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Breathing Room ❰Download❯ ➻ Breathing Room Author Patricia Elam – In her dazzling debut novel award winning author Patricia Elam takes us into the lives of two completely different women whose friendship has helped them weather just about everything But now they're In her dazzling debut novel award winning author Patricia Elam takes us into the lives of two completely different women whose friendship has helped them weather just about everything But now they're at a crossroads where understanding may not be enough a place where they must risk it all to rediscover what they cherish most Photographer Norma Simmons Greer has a loving husband a lively young son and an upper middle class lifestyle Probation officer Moxie Dilliard is as dedicated to her ideals as she is to her talented teenage daughter Zadi Best friends after meeting in college Norma and Moxie are each other's reality check and reassurance But suddenly the bond between them begins to unravel in unexpected ways Anguished over the loss of her second child and her husband's recent withdrawal Norma takes refuge in a complex love affair that puts her at odds with Moxie and with herself Haunted by her beloved mother's inspiring yet disturbing emotional legacy Moxie struggles to understand her friend while her own refusal to compromise threatens to shatter her relationship with Zadi And a devastating crisis will challenge both women to face the hardest of truths With insight humor and heartbreaking immediacy Patricia Elam presents a beautifully written portrait of two unforgettable women and the teenager they both cherish as they negotiate the ever shifting terrain of friendship and identity A wise tender novel of what love can and cannot survive Breathing Room is also an exploration of how the past can at once inspire and limit us and of the pain and promise that accompany us on the journey we all share.

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  1. Deb Deb says:

    Good story Good characters Nostalgic Surprisingly I really liked this book This is my first time reading a book by this author and I wasn't sure what to expect At first a few things gave me the impression that it might be a little stereotypical but upon further reading I saw that it wasn't It is just truthful I found myself feeling uite familiar with the lives of the characters and even a bit nostalgic to the outlook of one of the main characters who is a teenager I laughed out loud various times not for humor but for the ironic ideas moods situations and debacles seemed so if not familiar then relatable I had a good time reading this This is the story of mainly three women how they live learn and deal with the cards that life has dealt them I don't want to give away too much and spoil the story so I'll say I do recommend this give it a shot It's easy reading It has a plot and several lessons The characters are engaging I actually feel uite attached and am sad to see them go The teenager we know through her diary entries and at first I thought I might not like this but actually it's uite creative and I learned to look forward to them My only complaint would be that I'd have liked a little from one particular character A little emotion And lastly I wasn't thrilled with the ending I'd like to possibly see a seuel I'm giving this a 3 12 starsGR 4 I recommend to readers of African American fiction and literature I would read by this author I really likes it

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    I enjoyed

  3. Kema Reads (a lot) Kema Reads (a lot) says:

    Slow in the beginning but turned out to be a great read Wish there was character development for Haleem and Jupiter though

  4. M R M R says:

    Breathing Room is masterful at how it was able to tap into the psyche and experiences of so many people I was reminded of myself growing up as a teenage girl even down to the no Tv during the week I was reminded of my mother who has very strong opinions on what goes on and is a social worker herself This book hit close to home in so many ways that I was literally cringing at some points from second handfirst hand lived experience We're introduced to Moxie who is very ardent in her beliefs with little empathy or room for those outside that norm even her own daughter or best friend Moxie is classic strong Black woman who is committed to her Blackness and feels indignant at things that fall outside of that like permed hair interracial relationships and other things Moxie was a hard character to get behind because in some ways she did remind me of my own mother and some of the things she did like read my diaries but mostly because she is so judgmental of everyone I definitely can understand where some of that behavior comes from in regards to her depression and dealing with her mommy issues but she was something else Then we have Norma who I honestly felt we didn't get to know as well since we're learning about Norma through her interactions but also learning about her through Zadi's diary entries Nonetheless we encounter Norma who has lost a child and potentially a husband with it We watch as Norma navigates an affair as she strives to feel alive and desired We also see her struggle with loving her son and feeling close to him which spoke to me because although I don't have children I do sometimes get that mechanical feeling when interacting with someone I love We see their friendship come apart and in all honesty just based on what we know of the two characters it's amazing that they became and then remained friends for as long as they did I don't know that I would list them as friendship goals There's a lot that remains unsaid especially on judgmental Moxie's part that can lead to hurt feelings Then we have young Zadi a promising dancer with a penchant for bad boys and doing things her way at all costs I enjoyed the book and thought that Patricia Elam did a great job tapping into the roles that we fill as Black women and all the work that comes a long with it It was a real and poignant look at friendship motherhood depression family ties and second chances

  5. Cheryl Durham Cheryl Durham says:

    Patricia Elam's book centered on the bond between two ladies that has survived the test of time Their careers are in full force But as with us all life happens Norma finds herself involved in an extramarital affair; while Moxie finds herself at odds with her teenage daughter The activity is taking a toll on themWith the help of loved ones they are able to rekindle their friendship The author helps the reader to see that it wasn't just this one thing Each had previously dealt with significant challenges and their refusal or inability to work through them has compounded the way they relate andor the way they react as opposed to respond Norma's husband shut her out when he had issues and thus she felt she deserved better When her husband and his brother found outthings became further complicated Moxie continued to blame herself for her mother's suicide Her divorce probably didn't help matters When she discovers her teen daughter is skipping school and messing with an individual on her caseloadthat is the last straw Norma finds her way back to her husband Moxie finds solid ground with her daughter How are these things achieved? We're there casualties along the way? You will have to read to see The ladies just as Moxie's mother had stated to her husband came to realize life isn't about painit's about how you get through the pain They also came to see that the welcomed interference from loved ones was the little push they needed

  6. Hermione Hermione says:

    uesto romanzo ha ui su anobii non molte recensioni anche nella traduzione italiana E' un peccato perchè è un libro bellissimo una storia molto femminile ma credo utile a tutti coloro che hanno figlie adolescentiMi spiace anche che l'autrice trice si sia fermata ui e non abbia scritto altro almeno per uanto ne so

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    This book provided and in depth look at the day to day ups and downs of two women and a teenager living in Washington DC The only reason I didn't rate it higher is because it didn't really feel like a novel until well into the book when major developments started to unfoldThe story is about Norma her best friend Moxie and Moxie’s daughter Zadi Norma is a business owner who finds herself having an extramarital affair The trouble in her relationship also leaves her struggling to love her toddler son Moxie is an afrocentric probation officer She balances the demands of her job with the co parenting of her teenage daughter Zadi Moxie is also battling depression which she is reluctant to get professional help for Zadi is trying to find her place in a private school where there are very few minority students She has dreams of becoming a ballerina and her dance classes usually keep her out of trouble But when she starts secretly dating one of her mother's clients well as you'd guess nothing good will come of itI hope Elam publishes another book I'd read it I've written a in depth review on my blog

  8. Mme. Mme. says:

    Patricia Elam is a freelance writer who writes fiction and non fiction novels After reading her fiction novel Breathing Room it shows how she illuminates the lives of two completely different women whose extraordianary friendship reaches an unexpected crossroad

  9. Jami Jami says:

    This is a wonderful story that teaches us about relationships of all kinds It reminds us to never forget the good that is in those we love most It also warns to never allow our principles to become a self righteousness that prevents us from recognizing what is most important in this life

  10. Leigh Leigh says:

    I really loved this book Cried at the end

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