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The Extraordinaries ❴Download❵ ➻ The Extraordinaries Author T.J. Klune – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Some people are extraordinary Some are just extra TJ Klune's YA debut The Extraordinaries is a ueer coming of age story about a fanboy with ADHD and the heroes he lovesNick Bell Not extraordinary But Some people are extraordinary Some are just extra TJ Klune's YA debut The Extraordinaries is a ueer coming of age story about a fanboy with ADHD and the heroes he lovesNick Bell Not extraordinary But being the most popular fanfiction writer in The Extraordinaries fandom is a superpower rightAfter a chance encounter with Shadow Star Nova City’s mightiest hero and Nick’s biggest crush Nick sets out to make himself extraordinary And he’ll do it with or without the reluctant help of Seth Gray Nick's best friend and maybe the love of his lifeRainbow Rowell's Fangirl meets Marissa Meyer's Renegades in TJ Klune's YA debut.

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  1. T.J. T.J. says:

    OUT NOWBuy links Cover by David CurtisExcerpt people are extraordinary Some are just extraNick Bell? Not extraordinary But being the most popular fanfiction writer in the Extraordinaries fandom is a superpower right?After a chance encounter with Shadow Star Nova City’s mightiest hero and Nick’s biggest crush Nick sets out to make himself extraordinary And he’ll do it with or without the reluctant help of Seth Gray Nick’s best friend and maybe the love of his life

  2. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    What's worse than heartbreak? One of your most anticipated books of the year not living up to your expectations

  3. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    this is what i wanted renegades to be lean in to the cheese and the camp adored this thoughts coming in a vlog

  4. Claudia Ramírez Claudia Ramírez says:

    OMG this book was hilarious I've always loved TJ Klune's sence of humor and this one made me laugh out loud in several scenes It was fantastic I think at one point I started crying out of laughterBesides that the book itself is amazing and I loved it I don't know how to start describing it it's like a urban fantasy with superheroes called Extraordinaries and the main character is obsessed with them I mean he writes fanfiction about them in which he's the main character and one very famous Extraordinary is in love with him lol It also has ADHD rep and obviously LGBT rep I really liked the plot it has some twists and turns and though I guessed them all the ride was enjoyable And I think the author does a good job foreshadowing everything What I loved the most about this books are the characters especially Seth who is Nick's best friendThe main character is Nick Bell He's the one with ADHD and also the one that is obsessed with the Extraordinaries He's endearing and never shuts up He also has the best lines Then we have Seth who is a cinnamon roll that wears bow ties to school and is so obviously in love with Nick Then we have Gibby and Jazz who are simply the BESTOh and Nick's dad He was the real MVP in this book I love that we get to know him that he's not an absent parent and that we get to see his relationship with Nick It was one of the best aspects of the book the father and son relationshipThe only thing I didn't really like in this book is that the characters especially Nick sometimes felt really immature for their age There were scenes that made me roll my eyes and others that were a little cringy but that's allSo yes I recommend this book It's lighthearted and soft and fun but it also deals with some dark and serious stuff I can't wait to read the second installement Too bad I have to wait than ONE YEAR for it UGHAlso I will post a full review on my Youtube Channel when it's time for the April Wrap Up ARC provided by NetGalley Trataré de escribir pronto la reseña en español

