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The Last Lumenian [Read] ➼ The Last Lumenian ➹ S.G. Blaise – Lilla is fighting on the side of the refugees from oppression But there is a bigger war brewing on the horizon the Era War between the two ruling archgods It threatens not only Lilla's home world but Lilla is fighting on the side of the refugees from oppression But there is a bigger war brewing on the horizon the Era War between the two ruling archgods It threatens not only Lilla's home world but everyone else's in the Seven Galaxies Enemies must become friends and allies in the desperate The Last MOBI :Ê race to defeat the archgod before He finds her.

  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • The Last Lumenian
  • S.G. Blaise
  • English
  • 06 June 2015

10 thoughts on “The Last Lumenian

  1. Marty C. Keef Marty C. Keef says:

    The Last LumenianThis is an interesting fantasy adventure set in a world far far away It tells the story of a young lady learning to deal with her official duties as a descendant of the sitting King and all the palace intrigue that entails All the while coming to grips with her unusual even undiscovered seemingly magical powers inherited from her Mother As an immature teenager she of course has a need to rebel against her situation her step mother environment and the perceived mistreatment of refugees to her planet These refugees coming from other worlds have no status but intense needs that she believes her father the King is ignoring These refugees are escaping from a sinister galaxy wide force that is destroying the other planets in their system She is surprised when an outside force of soldiers appears on her planet with the sole mission of destroying the evil of the conuerors obliterating the other planets even if it reuires destroying this planet in order to terminate the evil’s advance The Commander is a strictly martial commander intent on his mission without mercy Although the Princess and the Commander are at odds initially they learn to rely on each other despite their differences and manage to defeat the sinister shape shifting evil force to save her kingdom and its planet

  2. Bryan Mabini Bryan Mabini says:

    Book was great The book really captivates a a sense of adventure in a whole new world I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the characters that reminded me of books I used to read back in High School It wasn't as much of a typical story of good vs evil between rivalries but also brought great aspects of two powers that opposed each other are fighting something even bigger The way the book was laid out never let me put it down because some chapters were two pages away or 5 shoot I didn't think I would have finished it that fast The ending makes you crave for in the next part of the saga and I truly cannot wait

  3. Almira Niciu Almira Niciu says:

    I’ve just finished reading the book and I’ve loved it When is the seuel supposed to be released? I cannot wait for it The story grows on you with every chapter until it becomes a full universe of characters and twists and turns There is a lot going on to keep you entertained and amazed by the imagination of the author It’s a book that combines science fiction fantasy romance and coming of age Did I mention it has lots of humor as well? The ending was very satisfying and it left me with a big smile on my face The Last Lumenian Is a great fun and fast read

  4. William William says:

    I really enjoyed this story Pro tip check out the glossary first to get you familiar with the characters before you dive right into the book There are a lot of characters and places to get to know It was great to escape into another world for a bit The descriptions the author uses are excellent it makes me want to see this made into a movieTV Series The book moves at a uick pace and I stayed up far too late reading a couple of nights just one chapter definitely worth being tired the next morning

  5. Linda Potashnick Linda Potashnick says:

    I was recommended this book by my daughter who loved it I don’t usually ready fantasy but I enjoyed reading it because it was about a young woman’s journey fighting for others and discovering her inner power The descriptive scenes made it easy to feel like I was part of Lilla’s journey throughout the story It was a lovely blend of fantasy science fiction adventure and romance I hope there’s a seuel

  6. Christina Christina says:

    This was a great uarantine book It was the perfect escape during such a stressful year Lila's character is so cleverly written and she truly shows women of all ages to be determined strong brave I loved reading about her journey and all the twists that came along with it I can't wait for the movie or even better the seuel Would highly recommend this book

  7. Lydia Lydia says:

    I really enjoyed this book You can tell a lot of work went into the world building and the characters I was easily pulled in from page one I won't spoil any plot details for those who haven't read it you simply have to read it yourself I loved all the twists and turns and I am on the edge of my seat for book 2

  8. Melissa W Melissa W says:

    The Last Lumenian is an incredible story that keeps the reader interested from beginning to end From the moment I began reading I knew I would have to limit myself because I would've finished the whole book in one day I highly suggest checking out this book you will not be disappointed

  9. Patricia Contreras Patricia Contreras says:

    It was easy to get hooked on the story and the characters within the first few pages The story moves uickly characters were interesting I was left with a lot of uestions about what happens next to the characters and cannot wait for the next book to come our

  10. Liliana Santos Liliana Santos says:

    Great book An amazingly entertaining read from this author Once I was done with the book it left me wanting and I hope there are further installments of this fantasy story

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