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Made for Two Rivals ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Made for Two Rivals By Madison Hayes ⚣ – Made for Two Rivals Madison Hayes This is book 2 in the Made for Two series When Lieutenant Velvet Meadows loses most of her comrades in battle part of her withdraws to protect her heart from future l Made for Two Rivals Madison Hayes This is book in the Made for Two series When Lieutenant Velvet Meadows loses most of her comrades in battle part of her withdraws to protect her heart from future loss Because she's an Adept a race that adapts to changes in their environment she does a damn efficient job of it Velvet's emotions are in lockdown It doesn't help when Lieutenant Graham Hamm goes to Velvet's room determined to humble Made for PDF or the proud little hellcat in front of his friends But when Gray falls for the beautiful Adept he ends up hurting no one than himself Now Velvet's shields are up where Gray is concerned Only through her trust for another man will her love be resurrected Lieutenant Jed Castille can see that Velvet needs help He knows that he and Gray must work together to unearth Velvet's deeply buried emotions Unfortunately Graham and Jed are longtime rivals Together the trio embarks upon a dangerous mission to eliminate a Spaceforce enemy while the two rivals pit their desires against Velvet's resistance By the time victory is theirs the three officers will have made an unlikely alliancein the bedroom and in love.

8 thoughts on “Made for Two Rivals

  1. Cindy Cindy says:

    Good read This is my least favorite of the series probably because one of the heroes spends a lot of time at the start being a major jerk The other hero is MUCH worthwhileContains wild sex is this a surprise?Order is not wildly important but you generally 'meet' the future heroesheroines in earlier books and they make appearances in the later booksMade for TwoMade for Two MenMade for Two RivalsMade for Two HeroesMade For Two Championsthe last two are still only in ebook

  2. Eya Eya says:

    I like Jed And Velvet's uiet grace The rest is fluff

  3. SoBeA SoBeA says:

    Not the most in depth story I've ever read but definitley on the better end of of the Romantica Spectrum It's also a bit on the short side so the realtionships and resolutions all form a little to uickly for me A few chapters building the story up and a bit personal intraspection from the initial Hero would have been nice That first H starts as a jack ass but by the end of the book it was easy to like him IMO Also there's only one scene from the heroines perspective the rest are from the 2 heroes pov Personally I'd have liked the book even without the h's pov at all But like I said one of the better Romantica and to be specific one of the better EC titles out thereI'm looking forward to reading from Madison HayesSo overall Very hot book

  4. Talltree Talltree says:

    One of the H's was a jerk and I figure the h shouldn't have given him a second chance if she was as smart as she was made out to be He was an immature manho who objectified women and treated them as sex objects with no feelingsHowever they were in close proximity for a time ;the second H didn't really seem to be that interested he didn't make a solid move on the h for agesNot really what I want to read about in my romanceBut the SFR part the worldbuilding and the steaminess factor was all good very well written as usual for this author Deserves at least 3 stars except for how much the H pissed me off may change it to stars down the line

  5. April April says:

    A very interesting read Lots of hot and steamyAnd it is a Menage Sigh I was all over this one Great and entertaining story

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