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  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    B 76% | Good Notes Essentially one long side uest it's hampered by a plodding back story but recovers and ends on an interesting twist

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    If someone would have told me back in the ‘90s that the way to get Stephen King to finish up the Dark Tower series uickly was to hit him with a minivan I would have been on my way to Maine to rent a Dodge Caravan before you could say Bango Skank was hereI confess this not to do complaining about the long suffering years waiting on some advancement in the Dark Tower books but to illustrate how utterly obsessed and frustrated I was with this goddamn series Then King nearly came to the clearing at the end of the path but instead recovered and cranked out three books like they came off an assembly line to finish the whole thing Before that I had pretty much given up hope on ever getting another book never mind seeing an end to it and King wasn’t doing much to make me change my mind with no news about him even working on another DT bookAnd then came the minivan Ka works in mysterious ways Wolves of the Calla had a lot of things to accomplish It needed to get the story rolling again after years of it laying fallow It needed to set up the end run of the series It needed to be a satisfying book aside from moving the overall arc forward And most importantly it needed to answer the burning uestion all Dark Tower fans had Whatever happened to Father Callahan from ‘Salem’s Lot? Oh wait I had never asked that uestion Oh well I found out anyhow and it turned out to be a pretty good part of the storyRoland and his crew have been moving along the path of the Beam towards the Tower but they seem to have been in a kind of timeless funk One of the things I love about the series is that the decay of the Tower has caused both time and space in Roland’s world to become soft and drift It’s also a nice metaphor for the limbo that characters are in between books Just before entering the nastiness of End World they find Calla Bryn Sturgis a farming town with a big problemAlmost all the children born in the Calla are twins Every twenty years or so dozens of creatures the townsfolk call Wolves come on horseback and steal one from each set of twins They take those kids back to Thunderclap a place the gunslingers have already been warned about and eventually return them as almost mindless husks who grow to jumbo sizes before dying young Try to fight or hide your kids and the Wolves kill everyone who resists instead of just taking half the kids The Wolves will arrive in a month but some in the Calla want to fight back this time if the gunslingers will help Roland's group has other problems too They’ve been making dream like excursions to New York in the 1970s and found that the special rose growing in a vacant lot there is in terrible danger The rose is a key manifestation of the Tower in that world Roland is convinced that if the rose is destroyed the Tower falls in his world too and there goes your ballgame for all of existence They have to find a way to get to New York in person and save the rose from those threatening it by protecting the owner of the lotThe gunslingers also meet Callahan a former Catholic priest last seen in the King verse fighting vampires in ’Salem’s Lot Callahan has an incredible tale to tell of years spent traveling between worlds and being chased by vampires and other nasty agents of the Crimson King before he wound up in Calla Bryn Sturgis Callahan has been hiding an evil object that terrifies him and he wants Roland to get rid of it by taking it with him when they leave Anyone reading the series who wants some info about who was chasing Callahan and other bits that come into play here should check out King’s ‘Low Men in Yellow Coats’ story in his ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ collectionIf they didn’t have enough on their plate Susannah’s previous encounter with a demon has left her a little bit pregnant and her personality is being taken over by the baby’s ‘mother’ Mia Pregnant women are known for strange food cravings but let’s just say that Mia’s are even worse than usualI love this book partly because it’s the one that got the Dark Tower story back on track and set up everything for the end run to the last book I also love it just because this is Dark Tower at its best for me It’s a mash up of westerns fantasy horror and sci fi It’s like The Magnificent Seven if Yul Brenner and Steve Mcueen had to make multi dimensional trips and deal with robots and vampires as well as protect the town with their six gunsAnother thing I like about this one is that Eddie Susannah and Jake are now full fledged gunslingers and not just apprentices and King expands on exactly what a gunslinger is They’re not just killers although they do that pretty damn well They’re also diplomats and protectors of the defenseless It was fun to see Roland’s manipulative political side come out when dealing with the Calla folk The pregnancy storyline didn’t do much for me in this but it becomes a key driver of the plot of the next bookAll in all this is one of my favorite of the DT books and it was King’s clear statement that he was done screwing around and ready to finish this mother Too bad it took him nearly getting killed to get it done

