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The Damned ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ The Damned Author Renée Ahdieh – Following the events of The Beautiful Sébastien Saint Germain is now cursed and forever changed The treaty between the Fallen and the Brotherhood has been broken and war between the immortals seems i Following the events of The Beautiful Sébastien Saint Germain is now cursed and forever changed The treaty between the Fallen and the Brotherhood has been broken and war between the immortals seems imminent The price of loving Celine was costly But Celine has also paid a high price for loving Bastien Still recovering from injuries sustained during a night she can’t uite remember her dreams are troubled And she doesn’t know she has inadvertently set into motion a chain of events that could lead to her demise and unveil a truth about herself she’s not uite ready to learn Forces hiding in the shadows have been patiently waiting for this moment for centuries And just as Bastien and Celine begin to uncover the danger around them they learn their love could tear them apart New York Times bestselling author Renée Ahdieh returns with the second installment of her new sumptuous sultry and romantic series The Beautiful.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Sadly this seuel is like The Beautiful but with nowhere near enough sexy vampness to keep it thrillingTo be fair I thought The Beautiful was only okay I gave it three stars It was a bit of mindless entertainment and I'm a sucker ha pun for sexy vampires let's be honest But the world itself was uite weak the setting felt nothing like 1872 and the whole supernatural politics aspect was not interesting to me With this book I really just wanted some BastienCeline smut lol Or like makeouts at leastUnfortunately that part was lacking I mean when the makeouts did happen it was deliciously steamy but the problem is that The Damned tries to get bigger and wilder with the plot and the result is an odd mishmash of mythologies and supernatural creatures There is so much wishy washy paranormal info about vampires werewolves enchantresses ethereals but none of it had much depth Also the first 150 pages of this book were a struggle because they consist of moving through different POVs and talking about what they want but can’t have and what they don’t remember and mysterious dark plans that they can’t tell you about evil laugh Nothing actually happens though And when it does happen it all hits at once in a seemingly random stream of supernatural occurrences That part where one minute they are in New Orleans and literally the next minute they are in Maharashtra visiting the Lady of the Vale gave me whiplash I predicted correctly that Celine Michael and Bastien would end up in some faux love triangle One where Michael is clearly the third wheel and never a realistic candidate for Celine's heart making any romantic scene between the two of them boring because there's absolutely no tension or excitement This is paranormal YA is she really going to pick the safe boring detective over the sexy naughty vampire? What do YOU think?The secondary characters overall were kinda bland even this book's villain Everything is built up around Celine and Bastien so I was indifferent to the other characters' subplots and betrayalsFor some reason I had assumed this was a duology perhaps because Ahdieh's previous books were but it is clearly left open for a seuel Given the way this resolved I am thinking the next book will be of the same so I will probably give it a missFacebook | Instagram

  2. jessica jessica says:

    the ueen of duologies has done it again except this time she knows her own greatness and has decided to expand this series to than two books and i am so excited its what this story truly deserves what makes this installment so great is the world expansion yes the writing is just as easy breezy the characters are still as loveable but the entire world grew with this and it was really interesting to read about so many new characters so many new side plots so many small intricate parts to a larger story overall yes this could be considered a filler seuel but it feels like filler with a purposealso i would be a terrible reviewer if i didnt mention bastian is pretty much the primary focus of this book hes my bae so i love that so much page time is dedicated to him my heart was so invested in his growth and journey 3again im so happy this series is going to be than just a duology considering the story went in a direction i wasnt expecting i really cant even predict what will happen next↠ 45 stars

  3. Amber (The Book Bratz) Amber (The Book Bratz) says:

    I’m 5 minutes post THE BEAUTIFUL and all I know is I need this book now

  4. ♡ Dakota ♡ (Sarcasm is my middle name) ♡ Dakota ♡ (Sarcasm is my middle name) says:

    Did Renee Ahdieh sell her soul to the devil to get the most beautiful covers ever?

  5. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Tataaaa Can you hear booing coming from the die hard fans of the book? Yes that’s my cue to announce my unpopular review Unfortunately hot steamy thrilling supernatural fantasy romance hasn’t found at this moment so I’ll try again a few books later First book of the series was okay three starred Switzerland I didn’t hate it but I’m not fan of characters and world building reading After the cliffhanger I was still curious about how the story will evolve and how insta love story of charming vampire and Memento Celine yes she lost very important part of her memorieswill develop and I crossed my fingers because I needed to read about vampire world big secrets their big scheme But second book failed me a lotFirstly there is a bombardment of information about supernatural entities made me feel like I’m getting a class called introduction to the supernatural world and its most lovely creatures that’s right my dear friends we’re lectured about the historical improvement of werewolves vampires ethereal etc My brain cells constantly ache after the longest and most boring intro of supernatural worldAnd yes let’s talk about the most unreliable love triangle Celine Bastien and Michael We have sexy charismatic alluring vampire and flat annoying boring detective Oh boy I’m so sorry for Celine How could she choose between them? The decision will be so tough I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes of course I’ll choosing the hot vampire and hit the road I have to admit when I read the love scenes between Celine and Michael I hired an assistant to keep my eyelids open so I couldn’t fall asleep Yes it was boring and nonsense than Netflix’s Insatiable and their decision to renew series for season 2 I love paranormal romance genre with great mythological vibes accompanied by enchanting atmosphere of NOLABut the story’s progression weak world building and lack of passion of characters’ forbidden love story made me lose my interestSo yes even though I fell in love with the book’s fantastic cover I didn’t enjoy the rest of the story and I don’t think I’ll continue to read the end of it I’ll pass the final book giving my two stars starting to run before listening the insults and protests of the series’ true loversbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