  5. Iris Iris says:

    15 stars edit it's been brought to my attention that TJ Klune has released a statement on these issues 's not my place to accept or not accept his apology as I am not a part of the marginalized groups most affected by police brutality All I will say is that apology or not the book is still harmful And perhaps if even the author himself recognizes the harm he did that's a pretty solid sign that we're not just overreacting when we say it's harmful? All uotes are from an advance copy and may differ in final publicationI received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review and this hasn’t affected my opinions in any wayThis book would be getting four stars because it had so many things I loved but unfortunately it also had some really harmful shit so instead it’s getting a very deserved 15 stars Yay disappointmentI am so incredibly disappointed in this book and I really wish I could rate it highly and recommend it but I cannot in good conscience do that because wow wtf Anyways i do feel the need to acknowledge the good in this book still because it was there and you know this is supposed to be an honest review so uh The Reasons It’s Not Getting One Star the writing was super fun It was so easy to read and i literally read it in one sitting because i genuinely was enjoying myself a lot when i didn’t feel like throwing it across the room the characters were great I really loved Nick even though he was completely clueless and Seth was so sweet and also the side sapphic couple whose names i’ve already forgotten were amazing and just hjgfjghkjghf i loved this cast of characters and i wish I could fangirl about them without feeling vaguely sick this book was soooo funny Like i spent the whole time laughing aloud and it was a fun time the rep I can’t speak on the adhd rep but i do believe it was ownvoices and i really liked the gay rep and how natural it felt The Huge Glaring Issue The way this book glorifies the police force is deeply harmful I don’t feel that any book can involve the police force this much without critiuing it without being an inherently harmful book If you still even after everything that’s happened recently don’t think that the police force is incredibly fucked up I don’t know what to tell you Go do some damn research This feels like nothing less than propaganda and intentional or not that is harmfulThe police play into this book hugely The main character’s dad is a cop and the police are always getting involved in stuff with the superheroes And although the police aren’t always shown as right especially about the superheroes they are always shown as a well meaning institution for goodI was pretty skeptical from the beginning when I realized his dad was a cop but i was still somewhat hopeful it would redeem itself and call them out later spoiler alert it didn’t And then we find out that his dad punched a witness His dad used unnecessary force on someone while doing his job as a cop and it was shown as okay because he was ‘a good person who made a bad decision’ I barely even have the words for how fucked up that is but I’m sure as hell going to try because i can’t just let that goA cop who punches someone because they said something that made him mad is dangerous A cop who punches someone because they said something that made him mad has anger issues A cop who has anger issues is going to get people killed if you let him stay on the force A cop who has anger issues needs to lose his job asap The portrayal of him as a good person who made a mistake once just doesn’t work when you think about the context of his position of power This man needs to be fired edit yes he was demoted however he was absolutely not fired and the fact remains that 1 he should have been fired and 2 not only was he not fired it was portrayed as if firing him would have been Bad and the fact that his colleagues vouched for him was GoodIn case you don’t believe me that he was glorified here’s a uote it’s taken from an arc and may not be final but i still feel it holds a lot of weight about the cops who stood up for his dad after he punched someone on the job These were the people who had fought for Aaron Bell when before had become after and his dad had lashed out against someone he shouldn’t have They were the ones that had argued with Internal Affairs and the higher ups telling them in no uncertain terms that Detective Bell shouldn’t be dismissed that he was an unmatched asset to the Nova City Police Department and to lose him would mean losing someone who bled blue These men are shown as heroes when in reality they are enablers This isn’t okayMeanwhile Nick’s reaction to his dad mentioning what happened is this ”But that doesn’t mean you still can’t be a good person right? Just because you did something wrong doesn’t mean that’s who you are And even if you keep doing the wrong thing you can still be saved”I generally agree with the sentiment but in the context of his dad being a cop who has abused his powers something about that really doesn’t sit right with meThere were also a few other lines about the police that I raised my eyebrows at again these are taken from an arc and may not be final but either way are deeply not okay such as Police officers are woefully underpaid” Nick agreed “Especially for the line of work they’re in It’s dangerous on a daily basis and they should be compensated” No Just no Defund the police They don’t need moneyFor this second one I feel the context is very important This happens when the character is being arrested by cops who know his dad and are being very gentle with him He knows he’s safe he knows the worst trouble he’s going to get in is grounded ”Record this” Nick bellowed at Jazz and Gibby “Record this so i can use this in a lawsuit I’m going to file against my dad and the city for police brutality I will have my vengeance” Yes you read that right that was a joke against police brutality made by the privileged white male character This was also the only reference to any real problems with the police force in the entire book And it was a jokeIn short fuck this book and all its propoganda

  6. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    If you've ever wanted a book that could be described as a soft superhero ueer disaster then this one is for you It's like a combination of all those tumblr posts you see about inverting superhero tropes mixed with genuine odes to fanfiction and with a good bit of absolute dork mixed in And it's funny?? And fun?? You don't want to go in thinking too deeply 😂Be here for a good time not an academic time But it's basically your traditional superhero story but told by the comedic love interest who just is a DISASTER on spindly spaghetti legs and extremely self aware of the fact he is in fact the comedic love interest and not the hero and he's a bit put out about itYou know what I really loved about it? The fact it's #ownvoices ueer and neurodiverse I've read only a handful of books with good adhd rep I don't have adhd but it's ownvoices so pretty solidly standing behind this rep; and I related to it a lot since I have other neurodiversities myself And the adhd isn't just something that pops on the page when it fits It's EVERYWHERE And I freaking love this Nick talks all the time he's ridiculous he has zero impulse control he is absolutely wholesome as well as clueless and blushing and fun His brown bounces from one thing to the next so hard and fast The books actually follows his tangents though so I was tornlike I felt everything was a good view into an adhd mind as well as sometimes chaffing at the slow pacing It did feel very slow Enjoyable but ambling I did read an ARC so I'm hoping it got edited for the final copybut look This book is GAY It is NEURODIVERSE It is super funny and cute I call that a winIt read mostly like a contemporary too Like in the background we have superheroes going off But the book focuses on Nick's chaotic life He has a crush he won't admit to on his best friend a sleazy ex to ignore he's got a really loving dad and their relationship is both hilarious and so so sweet 🥺if you think YA doesn't do good parents any HERE is one He's failing but trying hard in school And he wishes he was an Extraordinary so he could save his dadlike he couldn't save his mumIt also has really epic friendships His best friends are Seth Gibby and Jazz Gibby and Jazz are badass lesbians who are so soft for each other and just like to stand and eat popcorn and watch Nick descend into chaos There's banter and uips I also liked that his friends never mocked him derisively If Nick when on a spiral tangent they'd tease him but when it came down to it they absolutely loved him for being himself I will be emotional over thisThe superhero part was pretty typical I just wish there had been backstory? I don't really know how they came to be if most people had powers etc etc Maybe seuel will explain? Also okay THE EPILOGUE I scream I very much want the next bookOverall this was is just like shoving a fun wholesome chaotic box of confetti into your mouth It's soft and the relationships will melt you It is ridiculous If you're not into cliches and tropes I wouldn't recommend it? But if you love fanfic and think the comedic sidekick deserves his own storythis is it Nick Bell is here to be extra