  3. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    Come just stroke them they won´t lacerate you and if it will be so immediately fatal that you will at least feel no pain except if bitten by a blue glowing vampire before that could complicate both the dying and getting all the pop culture references and innuendosIt´s getting a bit complicated with all the interconnections to the other parts but King does a great job by using new and established settings symbols and artifacts to keep it suspenseful and demanding to read at the same time There is no of his works or series with a similar emphasis on fusing it all together with as many character lines and mentioned elements there are works taking place at the same or similar setting or with the same characters such as The Shining or the Mr Mercedes series but nothing close to thisLook forward to one of the creepiest best demonic possession scenes everview spoilerThe setting surrounding Mia is so creepy I mean I am a man and I can luckily not give birth because I wouldn´t survive it weak as I am but I imagine reading it as a mother so terrifying that I couldn´t find a name for it Perverting the symbol of love the reason to live the essence of life to breeding the freaking antichrist playing with the most essential element of human relationship on such nerve wracking claviatures of terror is ingenious hide spoiler

  4. Rhiannon Rhiannon says:

    It is as though Stephen King1 Took me out to an arid deserted sepia toned no place2 Lit a sputtering campfire that uickly faded to embers3 Handcuffed me4 Sat me down Indian style across from him5 Proceeded to narrate to me in a hoarse bored drawl over a series of three to four weeks the world's longest most uninteresting story while my head lolled back my lips grew dry with thirst and my bum achedIf this book had been written by any writer other than Stephen King it would never have been published I firmly believe that an editor or any discerning eye never even glanced at this bookI will say that the only redeeming storyline in this entire book is Don Pere Callahan's tale In it King writes some surprisingly beautiful prose Callahan's tale which is interspersed throughout the main storyline moves in a pace that a story like this should move like hurried steps on a Manhattan sidewalk like a nervous glance backward as though someone might be following you Because guess what? Someone is following you me the reader And if I'm following your little ka tet through the boring desolate redneck wonderland of the Calla for 925 freakin' pages you better move However how much does Callahan's story actually move the plot? Very little It seems to serve two purposes to reinforce coincidence as ka and as an example of the uality of writing of which King is capable but which you reader are being denied throughout the rest of the narrative Besides the sheer grueling pace of this beast I had a couple of serious problems with this particular book in the Dark Tower Series1 Speech Mannerisms The language of the Calla is annoying When Roland's ka tet continue to use these annoying speech mannerisms in their own palaver it comes off as completely ridiculous Not to mention exhausting for the reader2 Repetition Certain tropes Nineteen for example are repeated too often It is bad writing simply put While I do not yet understand the significance of Nineteen it has been implied that it is significant So so significant Yawn3 Mia Susannah already has three personalities Giving her another one is simply a rehashing and reheating of King's own once interesting characterizations So if the pace is slow the plot overdrawn surely in 925 pages there is room for some serious character development right? Wrong Besides Jake Chambers doing a little coming of age the rest of the characters remain stagnant throughout the narrative to the point where they seem like thoughtless renditions of themselves Even Mia a brand new personality is derivative of Susannah's older personalities and is largely uninterestingI will also say that I find the subplot of the Callahan's meta fiction interesting I find it easy to believe that a uest that traverses timeplaceuniverses can surely traverse the border between reality and fiction This development of a fiction bridging reality could be spectacular if done correctly Or it could fall off and go nowhere I cannot say I have faith for the former My enjoyment of Callahan's tale is the only reason I gave this book than one star That said I won't give up now Not with thousands of pages of this series already read I mean I have to get to that Tower But God God God I want to give up God this Wolves of The Calla book was long I felt like I was reading it for nineteen years

