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Hot Rocks: A Nick Hoffman Mystery (Nick Hoffman Mysteries) ❴Epub❵ ➞ Hot Rocks: A Nick Hoffman Mystery (Nick Hoffman Mysteries) Author Lev Raphael – Raphael's series hero Nick Hoffman is in midlife crisis when he and partner Stefan Borowski return from their Caribbean vacation marred by murder of course; see Tropic of Murder 2004 to resume teachin A Nick PDF ´ Raphael's series hero Nick Hoffman is in midlife crisis when he and partner Stefan Borowski return from their Caribbean vacation marred by murder of course; see Tropic of Murder to resume teaching at the State University of Michigan Nick's musings over getting older halt abruptly when he realizes that his companion Hot Rocks: PDF/EPUB or in the health club steam room is head trainer and all around stud Vlado Zamario and he's dead Before you can say smoldering temptress series regular Professor Juno Dromgoole is on the scene spreading the news that it's murder and proposing to solve it with Nick the obvious suspect because of his previous Rocks: A Nick ePUB ´ involvements with homicide Given Vlado's encounters with the women at Michigan Muscle the plot uickly and deliciously thickens into layers of domestic discord highly seasoned with compromising photos Raphael's latest smoothly delivers a satisfying mystery while providing insight into the middle aging of America gay marriage the excitement of sleuthing as a means of exercising control over our lives the Orwellian Patriot Act and Whitney ScottCopyright © American Library Association All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Hot Rocks: A Nick Hoffman Mystery (Nick Hoffman Mysteries)

  1. Jim Rhodes Jim Rhodes says:

    I got this book from the library thinking it would be a uick easy read It was Unfortunately it was also pretentious and not written very wellIt follows a college professor from a fictional town of Michiganopolis which let's face it is Lansing He teaches at a fake university there and discovers the body of a trainer in the steamroom of his gym His best friend his partner and he solve the mystery but not without ridiculous unnecessary references to books that most of us read in undergraduate school years ago and have no interest in reliving Yes we're impressed you can uote them We get it You're smartI love Michigan and was hoping for an escapest fun mystery however it wasn't the case

  2. Margery Margery says:

    I read the first 2 books in this series years ago and thought I remembered liking them so when I saw this one in the library I checked it out hoping for an enjoyable time reading But as other reviewers have mentioned the constant constant CONSTANT references to books movies and music were intensely annoying At some point they uit doing anything to define the character and just persuaded me that the author wanted to show his readers how clever and well informed he is Argh Amazingly I did finish the book having just enough interest in finding out whether I was correct about us who the murderer was yep

  3. Neet Neet says:

    This is the 7th Nick Hoffmann murder mysteryThis is a week after the previous book and we find Nick Stefan back from their Club Med vacation but still on winter break Shock upon shock Nick finds another dead body this time in the steam room of his gym The victim this time is a fitness instructor who we find out was popular with the women clientele he's training Soon we find Nick his gal pal Juno investigatingI think this series characters are starting to wear thin I get sick of Nick company snobby attitude Stefan really has an attitude he's either really loving towards Nick or angry and insulting Nick is annoying with his putdowns of others hurt about Stefan and panting over Juno I can see I still plan to read the other books in the seriesbut still will read the final 2 and will gladly take a break from this series

  4. Tyson Tyson says:

    This is one of the most enjoyable gay mysteries I've read in the past year Nick Hoffman an associate professor at a state university in Michigan discovers a dead trainer in the steam room at Michigan Muscle a cross between an old school exclusive men's now co ed athletic club and a Bally's or Gold's Between Nick's past proximity to crimes and prodding from his friend Juno Nick finds himself involved in the investigation and ultimately solves the mysteryWhat I enjoyed most about the novel is its portrayal of the protagonist and his partner as a well adjusted established gay couple who happen to be in slightly extraordinary circumstances Nick and Stefan are both in their late 30s near 40 have been together for several years and they are focused on advancing their careers and continuing to build up their home The dramas of youth social status and romance are behind them mostlyToo often in contemporary mystery novels with a gay protagonist the author seems to fall into the trap of using a straight romance fiction trope the weak insecure but bright narrator aka damsel in distress and a strong stoic romantic interest aka knight in shining armor Thankfully Lev doesn't do that he gives Nick and Stefan much greater parity They both have strengths and weaknesses and they come across as a believable couple in real life They are humans not mythEven Juno Nick's brassy partner in crime gained my respect Early in the novel she struck me as too diva too ueen bee to be sympathetic But around halfway through the book I found myself rooting for herIf there's one critiue I have it's that the mystery could have used urgency; Nick didn't have enough at stake personally either through physical or reputational threat This is a minor critiue though on what is otherwise a very enjoyable readLooking forward to reading the previous books in the series

  5. Chelsea Courtois Chelsea Courtois says:

    I gave this book three stars because I thought it was a mediocre attempt at a comedic mystery If you've watched enough episodes of Law and Order you'll be guessing the killer within minutes not so bad if that's what you're looking for in a novel The rapid influx of literary and pop culture references while reading can overwhelming at times What really irritates me about Hot Rocks though is the author's name for the city in which the novel takes place Michiganapolis Clearly written about Lansing Even worse is the alternative name given for Michigan State University State University of Michigan or SUM a university which is supposedly begun over 150 years ago as an agricultural college and had never uite outgrown its humble origins The author takes a couple subtle digs at the school comparing it to U of M too surprise surprise

  6. SuperCat SuperCat says:

    The narrator of these books it's part of a mystery series is a gay and snotty academic who grew up in New York and now lives in Michigan The good part of these books is the portrayal of the politics at the University The bad part is the over abundance of allusions and references to both high culture and pop culture at an average of 3 per page Although I did enjoy the part about the post post modern holocaust novel everything is cremated

  7. Debra Debra says:

    Another Lev Raphael look at academic politics although this one focused on health club politics among the well off and boredAs usual Mr Raphael snarks with the best of them but with engaging wit that you just grin and love it

  8. Lev Raphael Lev Raphael says:

    Now available for Kindle and Nook

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