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The Wounds of the Dead ➾ [Download] ➾ The Wounds of the Dead By Vikram Paralkar ➳ – A surgeon flees a scandal in the city and accepts a job at a village clinic He buys antibiotics out of pocket suashes roaches and chafes at the interventions of the corrupt officer who oversees his wo A surgeon flees of the MOBI · a scandal in the city and accepts a job at a village clinic He buys antibiotics out of pocket suashes roaches and chafes The Wounds ePUB í at the interventions of the corrupt officer who oversees his workBut his outlook on life changes one night when a teacher his pregnant wife and their young Wounds of the ePUB ✓ son appear Killed in a violent robbery they tell the surgeon that they have been offered a second chance at living if the surgeon can mend their wounds before sunriseSo begins a night of uiet work as if the crickets had been bribed during which the surgeon realizes his future is tied closely to that of the dead family than he could have imagined By dawn he and his assistant have gained knowledge no mortal should haveIn this inventive novel charged with philosophical gravity and sly humor Vikram Paralkar takes on the practice of medicine in a time when the right to health care is freuently challenged Engaging earthly injustice and imaginaries of the afterlife he asks how we might navigate corrupt institutions to find a moral center Encompassing social criticism and magically unreal drama Night Theater is a first novel as satisfying for its existential inuiry as for its enthralling story of a skeptical physician who arrives at a greater understanding of life's miracles.

About the Author: Vikram Paralkar

Born and raised of the MOBI · in Mumbai Vikram Paralkar lives in the United States and is a hematologist oncologist and scientist at the University of Pennsylvania He is The Wounds ePUB í the author of two novels 'The Afflictions' and 'The Wounds of the Dead'.

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  1. Annet Annet says:

    My mother always says there are things in this world that no one can explainWhat a dark unreal weird and fascinating story this is I can't say I liked it I mean it is not a nice story but it utterly fascinated me Exceptional Some story A weird story about a small poor clinic somewhere in India led by a talented but poor doctor 'with a history' One day a man and his wife and son enter the clinic They are officially dead but sent back from the afterlife by an angel They died in real life being assaulted and robed In order to enter into real life again due to the 'courtesy of the angel' the doctor needs to operate them When the day breaks they will regain life and the wounds need to be controlledotherwise they will die Well weird story isn't it And it touches on a lot of topics religion what does afterlife look like are there angels is there a God how do you live your life what are your dilemmas etcUtterly fascinating I did not care much for the operating scenes I have to say but the rest of the story yes yes recommended But you are in for a dark ride I warn you

  2. lark benobi lark benobi says:

    Night Theater exposes everything we humans tell ourselves about what it means to lead a good life as meaningless And after that the novel takes every article of faith that we humans like to believe about the dignity of humanity and the possibility of redemption and smashes it to bits And then miraculously after every virtue is exposed as meaningless and every hope is smashed to bits the novel rises up from the ashes phoenix like and becomes a story that's mythic and true and powerful It is honestly one of the most uplifting and life affirming books I've ever read

  3. Robin Robin says:

    This book with its clever title has a lot going for it A compelling premise big city surgeon in rural India gets visited by a family of walking dead corpses who were murdered and sent back to Earth by an angel for a second chance at life and an authenticity brought about by the fact that the author himself is a research physician so the many nighttime surgeries feel like the real dealIt's also simply written and relatively short so you can whip through this baby in no time flatWhat I like about this story which has a fable aura to it what with the magical realism threaded through its soul is that it is eual parts spiritual to physical We find ourselves grappling with the afterlife and an absentee god just as much as we are looking into a damaged chest cavity and all the tools needed for the repair And Paralkar does this very well though sometimes I found the lengthy surgical scenes took me out of the story than I would have likedPerhaps though it's because of the fable esue nature of this book that I felt myself at arm's length I found myself propelled by a morbid curiosity of what would happen when the sun rose the next morning Would the corpses survive? Would they be granted this second chance at life and if so how would that look? But I didn't really know or connect with the characters on a deeper level Maybe I wasn't meant to Maybe this book is meant to be read from the heavens or from a seat in the nosebleeds in a large theatre distance is sometimes needed to see the big pictureI really don't know But if I'm going to be a spectator I prefer the front row myself35 stars Thank you to Netgalley and Catapult publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Marchpane Marchpane says:

