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Nemesis The Final Case of Eliot Ness [PDF / Epub] ✅ Nemesis The Final Case of Eliot Ness By William Bernhardt – In his bestselling legal thrillers William Bernhardt has explored the dark side of contemporary politics power and the law Now Bernhardt turns back the clock to the city of Cleveland Ohio in the fall In his bestselling legal thrillers Final Case Kindle Ï William Bernhardt has explored the dark side of contemporary politics power and the law Now Bernhardt turns Nemesis The Kindle - back the clock to the city of Cleveland Ohio in the fall of Based on true events and new discoveries about Eliot The Final Case PDF/EPUB Ã Ness Nemesis is a brilliantly told story featuring this legendary lawman's fateful duel with a terrifyingly new kind of criminal America's first serial The Final Case of Eliot eBook Ï killerIn Chicago Eliot Ness had created 'The Untouchables' the fabled team of federal agents who were beyond corruption and who finally put Al Capone behind bars Now the headline grabbing Ness has been moved to Cleveland where a new mayor desperately needs some positive publicity The heroic sueaky clean Fed is the perfect man to become the city's director of public safety but by the time Ness starts his new job a killer has started a career of his own And this man is as obsessed with blood and mayhem as Eliot Ness is obsessed with justiceOne by one bodies are found each one decapitated and uniuely dissected with a doctor's skill and a madman's bent The The Final Case of Eliot eBook Ï police are baffled the population is terrorized and newspaper headlines blare about the so called 'Torso Killer' Though it's not his turf Ness is forced to cross bureaucratic boundaries and take over the case working with a dogged street smart detective and making enemies every step of the way The energy Ness pours into the investigation the it takes over his life his marriage even his untouchable reputation Because in Cleveland there is only one true untouchable a killer who has the perfect hiding place and the perfect plan for destroying Eliot NessFrom the first primitive use of forensic psychology to a portrait of America battling the Great Depression and a man battling his own demons Nemesis is a masterwork of mystery murder and vivid dynamic historical suspense.

About the Author: William Bernhardt

William Bernhardt is the author Final Case Kindle Ï of forty seven books including the bestselling Ben Kincaid series the historical novels Challengers of the Dust Nemesis The Kindle - and Nemesis two books of poetry The White Bird and The Ocean’s Edge and the Red Sneaker books on fiction writing His most The Final Case PDF/EPUB Ã recent novel is The Last Chance Lawyer the first in a new series of legal thrillers featuring rebel lawyer Daniel Pike In add.

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  1. Teechbiz Teechbiz says:

    Honestly before I read the book I knew very little about Eliot Ness except for he had something to do with the Untouchables Years ago I remember hearing something about the Torso Murders Now that I've read this book I feel that the case was solved but it was covered up for political expediency I realize this was fiction but you can tell the author did his homework While I was reading I would google various things about Ness and the murders Wow Worth reading

  2. Mmmhhmm Mmmhhmm says:

    Despite my poor rating I did not hate this book More like really disappointed in itOf course I read this book cause I saw the Untouchables I read the wikipedia page on Ness before I started this book so I know beforehand it wasn't really Ness who caught Al Capone or that he was the great American hero the movie put him out to be In the author's note in the back of the book shows Bernhardt really did his research and many of the situations that happened in the book happened in real life Of course certain creative liberties were takenAnd yet how does a book that's about a serial killer who's modus operandi was chopping up people into itty bitty little pieces be so darn slow and boring?The author should've taken a lot creative liberties Get crazy But because he wanted to stay true to the actual murders things got slow and repetitive For goodness sake Ness doesn't even take part of the investigation till nearly HALF WAY into the book I know I was keeping track For the first half all Ness does is track down a few non important traffickers and fight with his wife And he fights with his wife A LOT No don't think he's abusive towards her She's angry cause he's an absent husband and he keeps making promises he doesn't keep Rinse and repeat for two hundred pagesWhen Ness finally gets involved with the murders that's when things get a little fun The dialogue gets witty the interactions with other investigators is interesting and one my favorite parts was when Ness has a battle of wits with a lying sheriff Also seeing some of the folk getting all fan boy on Ness Does that mean we're Untouchables now? is shit loads of fun For me what really got the final nail on the coffin was the climax with the torso killer The conversation between them SUUUUUCKS Good lord it's literally the same words spoken over and over againI see myself in youI'm nothing like youYes we're very alike aren't we? We share the same infirmityI may take a drink now and then but I'm nothing like youWe are nothing alike NothingI'm nothing like youI'm nothing like you I am not exaggerating those are taken straight from the book Pg 337 if you wanna double check Overall this could've been so much better so much fun

  3. Dkeslin Dkeslin says:

    Based on true fact Eliot Ness of Al Capone fame tracks the first serial killer in Cleveland in the fall of 1935 A chilling fast rread full of excitement

