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Imajica [Download] ➸ Imajica ➽ Clive Barker – Rich in plot twists byzantine intrigues and hidden secrets Imajica is a Chinese puzzle box constructed on a universal scaleBarker has an unparalleled talent for envisioning other worlds  — Washing Rich in plot twists byzantine intrigues and hidden secrets Imajica is a Chinese puzzle box constructed on a universal scaleBarker has an unparalleled talent for envisioning other worlds  — Washington Post Book WorldFrom master storyteller Clive Barker comes an epic tale of myth magic and forbidden passionImajica is an epic beyond compare vast in conception obsessively detailed in execution and apocalyptic in its resolution At its heart lies the sensualist and master art forger Gentle whose life unravels when he encounters Judith Odell whose power to influence the destinies of men is vaster than she knows and Pie 'oh' pah an alien assassin who comes from a hidden dimensionThat dimension is one of five in the great system called Imajica They are worlds that are utterly unlike our own but are ruled peopled and haunted by species whose lives are intricately connected with ours As Gentle Judith and Pie 'oh' pah travel the Imajica they uncover a trail of crimes and intimate betrayals leading them to a revelation so startling that it changes reality forever.

  • Paperback
  • 896 pages
  • Imajica
  • Clive Barker
  • English
  • 01 July 2014
  • 9780060937263

About the Author: Clive Barker

Clive Barker was born in Liverpool England the son of Joan Rubie née Revill a painter and school welfare officer and Leonard Barker a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and uarry Bank High School he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It.

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  1. Chris Chris says:

    The world is not uite what we always thought it was But this is a Clive Barker book so that goes without sayingThe Imajica is the whole of creation the true world four fifths of which we've never seen Earth the Fifth Dominion has long been separate from the other four How it got split away held back from the other Reconciled Dominions by the horrible netherworld of the In Ovo no one knows But throughout history there have been Maestros men of great and terrible power who have tried to unite the Fifth with the other Dominions finally making the Imajica whole The last of these was the Maestro Sartori a raconteur and man of power in 18th century London With his acolytes and his apostles he tried to Reconcile the dominions and his efforts ended in disasterTwo hundred years later the time has come again to try the great work of bringing the Imajica together But there are no Maestros the Tabula Rasa descendants of the former Maestro's surviving followers have done their best to wipe Britain clean of all things magicalSome things however are too great to be stopped The Imajica longs to be whole and its long road to reconciliation begins againBetween this and Weaveworld Barker has proven himself to be the master of what can be called for lack of a better term the multiple climax Characters and events are drawn to a head with all the tension and excitement that you would expect from the climactic finale People live people die others barely escape with their lives But the story isn't over oh noThis is a hell of a read too Barker's playing with some heavy themes men versus women parents versus children acceptance of the numinous versus the reflexive rejection of that which we don't understand There's something for everyone in other wordsThis is a big 'un Some paperback editions split the book into two volumes which was probably a good idea The single volume paperback that I have is damn near falling apart I don't know what the practical page limit is on paperbacks but I think 1136 is stretching it Still it's an enjoyable 1136 pages so I recommend it

  2. Stepheny Stepheny says:

    Buddy Read with my brotha from anotha motha The only good part about this book was reading it with a friend I honestly can't write a review because I have no fucking clue what happened to whom it happened to nor what dimension I was in when it occurred I'm thinking that in about 10 years when my brain has recovered I would like to pick up a physical copy of the book and give it a better try I love audiobooks and especially ones that are long Stephen King's It is over 44 hours and I've listened to it several times But for some reason this one was just a bit out of my reach I have not sworn Barker off for this as I am sure a second reading would help but I think I am going to be a while before I pick up another book of his Thanks to one of my favorite people in the world for reading this with me D

