Hunter The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S Thompson

Hunter The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S Thompson ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Hunter The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S Thompson ✎ Author E. Jean Carroll – Turbo journalist Carroll delivers the shocking truth about the man she calls the whoopie cushion under the seat of power This unflinchingly decadent biography is one of the juiciest sexiest and funnie Strange and Kindle Ó Turbo journalist Carroll delivers the shocking truth about the man she calls the whoopie cushion under the seat of power Hunter The PDF/EPUB or This unflinchingly decadent biography is one of the juiciest sexiest and funniest to come along in a long time pages The Strange and PDF ↠ of photos.

10 thoughts on “Hunter The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S Thompson

  1. Jim Jim says:

    This just might be the book that sends me back to watching reruns of the Three Stooges during my spare time I'll admit that I wasn't particularly interested in Hunter S Thompson But hey there was a neat photo of a man with a gun on the cover so I took the plungeNow I had never heard of the author E Jean Carroll beforeand with any luck I never will again What she has done here is gather a bunch of anecdotal information apparently from interviews some of which were possibly conducted by her although I see that she is listed in the book as the interviewee on a number of occasions What a great ploy that would be Imagine interviewing yourself You could tell yourself anything and write it down as anecdotal information Now Ms Carroll has mixed the information gleaned through interviews and supplemented it with some documentary details and basically edited the works into rough chronological orderI'm not too sure why she did this but Ms Carroll has interspersed the apparently factual chapters with chapters written by a fictitious character one Laetitia Snap Does that make you want to laugh? I didn't either The Laetitia Snap chapters are certified BS so who knows about the rest of it? Anyway I think Ms Carroll had to write the book this way because she can now take credit as being the author rather than just the editor I could be wrong but who gives a hoot anyway? The real mystery is this why would anyone write this man's biography in the first place? Hunter Thompson is a certified knob who beat his wife and mother Repeatedly Who beats their mother? I don't care what your BS excuse is you don't hit women Except Rosie O'Donnell And maybe the blonde woman with the short hair who sits on her ass talking to other women on TV all the timeMaybe someday I'll read a Thompson biography written by someone who wants to make a career as a writer but probably not I knew the guy wasn't a saint but I wasn't prepared for someone who was as totally depraved as HST I can't understand what is wrong with women either This guy had scads of women throwing themselves at him and he was a totally depraved junkie I could have forgiven him most of his transgressions But he hit his Mom

  2. Colleen Colleen says:

    Book 3 of my #2019readingchallenge is Hunter by E Jean Carroll Yep THAT Hunter and yep THAT EJeanThis book is a hot mess E Jean has a gonzo alter ego and the chapters alternate between her vulgar gonzo attempts to write just like HST and then chapters of compiled uotes from different friends and Thompson himself It's lazy and poorly executedDid I learn anything? Yes 1 Don't ever try to imitate Hunter S Thompson You will not be good enough at it And 2 E Jean Carroll is a terrible bag of hot air and I never want to read anything she's written ever again 3 Thompson sure as hell was cruel privileged shitty interesting and damn funny BUT WHY DID I READ THIS BOOK ABOUT HIM INSTEAD OF A BETTER ONEI told a friend that this was an arduous slog Don't read it

  3. Jack Snow Jack Snow says:

    Carroll proved once again that people shouldn't try to copy Hunter Thompson's writing style This book is put together a little oddly for a biography The good portion of this book in my opinion is the interviews done with people who knew Thompson throughout his life There are many humours tales told by those who were witness to the events and a few touching memories told by those who loved him Unfortunately every other chapter of the book is a ridiculous attempt by the author to tell a bizarre gonzoesue tale of her time with Thompson Carroll may be a fine biographer but she should have left the Gonzo attempt on the editor's floor

  4. David Scott David Scott says:

    I was excited to find this book in the 2 bin at the book store but disappointed when I realized I paid 195 too much for it The author weaves facts about Thompson with a fictional fantasy of her own imagining If you are a serious fan of HST steer clear of this lampoon

