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  1. Jlarinda Jlarinda says:

    Nothing deep to add the edition is absolutely beautiful this is the best comic strip of all time Brilliant I love Linus so intensely and this babier stage of him is even cuter

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  3. James James says:

    The greatest comic strip of all times is being collected in these beautiful editions Published at a rate of 2 volumes a year each fall both of the volumes are collected in a beautiful slip case edition These are a standing Christmas present from my wife who didn't uite realize what she was getting into It's amazing to watch the comic evolve over time the shapes of the characters the characters who get dropped the new and classic characters who get introduced To my college friends who remember my ambition to reproduce Hamlet with the characters from Peanuts I say my life's work is now possible in a few years anyway

  4. Oceana2602 Oceana2602 says:

    More Peanuts loveIn these early books you can see the development of Schulz's drawing style Plus Linus learns to talk although it'll take a while until he becomes my favourite character and Lucy crushes on Schroeder

  5. S.D. S.D. says:

    Please see my comprehensive review entered for The Complete Peanuts 1969 1970 Volume 10

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The Complete Peanuts 1955-1958 Box Set [Reading] ➮ The Complete Peanuts 1955-1958 Box Set ➶ Charles M. Schulz – A gift set of the third and fourth Complete Peanuts volumesA boxed set of the third and fourth volumes just in time for the holidays designed by the award winning graphic novelist Seth The collection A gift set of Peanuts 1955-1958 Epub à the third and fourth Complete Peanuts volumesA boxed set of the third and fourth volumes just in time for the holidays designed by the award winning graphic novelist Seth The collection of books identical to the individual volumes ships shrinkwrapped with Vols and packed in a sturdy custom box designed especially for this set The perfect gift item The Complete Peanuts takes us into the mid s as Linus learns to talk Snoopy begins to explore his eccentricities The Complete eBook ß including his hilarious first series of impressions Lucy's unreuited crush on Schroeder takes final shape and Charlie Brown becomeswell even Charlie Brown ish Over half of the strips in this volume have never been printed since their original appearance in newspapers a half century ago Even the most dedicated Peanuts collectorfan is sure to find many new treasuresIn The Complete Peanuts Peanuts definitively enters its golden age Linus who had just learned to speak in the previous volume becomes downright elouent and even begins to fend off Complete Peanuts 1955-1958 PDF/EPUB ¿ Lucy's bullying; even so his security neurosis becomes pronounced including a harrowing two week Lost Weekend seuence of blanketlessness Charlie Brown cascades further down the hill to loserdom with spectacularly lost kites humiliating baseball losses including one where he becomes the Goat and is driven from the field in a chorus of BAAAAHs; at least his newly acuired pencil pal affords him some comfort Pig Pen Shermy Violet and Patty are also around as is an increasingly Beethoven fixated Schroeder But the rising star is undoubtedly Snoopy He's at the center of the most graphically dynamic and action packed episodes the ones in which he attempts to grab Linus's blanket at a dead run He even tentatively tries to sleep on the crest of his doghouse roof once or twice with mixed results And his imitations continue apace including penguins anteaters sea monsters vultures and much to her chagrin Lucy No wonder the beagle is the cover star not only of this volume but also of the beautiful collector's slipcase to this setCharles M Schulz was born November in Minneapolis His destiny was foreshadowed when an uncle gave him at the age of two days the nickname Sparky after the racehorse Spark Plug in the newspaper strip Barney GoogleIn his senior year in high school his mother noticed an ad in a local newspaper for a correspondence school Federal Schools later called Art Instruction Schools Schulz passed the talent test completed the course and began trying unsuccessfully to sell gag cartoons to magazines His first published drawing was of his dog Spike and appeared in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not installment Between and he succeeded in selling cartoons to the Saturday Evening Post—as well as to the local St Paul Pioneer Press a weekly comic feature called Li'l Folks It was run in the women's section and paid a week After writing and drawing the feature for two years Schulz asked for a better location in the paper or for daily exposure as well as a raise When he was turned down on all three counts he uitHe started submitting strips to the newspaper syndicates In the spring of he received a letter from the United Feature Syndicate announcing their interest in his submission Li'l Folks Schulz boarded a train in June for New York City; interested in doing a strip than a panel he also brought along the first installments of what would become Peanuts—and that was what sold The title which Schulz loathed to his dying day was imposed by the syndicate The first Peanuts daily appeared October ; the first Sunday January Diagnosed with cancer Schulz retired from Peanuts at the end of He died on February the day before Valentine's Day—and the day before his last strip was published—having completed daily and Sunday strips each and every one fully written drawn and lettered entirely by his own hand—an unmatched achievement in comics.

  • Hardcover
  • 688 pages
  • The Complete Peanuts 1955-1958 Box Set
  • Charles M. Schulz
  • English
  • 01 October 2015
  • 9781560976875

About the Author: Charles M. Schulz

Charles Monroe Schulz was Peanuts 1955-1958 Epub à an American cartoonist whose comic strip Peanuts proved one of the most popular and influential in the history of the medium and is still widely reprinted on a daily basisSchulz's first regular cartoons Li'l Folks were published from to by the St Paul Pioneer Press; he first used the name Charlie Brown for a character there although he applied the name in.