  5. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    The 2011 re readRoland and his ka tet of gunslingers ride into Calla Bryn Sturgis a town with a problem Once every generation a gang of marauders called The Wolves ride out of Thunderclap and steal half of the town's children The ones that return come back roont or brain damaged Can Roland and the others stop the Wolves before Susan gives birth to the demon in her womb?It was a long wait between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla Was it worth it? Well does a horse piss where it pleases?The main story of Wolves of the Calla is right out of The Magnificent Seven or Seven Samurai The gunslingers ride into town prepare the town and settle the bad guys' hash The secondary stories of which there are several are what make the book You've got Father Callahan from Jake Eddie and Susannah's world and his fearsome burden Black Thirteen You've got someone in town helping the Wolves You've got Roland and his arthritis You've got Calvin Tower and the vacant lot containing the Rose And most of all you have Susannah's disturbing pregnancyThe gang going todash was one of the interesting parts of the book and something I'd forgotten about in the years since I read this book the first time I devoured the book in a day and a half when it first came out so I must not have savored it There were so many wrinkles to the story that I'd forgottenI love how the Man in Black doubled back and met Callahan at the Way Station while Roland and Jake were on in trail in The Gunslinger In the revised edition of The Gunslinger Roland contemplates putting his uest on hold for a few years and training Jake so he'd have another Gunslinger with him Would they have met Callahan if they'd let the Man in Black get away? TantalizingPeople say that the long flashback in Wizard and Glass fleshed out Roland's personality I'd say watching Roland interact with the people of Calla Bryn Sturgis in this book went a lot farther in showing what kind of man Roland was before the world moved onI can't really say much for fear of giving too many things away to people who have never read it If you like the Dark Tower this one is probably in the top three books of the seriesThe 2019 re readI've been meaning to re read books 5 7 of the Dark Tower for a few years now When my wife and I found out we were having a chap I put it on my 2019 reading goals and here we are My original intention was to read all three before little Miles tears my wife's loins in two but I'm not sure how motivated I am to do thatThe story itself the ka tet defending a village from mysterious raiders who steal one of each pair of twins in the village every generation or so is as compelling now as when I read it hot off the presses As with the 2011 reread I'd forgotten uite a bit about this bookIt's probably because this is my third go round but the things that irk me are a lot apparent than in previous reads This book could easily be at least 100 pages shorter Wolves of the Calla suffers from a case of King Bloat in the middle There's so much talking when the ka tet could be going to New York to save the Rose I know time flows one and a half times as fast on the New York side of things and Balazar's goons are putting the sueeze on Calvin Tower but let's stay up all night and listen to Pere Callahan's story some The Calla speak gets really painful after a whileNow that the gripes are out of the way I still dug this book and The Dark Tower as a whole The todash concept is great and Stephen King knows how to ratchet up the suspense when he needs to Parts of it were still surprising even though I've trod this path twice before The final battle with the Wolves was some tense shit even though I knew the ka tet would survive I couldn't remember which of the townsfolk diedWhile a bit of the shine has worn off this penny I still enjoyed Wolves of the Call uite a bit 4 out of 5 stars

  6. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    Now I think that all of us are born with a hole in our hearts and we go around looking for the person who can fill it YouEddie you fill me upThe fifth book in the Dark Tower series finds Roland and his ka tet in Calla Bryn Sturgis where they must help the residents overcome a formidable enemyEven though this book took me what felt like a million years to finish I thoroughly enjoyed pretty much every page well I’m not the biggest fan of the New York plot in this one I’d rather have just stayed in the CallaKing is well known for his depiction of small towns and bringing all the residents to life and this one is no different Lots of new characters to meet as well as the reintroduction of an old one I LOVED catching up with this character uite a lot of time is spent filling in the gaps of his story and I was not complaining in the slightestThe Dark Tower is such an epic tale where our ka tet are mostly travelling around and on the move so I liked just staying still for a while apart from going todash and allowing for character development Also a huge fan of the story behind the wolves and the roont children I find it creepily fascinatingI fangirl so hard over all the little references to pop culture and connections to other King books etc so I was in my element here I guess not everyone enjoys that kind of stuff but this gal does And if you haven’t read the series before this one ends in a way where you just NEED to know what happens next But luckily I have so I’m okay waiting to read Song of Susannah however not for too long because the Tower is beckoningAn underrated DT novel in my opinion 5 stars

  7. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    All hail the King Full review to comestay tuned13020 Completely forgot that I never wrote a full review for this masterpiece Perhaps a weekend project