  3. Dustin Dustin says:

    “It was the pivotal teaching of Pluthero uexos the most celebrated dramatist of the Second Dominion that in any fiction no matter how ambitious its scope or profound its theme there was only ever room for three players Between warring kings a peacemaker; between adoring spouses a seducer or a child Between twins the spirit of the womb Between lovers Death Greater numbers might drift through the drama of course thousands in fact but they could only ever be phantoms agents or on rare occasions reflections of the three real and self willed beings who stood at the center And even this essential trio would not remain intact; or so he taught It would steadily diminish as the story unfolded three becoming two two becoming one until the stage was left deserted” Thus begins what many consider Clive Barker's masterpiece and though I've only read Weaveworld which I highly recommend and this one I am inclined to agree From the epic tome's opening pages we're introduced to Charlie Estabrook and the story uickly unravels from there Not that this is light reading because it isn't Barker's prose is dense verbose and concerned with many details some of which are minute but there are many which inform the reader of character development and plot subplot themes et al At the same time this Liverpool UK resident possesses the ability to churn out some genuinely beautiful and breathtaking prose which kept me flipping pages for its aesthetic alone As I got deeper into the novel the shocking twists and turns occurred freuently thus amplifying the plot and scope and complexity in ways which did not feel orchestrated in any way whatsoever Imajica is not solely concerned with its world and life altering plot either As all consuming as my words might or might not imply there's a heart and a strength at the center of everything and Barker seems to revel in his large cast and the worlds they inhabit It is because of their fullness that I grew to love and admire them I will not forget them any time soon In fact I finished this in December 2015 and they resonate still I loathed some of them and I gradually loved others despite such strong emotions And then there are individuals like Gentle Judith Odell Celeste and Dowd and of course the alien assassin Pie 'oh' pah who are nothing short of magical for various and unfathomable reasons It's as though Barker possesses some ancient and undefined ability which he sprinkled his masterpiece liberally with He's very methodical in that respect I want to advise anyone thinking about giving this 1991 offering a go please do so blindly or with as little information as possible This is simply one of those books that rewards the reader for herhis ignorance Despite this warning I feel compelled to mention the denouement because it did satisfy me on multiple levels yet somehow it also disappointed me I think that there's excessive buildup throughout its eight hundred and twenty seven pages which naturally heightened my expectations to an unhealthy level When something is riding on that level of pressure it's almost always inevitable to both fear and expect the very worst view spoilerAnd there was a sick part of me that wanted badly to see mass destruction Sheer annihilation An invocation of an apocalypse Sadly but also thankfully that does not happen hide spoiler

  4. Warrengent Warrengent says:

    WOW this bookwhat ever I say will not do it justice an amazing story epic in scale and characters that I will remember foreverIn the late eighties early ninetiesI was to busy reading king Hebert lumley that I never got around to Clive Barkerwhat a massive mistake that was This was my first novel that I have read of Clive Barker and I have been totally blown away by his imagination At 1136 pages long the imajica is a big book but what a story it had me gripped from the start work and daily chores got in the way as I found that I just wanted to have free time to read it I will leave with a uote from Stephen king when he said and sums my review up perfectly clive Barker is so good that I am literally tongue tied Five massive stars

  5. Brandon Brandon says:

    I have to admit I had tried Clive Barker's work once before this and didn't like it Then I checked out The Great and Secret Show and fell in love with it I ended up getting Imajica from my public library thinking it was a fifty fifty chance that I could like it When I first started reading it I got bored in the first hundred pages and dropped it for a few weeks Then I didn't have anything else to read and ended up picking it back up I didn't put it back down Imajica is a very beautiful book Barker has a wide scope of imagination and is very good at what he does He's very good at creating weird and interesting scenes and throw in spectacular plot twists that you'd never expect I fell in love with the characters felt the pain when some of them died and burned with anticipation as the secrets were revealed and the Reconciliation was getting closer to happening I highly recommend this book to anyone who's looking for inspiration as far as writing broad fantasies like this or who are looking for a good read

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    It seems to be fashionable for modern horror writers to assume that in order for a book to be edgyscary every detail must be depressing disgusting or some combination thereof even when such detail borders on crass and does nothing for the plot There is no need for example to include a scene where the main character watches television naked and picks the crumbs of his late night snack out of his nether regions No need But Imajica is one long extraneous detail an 800 page behemoth that could have easily been accomplished in 200 pages with the amount of actual material here The motivations for the characters make no sense and are in fact often counter intuitive And thank God this version came with a glossary; otherwise I'd have given up about a fourth of the way through It's not godawful Clive Barker's prose is well constructed and I did manage to get through it During the parts where things actually happen you might even have a hard time putting it down But those parts sadly are few and far between

