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Dead Days of Summer ➵ Dead Days of Summer Read ➼ Author Carolyn G. Hart – Annie Darling owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore is understandably upset It isn't like her pi husband Max to abruptly disappear and homicide is definitely not his style But when his car is Annie Darling owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore is understandably upset It isn't like her pi husband Max to abruptly disappear and homicide is definitely not his style But when his Dead Days eBook ✓ car is found abandoned on a remote road with a brutally slain once beautiful young woman nearby and the murder weapon stashed in the trunk Annie's worst fears seem justified The police have Max all but tried and convicted except for Chief Billy Cameron whose unshakable belief in his friend's innocence prompts his removal from the case And as a media circus descends on tiny Broward's Rock Annie will have to place her own life in jeopardy to clear her husband's name But time is running out and she has only one slim chance to unmask a killer who just may have committed the perfect crime.

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  1. Barb Barb says:

    Another fast moving cozy mystery # 17 about island bookstore owner Annie Darling and her PI husband Carolyn Hart creates lots of suspense for the inhabitants of Broward's Rock a beach community in SC This time Annie's husband Max appears to have murdered his lover and spends much of the book imprisoned while Annie and friends never believing the overwhelming evidence against him set out to solve the crime A few loose ends leftover but otherwise an entertaining read

  2. Kellene Kellene says:

    The relationships between the characters in the Death on Demand books has always been what made these books for me This is the group of people that I want around me regardless of the situation because they will do absolutely anything for a friend As usual the story moves along very uickly and I love Hart’s writing style There were a few things in this one that made me absolutely crazy however First of all there are starting to be way too many characters running through these books which makes it hard to keep up sometimes with who is whom Secondly how in the heck was there a whole group of folks on Broward’s Rock that didn’t recognize Annie one of whom worked in town near her shop? And thirdly if these folks didn’t know Annie they didn’t know Max either so why go to such extensive links to frame him for the murder? And when Laurel was so central to the action for so long how did she just vanish from the story until the end? There just seemed to be a lot of unanswered uestions when this book is finished which led me to a lower rating than I typically give this series

  3. Katie Katie says:

    This book had a 4 star plot set up and a 2 star ending There were a few unanswered plot holes and a couple things essential to the plot that never made sense to me The Whodunnit part didn’t wow me I’ve also seen a shift in the last few books of this series Gone are the maps of the island that used to be given when characters were pooling evidence And several characters have fallen off the radar when they were once prevalent in the stories Other characters have taken a larger role and I don’t really like them as much

  4. Jess Jess says:

    I really like the Death On Demand series Carolyn Hart's writing is always good but I'm not as taken with her other series the characters are somehow just not as tactile and reachable as Annie and Max and the rest of Broward's RockI know a lot of people don't like book series which have the same cast of characters again and again In theory I agree that you can only go through so many permutations of the same cast list before things get stale However it's my opinion that the mark of a good writer and a good series is that each of the minor characters gets a chance to shine as well which then allows your two main characters a chance to show other dimensions of themselves Plus since I often see the characters and storyline in my head as I head sort of my own private movie version everything is leant a little substance and weight as the characters are built up over several books Carolyn Hart's working on that premise although she doesn't uite have it mastered yet in my opinion A brilliant example is Charles DeLint and his Newford stories which appear in dozens of his novels novellas chapbooks and short story collections and have interwoven character lines so complex that I am continually drawn back into his workThat said this new novel of Hart's features as always Annie and Max Darling along with other faithful friends from previous books The plot is one of Hart's favorites a stalwart familiar character is framed for murder but there is just enough doubt that something odd might have happened and a character whose integrity is supposed to be without uestion could have acted completely out of character due to extreme circumstances such as blackmail self defense having been drugged etc etc and it's up to Annie Max and the rest of the cast to prove their innocence uncover the truth and save the dayMystery readers like loose ends to be tied up so they inevitably DO save the day but there are enough twists in Hart's plots so that while you're reasonably sure the accused is innocent you have a hard time putting together the clues on who the true killer is until the very end And that honestly is one of the best things about Hart she does keep you guessing I usually have figured out the killer before the characters do but not so early in the book that it spoils my enjoyment

