The Failure of Political Islam PDF Õ Failure of

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Failure of Political Islam
  • Olivier Roy
  • English
  • 18 February 2015
  • 9780674291409

10 thoughts on “The Failure of Political Islam

  1. Lumumba Shakur Lumumba Shakur says:

    The one review of this book on this site does not do it justice Hence this is my take This book is perhaps the best statement and explanation on why Islamism as a political tool has failed miserably Far from being rooted in the Islamic scholarly tradition political Islam is a reactionary movement whose ideological philosophy is rooted in Marxism and the violent revolutionary program that gave so much expression to the Independence Movements during the 50s 60s and 70s Though I do not agree with 100% of Olivier Roy's conclusions the book nonetheless is a must read for anyone interested in global politics and the role that Islam is blamed for playing in global terrorism Far from being the conseuences of the teachings of a 7th century Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace it is of a case of chickens and roosting Daniel Pipes hates the book That has to count for something The fact that critics of the book cannot see how September 11th proves the authors thesis only demonstrates that when people have made up their minds facts mean absolutely nothing I would highly recommend that this book be read in conjunction with Imperial Hubris and War at the Top of the World I am a Muslim and I do not disagree with the author Not all Orientalists are bad

  2. Tariq Mahmood Tariq Mahmood says:

    Why cannot be Islam accepted like Christianity in the West? Is it because Islam and politics don't mix or is Islam actually a culture in itself?West has used two methods to deal with Muslim minority multiculturalism and assimilation Multiculturalism assumes that the culture remains the same generation after generation while assimilation means that culture disappears in the mainstreamThe book has probably the best description of Islam ism and new fundamentalism I have read thus far Check this out 'Since sovereignty belongs only to God the Islamists reject the notion of popular sovereignty and accord only contingent value to the elective principle If no individual comes forward as the evident 'Amir' then he can be elected by an advisory assembly or even by universal suffrage both of which in this case do not express sovereignty but community consensus'Wow so that's the reason why the Islamists reject all politics and populism movements Scary stuff if you hail from Pakistan But there is good news as well as most of the leaders of the movement Maududi Hasan al Banna Syed utub Ali Shariati Khomeini are dead with no real decedents leaving only brochures prayers feeble glosses and citations of canonical authors It had to happen when you consider all the leading Islamists apart from Khomeini did not hail from the Ulema heritage and spent most of their energies taking down recognised Ulema of their eras therefore it is logical that their fans and supporters had to reject any of their descendants Relax Pakistanis this is only a passing phase Check out some of the should be assertions coming out of the current Islamic mouthpiece 'if everyone is virtuous then harmony automatically exists among men' Also 'there is no reuirement of state if society is virtuous then it can exist on itself' And 'in Jihad there is no obligation to produce result' The trouble is that Islamists are caught in the vicious cycle of 'no Islamic state without virtuous Muslims and no Muslims without Islamic state?' arguments I am pretty sure enough individual dialogue will expose the weakness of this Islamic dialogue eventuallyThe book also explains the ideology of the new fundamentalist their hate of Western clothing sports and especially their isolation where even non Muslims greeting them with Asalamu Alaikum is frowned upon They also tend to reject any participation of women in politics and shun intellectual research replacing it with fideism reliance on faith which means that everything Islam says is true and rationalAnd what constitutes of a new intellectual of the new fundamentalists? According to Olivier 'The new intellectual is a mere tinkerer; he creates a montage as his personal itinerary guides him of segments of knowledge using methods that come from a different conceptual universe than the segments he recombines creating a totality that is imaginary than theoretical'I have found his analysis very relevant and practical when I consider my numerous dialogues with these new intellectuals Objective analysis like these are instrumental in understanding ever shifting trends in current Islamic thought which are become ever difficult to grasp in dearth of any literary giants of the now defunct Islamism movementThe book concludes with a prophetic analysis how can new fundamentalism succeed when it's predecessor giant Islamists failed to change the mainstream Muslims? The constant hatred and rejection of Western culture is a mere attempt at recognition with an element of fascination A fundamentalist society does not represent hated of the other but rather of oneself and of one's desires He goes on further Islamisation is actually an agent in the secularisation of Muslim society because it brings the religious space into the political arena Wow what an analysis Olivier cites Islamic Iran as an example where religious practices are on the down

  3. Reyhan Reyhan says:

    Seeing Islam from another point of view orientalist that isis what we get by reading this book This book shows us why the Islam political movement this term is different with Islamic politic always faces it's obstacle if failure being to harsh in the attempt to realize the idealistic Islam 'khilafah' Case example were showed from the event happened in Algeria Iran and other countries The content is debatable and most Muslims will surely disagree the author's argument but what important is that history holds the fact doing political Islam is still not the rightest answer to achieve the goal to create an Islamic society Still again it's a 'khilafiyah' term can't blame the author it's his point of view though

  4. William William says:

    Roy offers a very good sociological study of Political Islam in the 20th Century with special attention as to why it failed as a political movement The book does a good job of covering the sources background and ideology of the movement It also distinguishes between Fundamentalism Islamism Political Islam and Neo Fundamentalism explaining the often porous boundaries something badly needed to understand much of the conflict taking place in the world today Although written in the mid 90s the book still makes for essential reading and debunks the myth that terror is inherently Islamic showing rather that it is the result of the geo politics of the last roughly century