  7. Steve Steve says:

    This was a buddy read with DustinImpressive in its scope and imagining Clive Barker has created a marathon epic with sprawling worlds dozens of wonderfully strange and outlandish characters straight out of our nightmares incredibly complex confrontations deep philosophy high adventure and staggering tension all thrown at the reader from the excellent beginning to the satisfying endThis is not a light read by any means but the prose is fully developed There are many unusual words in his writing yet the story flows perfectly I listened to the entire book over 37 hours and found that losing concentration for just a few minutes caused me to lose the storyline; everything weaves together into a huge web of incredible proportions The book has freuent plot twists and most of the characters are far from what they seemOh the characters There are so many characters on five separate worlds with sub plots intertwined between them all At first all this may seem intimidating but Barker does a fantastic job of keeping the story moving forward It must be noted that the reader MUST pay attention reading or listening Failing to do so means the story’s core will be lostThere are things in this book that might make some readers uncomfortable; some of it is offensive and downright blasphemous It is after all a book in which Barker creates a religion with a rich and full history then ties that religion with the views and beliefs of “common men” of the Fifth Dominion Earth who have no idea that the Imajica even existsUltimately Barker has crafted a tale that takes the reader on a long dark fantasy journey that trips the mind and is awesome in its scope He gracefully paints this epic in all the graphic detail that’s come to be expected and the reader is thrust from the mundane into an adventure of awful worlds euphoric desire horrendous gore and heart wrenching love

  8. Bill Bill says:

    If you've read his Books of Blood the Damnation Game the Great and Secret Show and Weaveworld but haven't gotten around to Imajica yet turn off your computer right now and get out there and get it This is Clive Barker's masterpiece Earth is part of a dominion of five other worlds and the only one unaware of the others This novel is about the reuniting of Earth to the other four worlds Again this is horrific beautiful mind expandingAn incredible feat of the imaginationthis is one of the few novels I will read over again Am I gushing over this? You bet

  9. Hydra M. Star Hydra M. Star says:

    Though one of my all time favorite books when I set out a little over a month ago to re read Clive Barker‘s Imajica for the eight or ninth time in the fifteen years I’ve owned my now slightly battered hardcover edition I didn’t know if I’d include a write up about it in my blog It’s not only difficult for me to sum this book up in a few words it is a very lengthy volume at 824 pages but it is extremely difficult to do so without giving way too much Almost literally every aspect of the storyline is a new discoveryWhat I can tell without fear of spoiling it for anyone is that it’s a book about other worlds and our connection or rather lack of connection to them It’s also about love the duality of nature and god But mostly it’s about inner turmoil the difficult choices we make and what we discover about ourselves through our mistakes and our journeysNow all that might lead the reader to think that the story is purely spiritual and inspirational and a real departure from Clive Barker‘s early splatterpunk days but far from it Imajica is violent and erotic; even comical in places You are given ample time to get to know understand and lovehate the characters before they’re ripped apartThough the story does have some minor flaws both in plot and untold back story the pace is such that a reader is soon caught up in the wonders of it and willing to forgive it a few trespasses I’d strongly suggest it as a good read for anyone with a love for horror or fantasy More then that I’d put it on my personal must read list

  10. heidi heidi says:

    I wish I were a college professor of gender studies This would be an awesome text about One Artist's Perception of Gender Duality What you never got assigned 800 pg novels? Or maybe I could assign my hapless students to read it in opposition to His Dark Materials At least those come in smaller packets This is a big epic book with big crazy sex and divinities familiar and alien I find the central love story a little unconvincing but the crazy details are richly ornamental It's like a Fabrege egg of a story or like one of thone huge crazy sugar Easter egg dioramas where you look through this tiny hole and keep seeing and and one of the things you see is a tiny sugar egg and in it is a dog in a chef's hat carrying a can of dogfood on a tray I like this book It is not for everyone If you never made it through long tedious fantasy novels which we could mention don't bother If gnosticism bothers you say no There are rapes dead children and dead gods It is to me a compelling storyIf you get that reference you get a biscuit

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