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    I give the writing plot and characterization a 3 but the editing a 2 That unfortunately seems to be a trend with this series In one instance Annie calls Vanessa's sister Ginger when her name is Ginny short for Ginivieve and another time the e was left off the end of crease I don't know why these obvious mistakes keep popping up Maybe the editor needs to make a chart while reading to keep track of names including middle names in some of the previous books and maybe catch some of these silly errors perhaps it would help the author to do this while writing too since someone mentioned a character having two different middle names in the span of a few pages in theie review of Yankee Doodle Dead I really have a hard time believing Max and presumably Annie by extension are still only 29 years old Of course I also didn't believe Annie was only 23 in the first book Death on Demand My suspension of disbelief refuses to accept that Annie graduated college moved to New York to pursue and give up on an acting career decide she needed to get away from Max move to Broward's Rock and completely renovate her uncle's bookstore which at first sounds like it wasn't even a store but just a place for writers to hang out all in the space of a year It's hard to tell from the books since this is only the second time out of all the novels that I've noticed either of their ages definitely mentiones but it seems like it's been longer than six years since the start of the series in their lives If I'm really bored I should go back through each one and make a chart since the month is usually mentioned The last four or five books have all been about six months apart alternating between winter and summer so it just seems like time has passed

  6. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Dead Days of Summer by Carolyn Hart is the 17th book in the Death on Demand mystery series Annie Darling is the owner of Death on Demand mystery bookstore and her husband Max Darling runs Confidential Commissions Max accepts a commission to locate a clients brother but instead his client ends up dead and he is arrested for her murder Annie with the help of the other residents of Boward's Rock set out to prove his innocence by finding the real murderer I enjoyed this addition to the series and it was good to catch up with the residents of Boward's Rock It was good to see how everybody banded together each bringing their own special skills to helping the couple making the solving of the crime a combined effort A comfortable cozy read I also think it is better enjoyed if readers are familiar with the series and are acuainted with the characters

  7. Libtechgurugoddess Libtechgurugoddess says:

    Annie Darling is the owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore in fictional Broward's Rock South Carolina She's married to Max Darling who runs an investigative service company called Confidential Commissions though he mainly solves puzzles rather than conducts hardcore private investigations One evening her husband doesn't come home after meeting with a new client Then the next day he's missing and his snazzy Jaguar is abandoned near the cabin where the body of a brutally slain young woman is discovered Everything points to him being the murderer even to the murder weapon that is stashed in the trunk of his car But Annie knows he's innocent so she goes undercover to get the proof and find a killer Risking her life she insinuates herself into the victim's unfamiliar world in the hopes of figuring out how and why the young woman was murdered in order to prove that Max has been framed Time is running out though so she devises one last ploy to capture a cold blooded murderer In the long run I liked the story but as the Booklist review said Top notch plotting but very melodramatic language and skimpy characterization No doubt since this is the 17th book in the series the characterizations of the familiar returning folks in the story were carried out in earlier installments – my own fault for starting the series so far along

  8. Chanel Sharp Chanel Sharp says:

    This one came back to series We had our mystery team back but at a price Max has been accused of murder and Annie and the gang of course have to save himHowever it seemed weird with how serious Max being accused is taken We have been down this same plot before Both Annie and Max and even Laura have been accused of murder someone Sometimes on the island sometimes off the island sometimes with police detectives that now them sometimes with police detectives that don't them What mom and I are try to say is that Max has been accused in multiple different scenarios and never taken it seriously Annie has taken it seriously every time and Max has always taken Annie safety seriously every time too Though mom and I will admit that it seems Max has become concerned about Annie as the series has gone along the author changing than Max Anyway where we were headed is in the direction of the idea the Max seeming to take being accused of murder and taking it seriously was just hard to believe The book did make it a bit seriously but it was still hard to swallow the idea the Max was seriously in trouble or that Max was worriedThe book was good and it was fun watching Annie disguises herself We can't wait to read the next book

  9. Val Val says:

    Very frustrating in a good way A Death on Demand mystery Max calls to say he is going to be home late and doesn't turn up Annie is worried and becomes so when a girl's body is found and it looks like Max is the murderer With the help of her friends from the island Annie proceeds to investigate and find her husbandAll the way through the book you feel frustrated that you can't help solve the disappearance of Max and why the girl is killed Great writing; would recommend

  10. Gloria Gloria says:

    Totally enjoyed this fast paced book Didn’t want to set it down Max was in jail for a crime he didn't commit or even understand Annie set out to solve the mystery and put herself in danger during the process Lots of friends were there to help and I had some problem keeping up with who reach person was Still I really enjoyed this murder mystery

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