How to Thrive in the 21st Century - By Avoiding Porn and

How to Thrive in the 21st Century - By Avoiding Porn and Other Distractions ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ How to Thrive in the 21st Century - By Avoiding Porn and Other Distractions Author Havard Mela – Most people aspire to achieve something deep down For every porn video we watch, our chance of living our dreams is diminished

Our brain thinks we are balling out of control when we are only Most Thrive in the 21st Kindle - people aspire Thrive in PDF ↠ to achieve something deep down For every porn video we watch, our chance of living our dreams is diminished Our brain thinks we are balling out of control when we are only blowing a load into a Kleenex This affects willpower, discipline, motivation, courage, social skills – basically every attribute required to accomplish something Did you know that watching porn will kill your neurotransmitters responsible for happiness, leaving you depressed and unhappy? If you squander hours looking for the perfect scene, years can go by, and you can find yourself being the How to Epub / same personyears later, missing out on life Nobody told the author about the dangers of this when he was young This book is written to be the resource we wish we had at ageWith all the stimulation we regularly encounter through social media, the Internet, TV, commercials, porn, news and so on, we must regain control amidst the chaos Porn affects us subtly and it can be difficult to notice the consequences Many people don’t connect the dots between issues in their life and porn use In this book, you will uncover how porn affects your to Thrive in PDF ↠ life and why you should quit immediately! Havard Mela will show you how to take conscious control of your life! You will find a gripping tale based on personal experience and extensive research on the topic Havard provides a blueprint for beating your unwanted habits He'll show you, step by step, how to regain control of your focus and ultimately, your life You will learn the reasons you are unable to regulate your porn use, along with actionable advice on how to quit How to Thrive in the st Century talks about leaving porn from a psychological perspective You will uncover and resolve deeply rooted psychological issues that give lasting results instead of finding tips and tricks that don't work You will find a multidisciplinary approach about the topic that draws in the latest science from psychology, neuroscience, heuristics, willpower, selfcontrol, philosophy, the science behind addiction, purpose, perspectives and much.

10 thoughts on “How to Thrive in the 21st Century - By Avoiding Porn and Other Distractions

  1. John John says:

    I appreciated reading this book by first-time author, Havard Mela. Havard brings a new and refreshing angle to distractions in the 21st century -- porn, social media, alcohol, video games, and other potential addictions.

    Other books/articles I have read take a shame, shame - just stop it or purely scientific approach to addiction. This book asks, Who do you want to be?

    For much of the book, I poured through it and was close to giving it 5 stars. I felt like the last 4th of the book just went on too long and became a bit repetitive. However, there are a lot of good insights and raw material throughout.

    Two insights I appreciated:
    Commercials, entertainment and news websites all contain pictures of half-naked at times and sometimes even fully naked people. Historically, graphic images only presented itself when an actual opportunity for mating was present. Today, these images are available everywhere. The instinct we possess to pursue all these sexual opportunities is how many end up addicted.

    And secondly, the concept of little daily decisions -- asking yourself, If I did what I did now for 100 days, what would I look like afterwards? Whether it is a good thing or troublesome one. If I ate this bag of fries every day for 100 days.... or if I did this 10 push-ups every day for 100 days.

    I look forward to reading more books by Havard Mela.

  2. Charles Franklin Charles Franklin says:

    This is actually a needed book in the NoFap/NoPorn community because there's a lot of over-hyped bro scienceand rumors. How to Thrive talks about leaving porn addiction from a psychological perspective, breaking down why porn is so addictive and ways to break up from it (while also improving your life). Havard makes a big point that many other porn addiction recovery books don't talk about: Your goal has to be bigger than your addiction or you will never fully break free. I like his 8 week plan (considering it for a future challenge) and like the fact that the books is down-to-Earth.

    This book is kind of like the Atomic Habits of the NoFap movement.