    Saramago meets ERIn a tiny Indian village a surgeon is visited by a murdered family who insist that he repair their fatal wounds by sun up so they can be resurrected Night Theatre is a very different kind of ghost storyThis Saramago esue fable is very contained the only setting is the tiny clinic the timeframe just a single night and the unnamed characters limited to the doctor his assistant and her husband the murdered family of three and one corrupt government official whose sudden appearance nearly derails everything It’s almost a stage play in book form Night Theatre was originally published in India under the title “The Wounds of the Dead” The family’s wounds are not just physical They are traumatised by the acts of violence that killed them and bewildered by the afterlife they’ve glimpsed It’s not what they expected to say the least and they’d rather return to the land of the livingThe surgeon is working to a deadline he must perform three complicated surgeries by sunrise If he fails to repair their fatal wounds his patients will bleed to death all over again The clock is ticking which makes for a suspenseful read Paralkar is an MD and the surgical scenes are written in lurid detail – presumably medically accurate apart from the patients being dead although I’m not ualified to judgeOver the course of the night we discover why this skilled surgeon has been relegated to a thankless post in the middle of nowhere and what really happened to the ghost family The book touches on religious faith ineuality corruption and without making any obvious point The characters are lightly sketched but that suits the fabledream tone 35 stars

  5. Faith Faith says:

    A doctor who is the sole practitioner in a struggling rural clinic in India is faced with three murder victims who claim that they can be restored to life if the doctor treats their wounds by the next morning It turns out that the doctor doesn’t exactly know all of the rules of this resurrection I don’t know uite what to make if this book but it was well written uniue and certainly held my interest It was in turns a satire of a corrupt medical system a fable and a philosophical exploration of the afterlife and the power of belief The author is a doctor and he inserted a few too many surgical details for my taste but I would read by him I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  6. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Weird horrible brilliant compelling A despairing surgeon in a dilapidated village clinic is visited by a dead family who have been promised they will live again at dawn but the wounds of their murders have to be repaired first Subseuent events mix clinical ghastliness with the mundane horror of a deeply corrupt system mired in bribery hopelessness poverty moral exhaustion and failures of humanity Fable like in the telling nobody has a name they are the surgeon the official the boy but grounded with precise detail and just enough hope to make it unbearable because the surgeon and the dead show us if you could just stop hoping and give up then that would be a form of relief Except the ending then makes you think again about all the above Thought provoking topics along with a compelling plot superb writing Excellent stuff

  7. Joseph Joseph says:

    In a run down clinic at the outskirts of a rural Indian village a once successful surgeon is bringing what remains of his career to an unassuming end Saheb as the villagers respectfully call him tries to do his job decently despite lack of facilities a sorely limited budget stifling bureaucracy and institutionalised corruption As for assistance he must make do with an untrained pharmacist and her handyman husband But he is soon to face his biggest challenge yet One night a young family – father pregnant mother and infant son – present themselves at the clinic suffering from horrific injuries inflicted by a band of bandits It was a savage attack and no one could possibly survive the wounds they show the doctor In fact the would be patients are dead allowed to return to Earth by a friendly official of the afterlife There’s one problem though – at dawn blood will once again course through their veins In the course of one long night the doctor must successfully complete three complex surgeries not to save the living but to resurrect the deadThe dead tend to haunt ghost stories and horror fiction Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theatre originally published in India as The Wounds of the Dead is neither of the two Its horrors if any lie in the detailed surgical descriptions Paralkar is a hematologist oncologist and presumably speaks from experience and in the uasi existential sense of futility instilled by the evident moral failure of society If pressed to classify the novel I would describe it as a work of magical realism Indeed despite its fantastical premise it feels strangely plausible its plot driven forward by an inherent logic By a happy irony Paralkar manages to use a surreal tale as a vehicle for social critiue At the same time the otherworldly elements provide a springboard for ruminations about death and the meaning of lifeI must say that the book’s blurb intrigued me but little did I expect to discover a little literary gem By turns tragic darkly comic and ultimately moving I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can’t recommend it enough

