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  • You are Beautiful
  • Flores Isler
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  • 04 July 2017

11 thoughts on “You are Beautiful

  1. Bookish Ayushi Bookish Ayushi says:


    If you are looking for a nourishing book to read, I whole heartedly recommend reading ‘You Are Beautiful’ by Flores Isler. So many different aspects have been touched upon in this book and the simple writing makes me see that the words have come straight from her heart. She talks about many different and real experiences of her own and that of people around her to explain her points. The truths that she unfolds may at times feel harsh but the reality behind them cannot be denied. We are all beautiful in our own way, but true beauty only shines through when we realize what makes us beautiful from within – I completely agree with her.

    The lessons that I’m taking away from this excellent book are firstly, balance in life is needed, we must learn from our mistakes and grow continuously, secondly, physical beauty is not everything, we can be beautiful by being a good listener, by having a good personality, by being kind, humble and generous and by helping others we can help ourselves too, and lastly, we must be self-resilient and not give others the power to define us. There are many more wonderful learnings from this book, these are what resonated with me the most. Being a woman is a wonderful thing and this book will make you realize that. I also derived pleasure from reading the many quotes that Flores has compiled in the book. Give this read a try and you will not regret it.

  2. Sanjay Saini Sanjay Saini says:

    Fantastic book! This book has changed my opinion towards the power of women. How can a person transform them-self from the deepest level of negativity to the highest level of positivity? Great attention has been given in this book to women empowerment and their role in our life. How can a woman regain her confidence to achieve her self-confidence, is nicely explained. The author has given more focus on the importance of inner beauty and its role in women's life.

    This book has un-covered some myths for me about women’s life like they are not as intelligent as men. We can have a totally new world that is full of happiness by understanding the way of our thinking and perception towards our current state. I never found so easy answers of question-related to inner peace in our life. After reading this book, I felt a different perception of women and their role in our society. If you want to read about the empowerment of women, inner peace and happiness then you must buy this book right now.

  3. Nidhi Nidhi says:

    I was compelled to read this book by the impactful, affirmative title. You are Beautiful! Just a simple statement but what an immensely positive effect it has on the readers! How often are we women reminded of our beauty? forget about others, how often do we ourselves take our me time and tell ourselves that we are beautiful?? This is one book that does this for all of us! It celebrates the joys and struggles of womanhood.

    It helped me redefine my purpose in life, personal and professional. It taught me that no woman is insignificant, she only needs a right place, a right time to redefine her purpose, not just for the world, but more for herself.

    It would give you the power of appreciating yourself. Not just for your beauty, but for everything that truly makes you the person you are! and helps you learn the concept of Me First which is very essential as we women, often forget ourselves in pursuit of working for our families and making their lives easier.

    The book also focuses on the importance of privacy, and the adverse effect of social media in your life. How people are often tempted to use it as an outlet to vent out their feelings, instead of driving their forces with purpose for what is really significant in life. It is about being in tune with your femininity.

    The most important lesson that women do not need to be like men to succeed! they can be in tune with their femininity and still succeed!!

    The book explains ways of overcoming your fears, and how important overcoming is before the fear becomes an unavoidable label for your whole life.

    I am so glad I picked this book. and I totally recommend this to everyone.
    As a girl, I feel thrilled to be celebrated for the woman I have become! From a daughter I was, to a daughter-in-law I am; to a wife, a friend, a mate!
    I wonder how many of us felt that today??

  4. Suhwa Park Suhwa Park says:

    It's absolutely a heart touching book. I read through the chapters with teary eyes as I can relate to every woman mentioned in the book. Their stories define me. Women, If you want to find your personal truth, you better read this book. And dear men, if you want to understand women and have a happy life with them, you definitely need to read this book!

  5. Beatriz Beatriz says:

    Flores Isler teaches us how to love ourselves. This book is not a guide with multiple steps that we should follow, it is however filled with stories of other women and lessons.

    During our lives we are always reminded that what matters is what it is inside, our heart. It is true! We may see a beautiful women, but if she is a bad person then she won't seem as beautiful.

    I believe that this is a good book to start our self-love journey, to learn how to love ourselves every single day. I am glad I read this book, because it is helping me to love me and see me as an amazing girl.

    «Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful...»

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You are Beautiful➽ [Download] ✤ You are Beautiful By Flores Isler ➲ – A woman’s guide to achieve selfcontentment and inner peace
A book that will empower women, boost their selfesteem and help fight against negativity and depression
God created you truly valua A woman’s guide to achieve selfcontentment and inner peaceA book that will empower women, boost their selfesteem and help fight against negativity and depressionGod created you truly valuable and special The true beauty in you will eventually unfold You are, indeed, a beautiful creature and this book will tell you whyA good read also for men who want to see the beauty of life, which they might not have noticed or just had taken for granted before.

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