  8. Stepheny Stepheny says:

    Commela Come ComeOur journey has left so many behind We have been attacked beaten and threatened Yet we persevere Onward wayward travelers Let us continue on our uest to the Dark Tower Let us travel safely along the Path of the BeamOur band of crazy MahFahs led by the craziest MahFah yeh’ve ever encountered Yours Truly has seen and done much I even let Jeff out of his prison luxiourous bedroom at my home to join us in this read I did keep him on a leash he’s not to be trustedBack to the reviewRoland and his Tet are on the Path of the Beam in search of the Dark Tower After surviving the Starkblast and hearing another story from Roland’s past the gang is ready to move forward But they’re being watched by the folken of the Calla Which Calla? Calla Bryn SturgisAs much as Roland’s Tet would love to take a different route Roland explains to them why they can’t The duty of the gunslinger is to stand for those who cannot Stand and be true aye He says true What they find in the Calla is horrifying Wolves come on horseback once every 26 years to take one from every set of twins In our world that might not be so bad but in the Calla twins are as common as Canadian pennies in a handful of change What’s worse than that? The wolves send them back once they’re done with them and that twin is forever ROONT; a drooling buffoon capable of mostly just grunts and gigglesOne of my favorite characters became a favorite because of this book Pere Callahan His story in Salem’s Lot was not finished It is continued here in the Calla Calla Callahan But will the other folken listen to his pleas? Can they be convinced that now is the time to stop the wolves? Will Jeff ever get out of my basement for good?This story is laid out beautifully You are getting just enough information to keep turning those pages You’re being teased with information Your leaders are whispering and even you don’t know what they’re saying There’s robots twins taters and gravy time travel and talking caves YERBUGGERWolves of the Calla is a great read and is filled with a language that is sure to make any buddy read interesting I just can’t wait to continue this journey with my Ka Tet

  9. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    May it do ya fine This book did me real fine Say thank yaI must be picking up the language from Calla Bryn SturgisMid World because it seems lately I've been saying the speech of the people I almost said Thankee sai as I was handed my receipt today at the grocery store Say thankee I didn't Anyways I'll stop being silly The grocery store thing is true however What a fan freaking tastic book I really enjoyed the town of Calla Bryn Sturgis the people and I LOVED the way they spoke The story in this volume was just about as great as The Waste Landsahemmy favorite installment so far So I put this tied with The Drawing of the Three as my second favorite installment Things were kind of mysterious in some parts such as who was the snitch and who or what were the wolves The end with the 'Salem's Lot mention was also pretty brilliant Father Callahan's part in the uest for the Dark Tower the voices at the bottom of the cave and just all of the connections to the number 19 Calvin Tower the bookstore etcjust brilliantKing has such a creative mind and I think this book completely made up for Wizard and Glass for me Thanks King for delivering a solid book again It was real trig Say thank ya I won't be surprised if Calla Bryn SturgisMid World speech is here to stay in my English speech

  10. R.K. Gold R.K. Gold says:

    This book took me the longest to get through of the dark tower series but I blame that on school than the book itself I found this book to be fascinating and so important to the connection of all the worlds and universes surrounding the dark tower It's funny though the conflict stated in the title of the book acted as a clock than an actual tense moment It was a side uest you knew they were going to win so there wasn't much stress or tension The real important parts of the story came from the interactions with the calla folk the hidden object I won't mention because spoiler and the todash journeysIm incredibly excited to complete the 6th and 7th books

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Wolves of the Calla ➵ [Read] ➯ Wolves of the Calla By Stephen King ✤ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Roland Deschain and his ka tet are bearing southeast through the forests of Mid World the almost timeless landscape that seems to stretch from the wreckage of civility that defined Roland's youth to t Roland Deschain and his ka tet are bearing southeast through the forests of Mid World the almost timeless landscape that seems to stretch from the wreckage of civility that defined Roland's youth to the crimson chaos that seems the future's only promise Followers Wolves of PDF or of Stephen King's epic series know Roland well or as well as this enigmatic hero can be known They also know the companions who have been drawn to his uest for the Dark Tower Eddie Dean and his wife Susannah; Jake Chambers the boy who has come twice through the doorway of death into Roland's world; and Oy the Billy BumblerIn this long awaited fifth novel in the saga their path takes them to the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis a tranuil valley community of farmers and ranchers on Mid World's borderlands Beyond the town the rocky ground rises towards the hulking darkness of Thunderclap the source of a terrible affliction that is slowly stealing the community's soul One of the town's residents is Pere Callahan a ruined priest who like Susannah Eddie and Jake passed through one of the portals that lead both into and out of Roland's worldAs Father Callahan tells the ka tet the astonishing story of what happened following his shamed departure from Maine in his connection to the Dark Tower becomes clear as does the danger facing a single red rose in a vacant lot off Second Avenue in midtown Manhattan For Calla Bryn Sturgis danger gathers in the east like a storm cloud The Wolves of Thunderclap and their unspeakable depredation are coming To resist them is to risk all but these are odds the gunslingers are used to and they can give the Calla folken both courage and cunning Their gun however will not be enough From ISBN Approx hours CDs.