  8. Nadine Nadine says:

    This book felt like a parable than a novel although the plot and the pacing made it as propulsive as any good mystery novel I think the publisher blurb doesn't do the reader any favors by revealing so much of the plot I went in knowing only that it was vaguely something about a doctor visited by 'ghosts' so much of the story came as a surprise There is uite a bit of surgical detail but to my surprise it was fascinating not disturbing no messy bleeding with these patients In such a short book there's not a lot of room for character description but they all came alive for me even the dead ones Liked the ending very much If this author is as good a doctor as he is a writer his patients should be happy Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC

  9. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    A renowned surgeon falls from grace and struggles to run a low income clinic at the edge of a city then one night three visitors come and need his help to come back to live Interesting mix of medical work life gods of India and a peculiar afterlife all with a tale that unfolds gradually as the story moves along The author is a doctor and it shows So much of the book is revealed as you read so I can't say a lot I had a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley and it came out January 14 2020

  10. Ann Helen Ann Helen says:

    This was one intense and claustrophobic book but I loved every second of itWe meet a doctor in a rural town in India He is used to far better conditions than the ones he is currently working under his clinic lacking most modern medical euipment and sometimes necessary drugs He does what he can for the villagers but not without some degree of resentment This isn't the place he wants to be nor feels he should be After sunset one night a family shows up at his clinic asking him to operate on them They seem perfectly healthy but their clothes are hiding fatal wounds The three members of the small family four if the unborn baby is included died after being violently stabbed In the afterlife an angel gives them a choice of returning to the land of the living but he can't heal their wounds he can only keep them alive for one night in an artificial way A surgeon will have to fix the damage to their bodies before sunrise if they are to remain alive Suddenly the doctor is in a position of having to raise the dead instead of healing the livingAlthough we are presented with a plot that includes the afterlife angels and supernatural occurrences this isn't a particularly religious novel It is philosophical This situation naturally brings with it a lot of uestions and fears The superstitious girl working for the doctor wonders if God will punish them for going against him for playing God with these people's lives The doctor struggles with the expectation that he'll be able to save the family and with the potentially life changing and devastating conseuences for him and the others involved if he fails to save them They see him as a brilliant doctor and a great man unselfish devoted to saving lives no matter the cost He knows he is neither though he would by any normal standard be considered a good doctor and a good man Nothing in this book is simple and straightforward nothing is black and white Should he save them? Can he save them? Can he live with the conseuences of his own limitations?The reason I found the book claustrophobic is that everything that happens takes place in the clinic during one night In addition to operating on each member of the family the doctor has to avoid anyone finding out about what's happening which proves difficult as both an annoying village drunkard and a corrupt clinic official pays a visit during the night leaving the family and the girl helping him to hide The family themselves are told that if they survive they can never leave the borders of the village and the doctor is lacking so much in order to help them survive not to mention cope with pain as they come alive after sunrise that the village seems like a place cut off from the world at large too small to be chosen for this task And with every hour that passes the doctor's lack of sleep becomes and unbearableThe descriptions of wounds and of the operations are detailed and realistic making the novel very gritty The themes of murder corruption the feeling of hopelessness makes it even so Though slow paced the story is incredibly gripping both because of the tension when unwanted visitors show up the level of difficulty of the operations and the wonder at what the world is like if a dead family can come back to life I have to agree with everyone who has written that the story feels very realistic despite the unrealistic premise of the book I listened to the audio version and the reader did a great job He was very engaging he gave different characters different voices and you could feel the exasperation and the exhaustion through his voice I got completely lost in this story and just loved everything about it

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