  5. DJMikeG DJMikeG says:

    Skip the faux Gonzo parts by E Jean Carroll and read the oral history of Hunter Thompson This is actually a better book than the recent Gonzo book put together by Jann Wenner

  6. Jetska Kahanek Jetska Kahanek says:

    It was OK but nothing I didn't already know about him I only bought the book for the rare pictures inside

  7. Patrick Foley Patrick Foley says:

    A lot of uotes with very little substance

  8. CJ Wood CJ Wood says:

    This is really damn entertaining

  9. Jerome Jerome says:

    Gonzo The facts fiction collide in this biographystory about Hunter S ThompsonI've read everything GonzoHST HST related that I can get my hands on I love nearly all of itcan't get enoughfun Where were you when the fun stopped? When Hunter took his own lifeI was just down the mountain from him in Colorado Springs had been soaking up everything I could read of his including thethen current fairly regular espn pg2 articles As I should havein the beginningI started with Fear Loathing in Las Vegas thena couple others of hisand soon after thati read this book here that EJean Carroll wroteit blew me away with how much FUN she made telling tall tales of weird times with THE MANIt never got weird enough for me I suppose it eventually did get too weird in those last couple yearswhat with King George running our country into the ground see Kingdom of Fear read it weep and Hunter's health deteriorating at a 650 BSA Lightning speedin his mindthe day had to come to a closefor goodor illwhatever's right?butthinking back on itand with the right kind of eyesthe best uote on suicide I've ever heard is from another great writer fellowmoodyprobably cancer by the name of Tom Robbins“The lesson was the same This program is subject to change often unexpectedly sometimes in the batting of an eye It’s the best argument I know against suicide” ― Tom Robbins Tibetan Peach Pie A True Account of an Imaginative Lifeif only he had held out a bit longerright?wellas he saidBuy the tickettake the ride get off the ride when it's doneapparently?but when do you know that it is really done? Because sometimesthe ride takes you unexpectedlydown another roadmaybe even a better road This book has nothing to do with all of thatit's about the high wild weird times when the road to Woody Creek went EVERYWHERE he lived his life like a great unpainted Picasso masterpiece waiting for the newest and best paintjust right before his our eyesIt's how I imagine Jim Morrison would have continued to live had he not died at 27Hunter appears to have had some of his best work way after 27and then even well into his 40's This book shows you a glimpse of those in between times it does it wellGonzo style about the King of Gonzo written by a woman who saw it as it was or would beGonzo style apparently through Hunter goggles for awhilevery good readindeedMahalo

  10. Rob Rob says:

    I've read a few other biographies about Hunter S Thompson but this one is by far my favorite for a number of reasons Foremost is the fact that the author actually doesn't attempt to write about the man herself but rather has compiled interviews and recollections of those that knew him best to do all of the talking I prefer this approach over the other books because the sheer mythology of the man and his famously depraved antics tend to overshadow the actual man himself This was a fact that Hunter was well aware of and one that greatly disturbed him to the point that he once lamented that he might as well not even exist The public had decided who he was and not even he could change it Conseuently any attempt to make sense of his life in any narrative form would only fall prey to this phenomenon and I feel he deserves betterHere the author E Jean Carroll inserts herself into these assembled recollections in a hopefully fictionalized gonzo like narrative as having been kidnapped by Dr Thompson and is forced against her will to write this book Initially I wasn't all that happy with this device but in the end it was fitting because the rest of the book is a somewhat tame accounting of his life This writer held hostage scenario gives it that much needed surreal edge that caters to those only interested in the man as a spectacle and the cult of personality that surrounds himIn this way a combination of facts are allowed to be assembled both mundane and fantastic without any worry as to continuity or content I think this is the best way to approach such a subject as diverse as HST was Somehow I feel that this actually manages to get closer to the truth of who he was simply by not trying to reach a single understanding of him if that makes any sense

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