  7. Larry H Larry H says:

    45 stars rounded upTJ Klune's newest book The Extraordinaries is a book that truly lives up to its nameWe all have crushes on celebrities when we’re teenagers It just so happens that Nick Bell worships Shadow Star the bravest Extraordinary in Nick’s home of Nova City Shadow Star has vowed to fight the evil in the city and he is the subject of all of Nick’s popular fanfiction in which he may or may not have feelings for a Nick like characterAfter a chance encounter with his hero Nick realizes he needs to become an Extraordinary too in order to have a chance at being noticed That’s a tall order for anyone much less a teenager with ADHD and anxiety and an overprotective police officer fatherNick will try to enlist the help of his best friends—Seth with whom he may be head over heels in love Gibby and Jazz—none of whom want to indulge this fantasy But Nick is determined that his hero will notice him even if it may jeopardize his friendships his relationship with his dad or even his lifeLove is such a weapon in the face of darkness if you only know how to wield itThis book was utterly suee inducing Nick and Seth are utterly adorable Jazz and Gibby are a hysterical “power lesbian” couple and Nick’s relationship with his dad definitely choked me up than a time or two There’s definitely humor here too The scene when Nick finally meets his crush made me laugh out loud as did some of the things his father saidBut there was so much to love about this book as well such as the friendships and the story of a young man trying so hard to make sense of a world that often doesn’t make senseIt’s amazing that before this year I had never heard of TJ Klune and now he’s written what will unarguably be two of my favorite books of the year The House in the Cerulean Sea and this one I want of these charactersCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

  8. Christy Christy says:

    4 stars 

TJ Klune can write the most heartfelt and fun stories and The Extraordinaries was just that This book left such a big smile on my face and I can’t wait to read in this world When I heard about this book my excitement level was at an all time high First I love TJ Klune’s writing and second it was compared to Fangirl which is a book I love On top of that superheroes Nick Bell is an ordinary teenager with ADHD who lives with his dad Nick loves the Extraordinaries and has a popular fan fic based on his favorite superhero Shadow Star Nick has a thing for Shadow Star and when he meets him in real life OMG I laughed so hard There are some twists and turns some I guessed a few I had ass backwards and so many fun momentsThis story had humor action and had some romance but also big focuses on friendship and family Nick and Seth’s relationshipfriendship was the best thing ever but I also loved their other friends and Nick’s relationship with his dad I enjoyed this one lots It was even dare I say extraordinary I’m not sure if the next book in this series will be about Nick Seth and the gang or a new cast of characters but either way I’m excited to read

  9. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    While this superhero story was good I was expecting the same level of excitement that I usually feel from TJ's books so I was left feeling slightly disappointed For one thing the pacing of the story felt a bit slow even though it was approximately the same length as many of TJ's other books However when I had to put it down my fingers didn't twitch until I absolutely had to pick it up again taking me a full week to readWith only Nick's single POV there were tons of internal thoughts and a bit less dialogue than I would've liked And with the fact that Seth Nick's best friend and probable love interest always seemed to be mysteriously missing and MIA I found it difficult to connect with him feeling as if everything I knew about Seth I'd been told and not truly shownI think that the main thing that I felt lacking this time around was TJ's usual non stop over the top wacky sense of humor Yes the humor did make appearances but we're talking about an awkward teen with ADHD as written by TJ Klune here so I was expecting him to really go there Instead the humor felt much bridled and subduedSo again which the story was good it never really ventured into great territory for me and I'd rate it at around 35 stars NOTE After The End and the book's final credits there is a short Stung chapter that you absolutely NEED to read It actually helped with my overall enjoyment for the story and got me much excited for the next book in the series See All My Latest Reads Review uick Links

  10. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    I started this book in May and only went back to it a few days ago to finally finish it Usually when I put a book aside for months it takes me some time to remember the characters’ names and how they all connect to the story But in this case it felt like I had just left them That’s how memorable they are What I like about the cast most is that it isn’t large and yet it’s enough Everyone has their place and really claims that place In Nick Bell’s world there are Extraordinaries who have powers common folks like him don’t They save the city or in the case of villains create unnecessary havoc and fight with heroes Nick is in awe of one particular Extraordinary named Shadow Star so much that he’s even writing fan fiction about the two of them falling helplessly in love But Nick’s life is about to get stranger than fan fiction If you’ve read this author before you know that his stories are detailed well plotted and full of witty dialog They may not be realistic in the common sense of the word but they do amazingly FEEL realistic Nick doesn’t take himself seriously and yet he often is in very serious situations that are not believable but that as a reader who enjoys losing herself in fantasy worlds I wanted to completely believe in It’s predictable than not but that’s surprisingly part of its charm I’m excited for Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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