  3. Damiano Casula Damiano Casula says:

    I loved this book. Maybe it is not the best written book, but it's also the first book by the author. It still deserves 5 full stars and I consider it a fundamental step in tackling porn addiction first and help you modify your behavior in a positive way.

  4. Kahleb Kahleb says:

    I feel like gaining the perspective from someone who conquered these very same hurdles as many of us face today gives this book a unique edge. I believe it plays at its strengths the most when it tackles the author's personal anecdotes and overall outlook towards overcoming porn addiction in the second half. I find the headspace of someone having first-hand experience with the topic to be infinitely more compelling than most of the reiteration of studies I believe other sources have covered in greater detail. Nonetheless I find Harvard to be a capable author, especially when you consider this is his first venture into the literary sphere. I found it to be a gripping read and a fair share of his philosophies resonated with me by the time I was through. It takes strength to go against the grain, and the author demonstrates adherence to his word by speaking out in relation to something we've only yet to see the true nature of in time.

  5. Adrian Villanos Adrian Villanos says:

    Top book on quilting porn full of real strategies to implement

    Why this good is a great book on quilting porn in my opinion
    1. well written to the point well researched on the subject
    2. Every chapter is filled with useful material that's understandable
    3. This book has real helpful strategies to quit porn and strategies on how to replace the habit with something you love
    After reading 100s of books I definitely think this guy going to do massive amounts of more great work in the future

  6. Torgeir Andresen Torgeir Andresen says:

    Awesome book! Showcases a problem you might not even know you have, and how changing a few, but correct things in your life can take you to the next level.

  7. Ask Franck Ask Franck says:

    Beta book for anyone who knows deep down that porn/masturbation might be holding them back. If anything will motivate you to follow through, this is it.

  8. Yannis Adam Yannis Adam says:

    This book is invaluable. You can learn a lot about human psychology and how this knowledge can help you modify your behaviour positively.

  9. Sabin Sabin says:

    First thing’s first: The author provided me with an electronic copy of the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

    In short, this book contextualizes porn as a source of addiction for some individuals and dispenses practical advice to people who feel that porn has invaded their lives and that they need to do something about it. So this text is aimed at the individual, the very person who needs to take action. To this end, in the manner of self-help guides everywhere, you get asked the hard questions, you get practical advice and you also get a bit of scientific context, which supports and substantiates the approach.

    Actually, even though it doesn’t really draw the whole picture on the psychology and neuroscience of addiction (and the jury’s still out on the matter of porn as an addiction), it does, rather successfully, address the competing, and valid, viewpoint that porn can be used by a person to relieve stress. The author clearly states that porn use, whether excessive or not, is rooted in a deeper issue and that, in order to overcome it, a person needs to find purpose and follow that purpose. And by breaking that purpose into attainable goals (the usual in self-help and personal management books), is, in fact, the key to relieving stress in the first place. So yes, you’re relieving stress when using porn, but you’re treating the symptoms instead of the cause, while self-help books like this one aim to give a person purpose, so that any other issue that may be causing the aforementioned stress becomes irrelevant and is ultimately replaced with this new purpose.

    I must also mention that the author’s writing style is not the cleanest and most comfortable to the reader. He’s not a native english speaker and did not have the luxury of an editor, which is noticeable. What you get are paragraphs with quite short sentences and with a full stop almost every line. It’s not your average self help book and it doesn’t flow like other books whose authors try almost too hard to keep the reader engaged by using every storytelling technique in the book.

    Strangely enough, although it's not really to my liking, this book feels more genuine. There is a strange rhythmic quality to the text, a staccato which drives home a point with every sentence and every full stop. And these short sentences express a sense of urgency by which they convey to the reader that he (I’m assuming that most readers are going to be “he”s) should get off his ass and do something to change his life. This style may also be something which caters to people who really have a very short attention span and need those full stops often to digest the information in small, bite-size chunks.

    I’d really recommend the book to people who accept that they have a porn related problem and want to change.

  10. Valerio Valerio says:

    A fine introduction in NoFap - NoSurf, etc. movements.

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