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Pony Scouts: Really Riding! (I Can Read Book 2) ❰Read❯ ➭ Pony Scouts: Really Riding! (I Can Read Book 2) Author Catherine Hapka – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Today is a special day for the Pony Scouts It's time for Meg and Annie's first ever riding lesson on Jill's farm followed by a Pony Scouts sleepover With so many fun things planned the girls couldn't Today is a special day for the Pony Scouts It's time for Meg and Annie's first ever riding lesson on Jill's farm followed by a Pony Scouts sleepover With so many fun things planned the girls couldn't ask for any Pony Scouts: eBook ✓ excitement until a small surprise turns out to be their biggest thrill of all Young readers will love this sweet new addition to the I Can read Pony Scouts series With easy to read text and beautiful vibrant art pony scouts really riding is the perfect story for pony lovers everywhere.

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  1. ☼Book her, Danno☼ ☼Book her, Danno☼ says:

    borrowed from the LibraryREALLY RIDING is at the beginning 2nd Grade reading level There are 557 words and like all the books in this series there are Accelerated Reader tests available to see how children are progressingThis book is all about a sleepover Meg and Annie ride the bus home with Jill to her house The best part about the visit is that there will be riding and ponies Jill's mom pairs Meg with Sparkle a gray pony who loves carrots Timid Annie gets to ride the pinto Splash They ride and take pictures feed and groom the ponies before doing other sleepover activities Of particular note is that that they meet the new pony Rose Rose is a fat round pony who plays a role in the big surprise that's coming This is a nice little primer The artwork is really appealing and I like that there's a real story and that there is some character differentiation There is horse information throughout this series and the girls are always shown taking an active and sometimes tiring part in the care of the animals This series is pretty girl oriented All males are relegated to small roles Horse and Pony loving readers will enjoy the new addition to the stables

  2. R. R. says:

    This has been a cute series Happened to find one we didn't have while we were at the bookstore so of course the kids grabbed it This one features the girl's first riding lesson and a surprise new foal As with the other books there's an abbreviated glossary in the back that ties in to the story and horse information that is good to know if you are working with horses in any form Cute way to teach kids about horses riding and proper barn and show etiuette

  3. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Ponies and riding are topics of definite interest to this age group so the subject matter alone makes them a sure hit I also really like the way vocabulary is incorporated into each story Words that might be new or unfamiliar are defined on the last page in a short glossary The illustrations are warm and inviting but they also really supplement some of the new information introduced by the text The girls are shown wearing helmets mounting ponies and windmilling their arms in what I assume is the correct way to do such things in real life The books also provide lessons on friendship perseverance and animal care and throws in occasional snacks and sleepovers to supplement all the pony stuff I am not a pony person but these books are new favorites for me

  4. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    My horse crazy daughter loves this series if books We check them out from the library over and over and over She can't read yet and these are rated as level 2 reading but she loves me to read them All of these pony scout books have 'pony pointers' at the end of the story to help with horse related words or phrases that are used and explained within the stories so it is a neateasynatural way to read fun horse story feed the horse craze in your little one if yours is like mine all the while creating a desire to read and learn

  5. Rosa Cline Rosa Cline says:

    This Pony Scouts series is a level 2 storybook; perfect for those little girls that already LOVE horses and ponies This is set on a level beginner readers could do for themselves and still fill that love of horses they have This one the three girls are sleeping over and two are getting riding lessons for the first time But after they enjoy their sleep over they go to the barn to find a pretty special Surprize

  6. Cate Cate says:

    it is osom 111

  7. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is a fun book for beginning readers about a group of girls who form a club called the Pony Scouts and learn to ride horses There's a fun surprise at the end of this story and our girls really enjoyed it

  8. Tricia Tricia says:

    My first grader loves the Pony Scouts series and this title is no exception A sleepover at the farm results in a surprise

  9. Kate Hastings Kate Hastings says:

    Grades 1 2 Early reader about girls who decide to take riding lessons and are put off my the fat grouchy horse Little do they know what surprise awaits them

  10. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    My horse lovin' 8 yo LOVES these I like them too Good find

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