  4. Peggy Peggy says:

    I listened to this audiobook I guess I expected than this book could deliver I admit I know nothing about Eliot Ness so I didn't know he was such a loser I remember Robert Stack from my childhood TV days but this Eliot Ness is so tone deaf and arrogant it was hard for me to take He is fresh off his Capone catching glory days in Chicago Ness has moved to Cleveland to clean up the corruption in the police department implement new traffic safety laws and form a boys club for the Depression Era youth All well and good but he gets dragged kicking and screaming into investigating a gruesome serial killer who chops up his victims Time and time again Ness ignores advice; he seems to toggle between being unconcerned about the killer and being vigilant about him He ignores his wife as she begs to him to spend time with her The case ends up unsolved and Ness is okay with that even though he knows very well who the killer is I hated it

  5. Marsha Marsha says:

    This is an engaging historical mystery Eliot Ness has put away Capone and now is the safety director of Cleveland Ohio He just wants to make the city saferidding it of drugs and gambling and adding street lights boys clubs etc Ness never meant to become embroiled in tracking a sadistic serial killerIn the afterword you learn that this story was based on facts which makes it even intriguing

  6. Jay Arcy Jay Arcy says:

    It was a super slow start I tried reading the first few pages so many times Then skipped to chapter two When it became interesting I went back to the prologue or was that chapter 1 and I've enjoyed it since Made me stay up late at night Engaging except the first few chapters

  7. Rick Ludwig Rick Ludwig says:

    I'm a Bill Bernhardt fan as anyone who has read my previous reviews of his Ben Kincaid series can tell you But this book is a special kind of jewel It stands alone and draws you into to a story that is mostly or almost totally real depending on how you want to take it Like Eliot Ness the book does its job with dedication and skill and cares little about where the trail will ultimately lead Ness is drawn as a persistent but flawed character who is only truly alive when he is stretching all of the rules to make the world he lives in safer by his own definition of safer of course You can hate him idolize him or complain he's too set in his ways but you cannot ignore him Even those who fight him or betray him know that he is someone to respect I knew nothing of this last case of his and learned a great deal about the realities of the mid 1930s from Bernhardt's finely drawn and obviously accurate portrait of Cleveland Ohio in 1935 His characters deserved my attention and his plot moved at a brisk and compelling pace through a landscape true to its time and circumstances I love historical fiction as my reviews of William Martin's many fine books discloses But I now know another favorite author who is as adept in this genre as in the others he's tackled Let's have like this okay Bill?

  8. Sherry Sherry says:

    Somewhat of a cross between historical fiction and fact Nemesis is based upon actual events from the 30's and information that came to light years later surrounding a case that Eliot Ness was involved with in the years that followed his Chicago success in putting away Al CaponeThe story was interesting and intriguing and was a fairly easy read Most interesting to me were the little historical tidbits such as Ness working so hard to install traffic signals that reduced the death rate from 400 to 40 in Cleveland Never really thought about traffic signals much but it stands to reason there was a time without them in big cities and you can only imagine the chaos The book is clearly labeled fiction but it wove fact and fiction together well Ness is portrayed as a man driven to solve the case of a serial killer who is hacking up transients in Cleveland during the depression The greater nemesis however proves to be the political machinery that Ness gets caught up in as well as his own drive and refusal to let the past goAll in all a good book Definitely made me want to read about Ness and that time in our history

  9. Mary Mary says:

    I was really disappointed in this book After all lots of things for me to like Depression setting in Cleveland no less a serial killer and a wonderful if flawed heroSo what's wrong here? I've never read Bernhardt but he manages to make the business of serial killing well boringExcept for Eliot Ness's speeches to the press and the public the dialog is uninspired And the suspected murderer? Just a stick figure not the bogey man who's been suspected of also perping the Black Dahlia murderThis sounds so mean spirited; maybe I was expecting too much but bottom line is this the book was perhaps rushed to publication as much of the writing was lack luster and uninspired Too bad as a good editor could have brought it around

  10. Ice Ice says:

    In Chicago Eliot Ness created “the Untouchables” the fabled team of federal agents who finally put Al Capone behind bars Now in the fall of 1935 Ness has been moved to Cleveland to become the city’s director of public safety But as Ness starts his new job a grisly serial killer starts a career of his own One by one bodies are found each one decapitated and dissected with a doctor’s skill and a madman’s bent The police are baffled and the population is terrorized over the so called “Torso Killer” Though it’s not his turf Ness is forced to take over the case but the energy he pours into the investigation the it takes over his life and even his untouchable reputation Because in Cleveland there is only one true untouchable a killer who has the perfect hiding place and the perfect plan for destroying Eliot Ness

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