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Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, #2) ➽ [Reading] ➿ Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, #2) By Lindsay McKenna ➲ – Seeking an escape from her dark past Carissa Taylor heads to Silver Creek to build a new life For Cari landing a job at a historic ranch just outside town is a dream come true and a chance to put her Seeking an escape from her dark past Carissa Taylor heads to Silver Creek to build a new life For Cari landing a job at a Courage Under PDF/EPUB or historic ranch just outside town is a dream come true and a chance to put her beekeeping expertise to work Not only does she feel at home in the ruggedly beautiful landscape but she's intensely drawn to rancher Chase Bishop whose strong steadfast nature uiets her unease Maybe here she can finally be than a hunted woman fleeing a vengeful killer a man who's been after her nearly all her lifeChase didn't dare open his heart again after losing his first love Until Cari entered his life Her gentle beauty and nurturing spirit call to him like no other So when her enraged stepbrother breaks out of prison and comes prowling around Chase's ranch the former Marine goes into full protective mode offering Cari the shelter of his home But as the murderer's deadly threats draw ever closer suddenly Chase is calling on his own killer instincts knowing he will stop at nothing to keep safe the woman who has captured his soul.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, #2)
  • Lindsay McKenna
  • English
  • 18 October 2016

About the Author: Lindsay McKenna

Ive lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write one way or anotherI was always a risk taker Courage Under PDF/EPUB or and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love not threat or pain At years old I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from pm to midnight every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk.

7 thoughts on “Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, #2)

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    ARC received for reviewThere was chemistry between Cari and Chase but it was weighed down by all the talking and talking and thinking Plus there was all the explaining about bees and raptors and snipering and his momway too much Then there was the bad guyhow the heck did he find herno real explanation just a vague idea from the sheriff I had to speed read a lot of parts cause it was boring They finally hook up at about 80% in and it was over in a couple pages Sweet epilogue

  2. Cat Cat says:

    Ugh I really don't like to write negative reviews because authors and editors work really hard and I really do appreciate the opportunity I was given to review an ARC of this novel However this book was really not good at least for my taste The storyline sounded great bee expert flees to Wyoming to escape a dark past Lands a head beekeeper position at a ranch owned and run by a hardened ex military sniper who still mourns a dead loverInstead the book was a series of holes and head scratching moments Frankensteined together The book starts with an unnecessary prologue about the heroine Cari as a young girl saving bees from the wrath of her preschool teacher I guess it was to show us how she has an affinity for bees Oh and she's also experienced with raptors Why the author didn't just make her a falconer or something is a mystery because there's a hawk that plays a far important role than any bee Her dark past is never really fleshed out for us instead told in a handful of asides Perhaps the moments in time that led to her dark past would have been a logical prologueThe hero Chase in addition to being a skilled sniper with who knows how many kills on his resume is also a scone baking softie who has seen the light on his own patriarchal behavior which doesn't occur during the storyline but we know because he tells us and is now practically a card carrying feminist As for his heartbreak I thought the book description was wrong but then about 75 percent into the book he finally offhandedly mentions his lost love The title Courage Under Fire is a little confusing unless it refers to Chase Cari is not a coward but she spends pretty much all of the book's conflicts hiding behind a rock or Chase or her baseball hat The information about beekeeping falconry or whatever hawk training is called and sniper ing is interesting but it all seems like it's plopped down into the book in Wikipedia style chunks rather than woven skillfully into the story ie I'd have preferred to learn about these topics from things that the characters were doing rather than from long passages that seemed of topic at the time Nora Roberts is a genius at thatFinally the chemistry between the two heroes was almost nonexistent In fact it was rated G until close to the end when it went R for about two pages In short ha too late I wanted to like this book but I just didn't I gave it to stars because it was readable and because there's a storyline in there somewhereI received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion

  3. Stephanie Panach Stephanie Panach says:

    If you have ever dreamed of reading a westerncowboy romance that is the antithesis of toxic masculinity this is your dream come true I honestly never thought I would actually find one that embraces those concepts so whole heartedly Silver Creek is definitely a bit of a shangrila organic produce company with a female CEO a ranch that employs men and women with a woman foreman Cari is definitely a woman in a male dominated field But she is incredibly strong especially given what she has been through with her sociopathic brother Chase is as Cari says at one point a rare type of man He is a military trained sniper now running his family's ranch He could very easily be a classic example of the alpha male but he is expressly the opposite Conscious of his behavior towards women respectful and treating women as his true eual He is immediately smitten with Cari but being deeply conscious of #metoo he doesn't approach her as a prize to be won or a sexual object but as a professional woman first All of this was seriously refreshing The thing is I think maybe Lindsay McKenna overdid it a little I can't even imagine the research she did on bee culture or military sniper training for this book because the detail is pretty intense At times I felt like I was reading a manual than a romance The romance is sweet and I loved seeing Cari and Chase come together but I admit to skimming some of the details about bees snipers law enforcement and even feminist culture which I am so much in favor of in romance like so much At times I felt like I was getting hit over the head with it I get that Cari was pretty surprised by Chase's forward thinking and behavior but I think after the initial interactions it was enough to show us that he walked the walk not just talked the talk The constant surprise and discussion could have been left out So yeah I had mixed emotions about that We need of this in romance but maybe this was too much Please don't hate me My feminist flag flies highOverall I liked this and I am kind of anxious to read the next book The preview for it is included in the end and I really want to see where it goesI received this as an ARC from NetGalley but these opinions are all my own

  4. Kathyk21 Kathyk21 says:

    Courage Under Fire by Lindsey McKenna is entertaining and enlightening Lindsey McKenna stuffed her novel with delightfully written information about beekeeping and care She almost made me want to have a few bee pets of my own She wove in microclimates soil birds of prey and mythology info bits while she built the tension of Cari Taylor’s step brother’s threat to kill her Silver Creek Wyoming and the Three Bar Ranch become desirable places to visit and live in with McKenna’s skillful descriptions The romance between Cari and Chase is gentle and believable Courage Under Fire is an enjoyable if tense escape into adventure and romance

  5. Nicole Laverdure Nicole Laverdure says:

    Courage Under Fire by Lindsay McKenna is the 2nd book in her Silver Creek contemporary series Seeking an escape from her dark past Carissa Taylor heads to Silver Creek to start a new life Chase didn't dare open his heart again after losing his first love Until Cari entered his life So when her enraged stepbrother breaks out of prison she feels threaten Can Chase protect the woman who caught her heart It's a romantic story filled with emotions This author didn’t disappoint meI received a complimentary copy of this book from Zebra and NetGalley The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

  6. Kerry Kerry says:

    Courage Under Fire by Lindsay McKenna is a very enjoyable and informative book The story of Cari and Chase is believable and exciting The story has a lot of great information about bees and beekeeping and how usage of beehives can improve the growth of certain crops For a city dweller this was extremely interesting and helped me realize how important bees are to our environment The strength of Ms McKenna’s female protagonists is always appreciated A wonderful book for a weekend read #CourageUnderFire #NetGalley

  7. Regina Kiddy Regina Kiddy says:

    Cari has a relationship with bees when her stepbrother escapes from prison she’s terrified After witnessing him killing his girlfriend she testified against him and the last thing she remembers is him promising to kill her Where can she hide Chase needs a bee keeper Can Cari work for Chase and not tell her secret Reading the book will tellI received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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