  5. P P says:

    Roy is an expert in examining subtleties within Islam and this book holds up remarkably well Islamists have gained power after the Arab Spring but they did not cause it and Roy provides a partial explanation as to why Moreover his discussion of Islamic economics is spot on

  6. Muhammad M. Alaraby Muhammad M. Alaraby says:

    The coming to power of movements such as FIS will only make apparent the emptiness of the phantasm of Islamic state #Roy

  7. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    Roy's The Failure of Political Islam is an interesting prelude to his later work Globalised Islam The former raises many important concepts such as neofundamentalism and how political 'Islam' fails that will be further expanded in the latter Roy's important contribution is his not taking anything for granted approach in dissecting the phenomenon of political Islam Using a wide range of resources from history to sociology to agents and discourse Roy provides a compelling and necessarily diverse picture of political Islam what it is what it is not and most importantly what it will never become in specific reference to the transnational supra politics pan Muslim polity imagined that many Islamist actors and supporters yearned for and feared by the secularist and 'Western' actors alike Roy's contribution lies in his willingness not only to take the various Islamisms which forms an integral factor to its 'failure' in their own terms but also to critiue the project on those terms One may argue that the individual chapters on Afghanistan and Iran which probably reflects the author's geographical area of expertise rather than carefully selected case studies undermines the coherence of the book or the fact that less attention was given to political Islam that developed at the 'periphery' of the Muslim world ie IndonesiaMalaysia or that the term neofundamentalism is used too loosely and arbitrary for example how is the FIS which contested elections a neofundamentalist as opposed to being just an Islamist? Yet there is no denying this is a book of paramount importance to those committed to a grounded study of Islamism in terms that do not exoticise the phenomenon to the point of orientalist essentialism nor rendering it so flat that the contours richness and the exceptional ualities of this tour de force to a point if according to Roy called political Islam cannot be analysed systematically Failure is certainly a bold statement to make of a phenomenon that saw no abatement notwithstanding the pulling power of the so called Caliphate somewhat reified by ISIS puts to the test his theory that the status uo of nationhoods will defeat any calls for a revolutionary statehood But I believe Roy through his comprehensive engagements that ranged from the lumpenintelligentsia to the mullahs and the warlords from imaginations to material socia life has earned his credentials to pass such a judgement

  8. Priyo Jatmiko Priyo Jatmiko says:

    While the book contains many good data insighful uestions and discussion it fails to argue on his primary thesis on the failure of political islam simply because he fails to define what is and in what terms is he referring about political islam Without this definition and clear distinction on semantic conceptual he falls on fallacy that all of the phenomenon he received as the supporting proof of his hypothesis which is unfair look at these examples when the Al Azhar prominent issuing a fatwas to save politics to politician he refer to politic islam is fail when MB changing in both practical and conceptual political expression and movement through the times he simply refer to political islam is fail when most of the parties in South East Asian moslem countries do not refer their platform of politics to strict islamic terms he refer to politic islam is fail when Al aeda and alike acting their war and terrorism to the west and opposing the ruler of moslem country he refer to politic islam is now failSo what is the meaning? This is a verification fallacy without clear meaning of politic islam and what is the condition for his hypothesis of the failure of political islam it cannot be falsified and his verfication on fact are basically useless and scientifically cheating toHowever it is still a good book

  9. Ararat Kostanian Ararat Kostanian says:

    Although I don't agree that political islam failed but I would say this author is one of the top specialist in the field his argument makes sense I must read

  10. David Elizardi David Elizardi says:

    French author the perversion of Muslim faith into utopian political mvmt unable to remain in power very long 1992Also wrote Holy Ignorance when religion and culture part

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The Failure of Political Islam[Ebook] ➦ The Failure of Political Islam Author Olivier Roy – For many Westerners the 1990s may seem the era of Islamic fundamentalism with radical Muslims everywhere on the march remaking societies and altering the landscape of contemporary politics Offering a For many Westerners of Political PDF ☆ the s may seem the era of Islamic fundamentalism with radical Muslims everywhere on the march remaking societies and altering the landscape of contemporary politics Offering a corrective to such a view the French political philosopher Olivier Roy depicts an entirely different spectacle political Islam is a failure Save for Iran it has not won power in the states of the Muslim The Failure Kindle - world He asserts that despite its incantation about an Islamic way with a specifically Islamic economy and Islamic state the realities of the Muslim world remain fundamentally unchanged This text argues that the political regimes of the s are no different from those of the last decade; and the Islamism of the s is still the Third Worldism of the s that is populist politics and Failure of Political PDF/EPUB Ã mixed economies of laissez faire for the rich and subsidies for the poor Roy asserts that the reds of yesterday are the Muslim greens of today and there is little prospect that the newcomers will succeed where their predecessors failed This argument reassesses radical Islam and the set of ideas and assumptions at its core.

About the Author: Olivier Roy

A professor at of Political PDF ☆ the European University Institute in Florence Italy; he was previously a research director at the French National Center for Scientific Research CNRS and a lecturer for both the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences EHESS and the Institut d'Études Politiues de Paris IEP From to he has acted as a consultant to the French Foreign Ministry In The Failure Kindle - Ro.