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Blacksad 3 : Âme rouge [PDF / Epub] ★ Blacksad 3 : Âme rouge Author Juan Díaz Canales – Ganador de tres Premios Saló del Còmic de Barcelona 2006Mejor Obra Mejor Dibujo Mejor Dibujo popularLos tiempos están cambiandolas grandes potencias mundiales centran sus investigaciones en la carr Ganador de tres Premios Saló : Âme PDF/EPUB ë del Còmic de Barcelona Mejor Obra Mejor Dibujo Mejor Dibujo popularLos tiempos están cambiandolas grandes potencias mundiales centran sus investigaciones en la carrera nuclear y el miedo al comunismo es Blacksad 3 eBook ✓ en los Estados Unidos una realidad cada vez más patente John Blacksad detective privado reciclado en guardaespaldas se verá metido en esta ocasión en una intriga política de alcance internacional cuando reencuentre a un antiguo profesor 3 : Âme eBook ✓ ahora toda una eminencia en energía atómica y a su ayudante la bella escritora Alma Mayer.

10 thoughts on “Blacksad 3 : Âme rouge

  1. Sofia Sofia says:

    umm I like the personal touchFitting into slot 30 of Lena's reading challenge A book with pictures and what pictures

  2. Dávid Novotný Dávid Novotný says:

    Firs time I've read this I wasn't familiar with witchhunt for communist in the USA Now after few years it makes sense and I was pulled into the story It's sad little bit melancholic with good guys not winning exactly and that's what I liked about it

  3. Timo Timo says:

    So beautiful art so pointless and thin storyBut the art is really gorgeous looking at the pictures justifies buying this bookBut the story if the story would be even half as good as art this would be better Now it is just pointlessTimo

  4. Constanza Constanza says:

    #WorldBRBReally enjoying the connections in each volume to different historical events Not as good as VOl 2 but still a very enjoyable read

  5. r. r. says:

    45 best one so far

  6. Inkybaby Inkybaby says:

    the ending hit hard

  7. Ercsi91 Ercsi91 says:

    Sad story of our corrupt world when good people are used for the bad

  8. Fredrik Strömberg Fredrik Strömberg says:

    The third volume and this time with the almost inevitable theme of communism and the McCarthyism as these stories even though they are anthropomorphic and fictitious are clearly set in the US in the 1950s It's a good story with many references to historical events including an anthropomorphic version of Hitler himself Makes me think of Jason's excellent book I Killed Adolf Hitler And Guarnido's art is as crisp as ever using the anthropomorphic theme visually in ways I've never seen before Still there is a nagging feeling that the sexist way in which men and women are depicted here is not simply an imitation of the gigantic gender gap of the era that these stories are supposed to be set in or even symptomatic of the noire genre The recurring theme of the beautiful woman in need of being rescued by the gallant hero is starting to ring a bit hollow I'm still enjoying reading these book immensely but I'm hoping there will be a new twist in the next volume

  9. Francisco Francisco says:

    The plot is a bit thin it deserved way than the fifty something pages particularly given the rich historical background of this episode Nevertheless the art is flawless as usual and I cannot help to be drawn to this fantastic zoo noir world over and over again

  10. Robinski Robinski says:

    Another very enjoyable entry in the Blacksad series I think anyone expecting The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany as a critiue of the impact of that regime on world history is expecting a bit much from a 5o odd page graphic novella?comic Sure it's an easy shot to take that the handling of this weighty topic is a bit superficial but I reckon this volume still does a good job of weaving characters with depth and complex emotions and I will happily be progressing to the next instalment A Silent HellProbably I would hold out Arctic Nation as my favourite of the series so far and rank Blacksad Vol 1 Somewhere Within the Shadows and this third volume at 45 stars if I could

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