  6. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Me disliked the first bookMe sees a giveaway of the 2ndMy brain What are you doingMy brain StopMy brain NENIAAAMe click

  7. Stacee Stacee says:

    After that ending of The Beautiful there was no way I was going to skip this oneI love love loved Celine in this one She’s experienced even and stands stronger than ever I loved her tenacity and refusal to be placated Bastian is even intriguing this time around I was captivated reading him figure out how he moves forward And again I could have done with 5000% OdettePlot wise it was a bit info dumpy in the beginning but I relished finally knowing the backstory of everything Once things got going there were reveals and false trails and I was here for all of my second guessing I will say that the ending felt very unfinished and I’m hoping there will be another book I've been told from several people that it's going to be multiple books but haven't seen an official announcementOverall I loved Renée’s take on vampires and will absolutely read anything she puts her name onHuge thanks to GP Putnam’s Sons BFYR for providing the arc free of charge

  8. Roshani Chokshi Roshani Chokshi says:

    Hi my name is Mrs Arjun Desai No I will not be taking uestions at this time Duh I loved this book Beautiful tortured Bastien Takes Shit From Absolutely No One Celine Rousseau And then Toussaint the snek Oh and the stellar worldbuildingthe lurking presence of the Otherworld and V A M P I R E S A clear win

  9. Angela Staudt Angela Staudt says:

    Thank you Penguin Teen for an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewLet me just start off by saying The Beautiful was one of my favorite books of 2019 Renee Ahdieh brings back vampires but makes them so much breathtaking and beautiful I was blown away with how luscious the writing style was and how dark and mysterious New Orleans was The Damned blew my mind I was not expecting this book to go the way it did at all but I can’t get over how much I loved it “Life is not given to any of us Neither is love A hundred thousand years will not teach you that truth You must accept it for yourself” He turns to me “What you are has no bearing on who you become Sebastien Man or demon that is entirely up to you It is never too late to chase the better version of yourself”The Damned is definitely focused on Bastien and we see a lot through his point of view which I loved so so much Renee weaves this magnificent story together that is so stunning and intriguing you want to know everything and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Bastien’s emotions his passions his strengths and weaknesses I care so much for Sebastien Saint Germain and getting to know his darkest most inner thoughts was the best thing I could have asked for Besides Bastien we see a lot perspectives which was a total plus for me I won’t spoil it and say who all we get to know better but you won’t be disappointed Celine is what made me love The Beautiful she is a strong independent woman who doesn’t care about how she looks or acts for society She does what she loves even if it isn’t up to par with societies standards We don’t see nearly as much of Celine during the first half of the book but with the way the story flowed so smoothly I didn’t mind “Because of everything that happened I’ve learned to love myself ” she said “And is that not the best gift any trial in life can give you? The power to love yourself today better than you did the day before”Another thing I truly enjoyed was all of the action and world building I was completely caught off guard when we aren’t just dealing with vampires any Renee brings in every sort of creature and it’s phenomenal Honestly I knew we would see of the vampire side of New Orleans and I was correct but I learned so much of the history as well I loved all the twists and turns this book had and was absolutely thrown off with the ending I actually would appreciate if the next book were in my hands right now I can say without a doubt Renee has set up a riveting series because of all that she included in this book; I can’t wait to see where this series goes All I know for sure is I can’t wait

  10. ˗ˏˋ aphrodite ˊˎ˗ ˗ˏˋ aphrodite ˊˎ˗ says:

    155 starsso weird that the standalone the beautiful somehow has a seuel sounds fake to meif you would have told me that the seuel to one of my favorite books of 2019 was going to suck this bad ha I would not have believed you I don’t even know what to say save that this literally felt like a completely different book all the characters I loved in the first did not have the same charm and allure as they did in the beautiful bastien who I LOVED was the most annoying character as he was constantly whining his character went from a charismatic swoon worthy love interest to boneless elena gilbert in 300 pages celine one of my fav characters of ALL of 2019 was out of character through the WHOLE BOOK because she had amnesia for most of it she was SUCH a strong and beautiful character who brought so much light to the first book to see her reduced to a shell of a person with minimal page time was so so disappointing a true crime and don’t even get me started on her “lineage” okay michael was also SO BORINGGGGGG and I loved him and celine too their banter was so cute and I was hoping this series would have given me the love triangle I’m craving this book not only butchered the characters I already loved but also added perspectives of characters I couldn’t care less about WHY did they get chapter perspectives but celine couldn’t have a personality??? make it make sense this book’s plot and the way the story goes is the biggest mess of 2020 I was a big defender of the beautiful when people said there “weren’t enough vampires” but with THE DAMNED they were NOT enough vampires I was hoping we were going to get lore history but instead of polishing an aspect of the book that was left with a lot of mystery the author decided to bring in 5 other mythical beings with eually shallow world building UGH I’m so freaking upset about this book I loved the beautiful so much and I don’t even know what the point of this story was It didn’t have the incredible characters the lush writing was missing the historical elements of the stunning city of new orleans was missing the mystery was gone there were zero stakes and I’m SAD in the worse way possible this is absolute going to be on my worst of the year list and I can’t even believe that’s the case pls mourn my loss with me

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