps and otherwise unnavigable terrain A supernatural aspect is revealed when the man backtracks for some reason and discovers that the boot prints are disappearing without any reason once they have been followed Only the boot prints in proximity to him remain visible and those stretching ahead He comes to realise that God is miraculously leading him back to safetyAs a Christian a conscripted ex infantryman a husband and a father who has experienced the tangible evidence of a living God I resonated with agreement of such a miracle being completely credible It was another confirmation that my experiences were not uniue and like a bushman witnessing about city life to his aghast and incredulous audience back in the desert it is irrelevant when mockers attempt to scorn such an unbelievable story into obscurity or silence To the person who was there it cannot be erased The author's undramatic simple description of what happened is a cause for excitement and the certain knowledge that there is always hope in the concerned attention of the living God Regardless of the flat disbelief of those who have never been conscious of such attention this epic testimony is a solid anchor for the believerA very well told war story and an even better testimony appearing almost as a postscript as the surprise package at the end This is one of the few books that I will not willingly part with

  3. Stefan Stefan says:

    This eye witness account of the brutal commando fighting of the Burma campaign during the Second World War received much acclaim when originally published but since as been virtually forgotten The value of this book lies in the author's impressions of a soldier in a pretty much forgotten front I gained much from reading this matter of fact book that displays a different time the author originally wrote the book in the 1950's and thus it is a good representation of how the British thought of World War Two directly after the war

  4. Don Heiman Don Heiman says:

    Ian MacHorton's Safer Than a Known Way One Man's Epic Struggle Against Japanese and Jungle was originally published in 1958 under the title 100 Days of Lt MacHorton This is one of the best inspirational books I have ever read It chronicles the 1200 mile trek of a 19 year old Chindit junior officer in a deep penetration operation Operation Longcloth behind the Japanese lines in the Burma WW2 1943 44 offensives It is an amazing and soul lifting recount well written and graphic in its detail

  5. T. Fowler T. Fowler says:

    I agree that this is an inspirational book about one man's determination to survive in the jungles of Burma I have had this book on my shelves for over 30 years and just by chance pulled it out to finally read it I should have done that long ago It is a great story about one of the Chindit columns that went deep into Burma where the Japanese closed in on them by all accounts the author should have perished in the jungle which many of hsi comrades did but he never gave up

  6. Tessa Tessa says:

    One of the most inspiring stories I've read

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