Mafalda inédita PDF/EPUB Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 114 pages
  • Mafalda inédita
  • Quino
  • Spanish
  • 26 May 2015
  • 9789505156641

10 thoughts on “Mafalda inédita

  1. Antonio Rubio Reyes Antonio Rubio Reyes says:

    ¡Pues ué cosas Siempre con esa agudeza y sinceridad infantil hablando con la verdad Mafalda cabeza de coco ¿Pues cómo es ue te caben tantas ideas en la cabeza? Un repaso de las circunstancias históricas de Mafalda Lo mejor La carta de Mafalda al director de Siete Días y la despedida de los personajes y uino a los lectores

  2. Josephus FromPlacitas Josephus FromPlacitas says:

    A hodge podge of strips and sundries that hadn't been collected anywhere else along with snippets of contextual historical background essays Far from comprehensive but certainly interesting and educational My understanding of the decade before the military junta took over in Argentina was pretty much a void and the cartoons and the historical essays helped fill me in a little better I also feel like I got a slightly better sense of what the newspaper reading class in the Southern Cone thought about their region and world events from the early 1960s until the early 70s Now I want to get my hands on some of the regular Mafalda collectionsThere's always so much creative language usage and Argentine slang in these cartoons that I need to have a dictionary on hand Which I didn't have since I was traveling so I only got about four fifths of the jokes Comedy to me is always the hardest thing to pick up in a foreign language it's a sophisticated complex set of references and inversions of everyday language that I think shows just how brilliant people and jokesters are Ironically theoretical journalistic or technical writing can be pretty dry and straightfoward making them much easier to approachIt turns out that uino was doing the Bill WattersonGary LarsonAaron MacGruder thing long before they did; that is carefully crafting a popular beloved strip but realizing that it was time to pack it in before too much time went by Homeboy wrapped it up after nine short years Of course in his case it may have had to do with the scowly gentlemen in uniforms who thought the Nazis didn't have the wrong idea when it came to handling commies cartoonists and other hooligans Woah I just checked out the current English Wikipedia page on uino Aug 23 2008 and it is TERRIBLE Just three paragraphs on what his cartoons are sort of like and what the overall themes of the strip are with no real history or specifics

  3. Fugo Feedback Fugo Feedback says:

    Si no me euivoco el último tomo de la serie ue leí pero también debe ser de los ue más he releído a posteriori la última vez hace no mucho

  4. Marvin Ancheta Marvin Ancheta says:

    Interesante libro para los ue aman a MafaldaEs un libro muy interesante para todos los ue uieren conocer más sobre la caricatura de Mafalda Me gustó especialmente el contexto histórico en ue se desarrollan esta recopilación de dibujos inéditosLo único triste es ue creo ue es el fin de una era con Mafalda Siempre me gustaron los mensajes plasmados en esta caricaturaGrande uino

  5. Gabriel Gabriel says:

    Recuerdo hace muchos años ue algunas de las tiras ue leía no tenían sentido aun cuando trataba de ponerlas en el contexto político y social de la época En el presente libro las notas agregadas a las tiras hacen ue cobren sentido al explicar el contexto bajo el cual fueron hechas Lástima ue solo fuera para unas cuantas

  6. Adri G.M. Adri G.M. says:


  7. Daniela Bustillos Daniela Bustillos says:

    It is really fun to read

  8. Ana Ana says:

    Historia de la creación de Mafalda en su contexto político social Está curioso pero tiene más de libro de historia reciente ue viñetas

  9. Club Dokusho Club Dokusho says:

    Me encantaron las tiras ue no se publicaron de uino y las historias de por ué no se publicaron

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Mafalda inédita[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Mafalda inédita ✈ Quino – Librarian's note An alternate cover edition to this ISBN can be found here More of Latin Americas most popular and best selling cartoon strips that were eliminated from the original ten books for havi Librarian's note An alternate cover edition to this ISBN can be found here More of Latin Americas most popular and best selling cartoon strips that were eliminated from the original ten books for having a very strong relationship with their historical context come now with a brief reminder so that they can be fully understood Plus some drawings made by uino using the characters for album covers UN and health campaigns.

About the Author: Quino

UINO Joauín Salvador Lavado nace hijo de inmigrantes españoles andaluces en la ciudad de Mendoza Argentina el de julio aunue en los registros oficiales conste nacido el de agosto Desde ue nació se lo llamó uino para distinguirlo de su tío Joauín Tejón pintor y dibujante publicitario con uien a los años descubre su vocaciónComienza la escuela primaria donde descubre ue su.