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 I fel sällskap [Download] ➵ I fel sällskap ➾ Viveca Sten – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sandhamn Island’s archipelago is a beautiful place to visit For a mother on the run it’s the only place to hide in a novel of escalating suspense by Viveca Sten bestselling author of Still WatersB Sandhamn Island’s archipelago is a beautiful place to visit For a mother on the run it’s the only place to hide in a novel of escalating suspense by Viveca Sten bestselling author of Still WatersBuilding a case against Andreis Kovač is a risky strategy for prosecutor I MOBI :Ê Nora Linde A violent key player in Stockholm’s drug trade and untouchable when it comes to financial crimes he has the best defense money can buy To topple Andreis’s empire Nora’s working a different angle It’s personal Nora’s critical witness is Andreis’s wife Mina—if she’ll testifyMina has suffered her husband’s rage too long It’s nearly cost her her life Still carrying the traumas of the Bosnian War Andreis can be triggered like an explosive He must be taken down And as the trial looms Mina and her infant son must disappear The police have found her a safe place to hide on Runmarö Island in Sandhamn’s archipelago But there’s no shelter from a man as powerful and merciless as Andreis Especially when he’s being crossedHis campaign of terror has just begun He’s prepared to crush anyone who stands in his way Mina Nora and everyone they know and love Andreis is coming for them This time Nora is on the defense.

  • Kindle Edition
  • I fel sällskap
  • Viveca Sten
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  • 11 January 2014

About the Author: Viveca Sten

Viveca Sten made her author debut with crime novel Still Waters It soon became a huge hit with both critics and readers and today the author has sold almost million copies of her books worldwideIn May her seventh novel The Price of Power was I MOBI :Ê published in Sweden It was hugely successful and Viveca cemented her place as one of the country’s most popular authors Her Sandhamn Murder Seri.

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  1. Javier Javier says:

    After nine books in the “Sandhamn Murders” series the author could have made herself comfortable and kept writing the same story again and again so it is much appreciated to see that she keeps reinventing the series with new characters and new approaches to the mystery genre Some instalments ago there was a temporal jump in the main characters’ lives and now after several books in this new timeline there’s a veer from the traditional police procedural mystery to a suspensethriller with a touch of legalIn this case the main focus of the plot is violence against women Although both Nora and Thomas are involved in the case it is Nora the one who takes the weight of the story being Thomas being of a secondary character and worried with his personal problems You can’t help to empathize with Mina although some of her actions are difficult to understand Andreis her husband is such a hateful and terrifying character and responsible of some pretty upsetting scenes The sense of menace was conveyed every time he came around But the character I found the most disgusting of all was Andreis’ lawyer I can understand he’s her client and she must protect his interests but seriously To that point How could you put your job above someone’s life The short chapters kept up the tension uite high the whole story making it almost impossible to stop turning the pages The Bosnia flashbacks made an interesting backstory making you feel the fear and the hopelessness of the war Thanks to Netgalley and Crossing for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review

  2. Linden Linden says:

    Swedish attorney Nora is trying to get a depraved Bosnian born criminal convicted but first she must get his frightened young wife to testify that he beats her up Alternate chapters flash back to his childhood in war torn Bosnia but if they were supposed to make me feel sympathetic it didn’t work I found this novel extremely disturbing; violent abusers are one of my off limits subjects and the threat at the end was very unsettling If all this isn’t a problem for you this is a well written and suspenseful mystery by one of my favorite Nordic Noir authors ably translated by Marlaine Delargy Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC

  3. Ray Moon Ray Moon says:

    A Battle Between a Battered Wife and a Drug Dealing HusbandMina Kovač has spent much time to ensure that her home was spotless and had prepared the favorite dinner for Andreis her husband He had become uite unpredictable of late Her father shows up at the front door asking to see Lukas his grandson He asks her to visit for a few weeks but Mina is afraid to leave Finally the father tells Mina that her mother is not doing well a heart problem Mina becomes uite upset As Andreis will be home soon the father has to leave Mina tried to relax as the house was immaculate and food ready There’s nothing to annoy Andreis who walks in the door Mina remembers that the vacuum cleaner was in the middle of the kitchen Maybe Andreis would go upstairs that would give her time to put the vacuum cleaner awayThe main storyline shifts to the regular characters in this series First is Thomas Andreasson who works at the Serious Crimes Unit The other regular is Nora Linde who is a prosecutor for the Swedish Financial Crimes Authority Nora is working on a serious tax fraud case against Andreis Kovač He has been a target of the Narcotics Division for some time but without enough evidence to charge him Then a tip arrives with supporting information for indicating tax fraud so it is assigned to Nora Now a break that can provide leverage against Andreis presents itself as his wife is in the hospital after being severely beaten Nora needs to persuade Mina to testify against Andreis The main storyline proceeds with high tension battle to have Mina testify or not to testify Nora offers all the help for a battered wife to get her to testify and Andreis uses charm threats and finally a legal threat to take the son to keep her uiet My interest was captured as each side gains then slips behind in this battle of willsThe B storyline is rich in the Thomas’s and Nora’s private lives with the spouses which conflicts that affect these characters actions Also Nora tries to help Thomas’s relationship with his estranged wife As the spousal battery brings Thomas into the case in support of Nora their relationship as friends becomes exposed All this enriched my enjoyment in reading this novelThere is a definite level of vulgar language but not to a detrimental level for me There are not any intimate scenes There is violence only one instance is described as it occurs which is edgy Most of the violence is described afterwards by the damage to the victims In my reviews of previous books in this series I recommended reading the novel on an e reader because the British translator regularly used British informal words that reuired that I search the Internet to understand That was not true with the translation with this novel There is one aspect that did bother me The author was very good in maintaining a high level of dread throughout the novel as to what would happen if Andreis ever caught up with his wifeThis book met all of my criteria for a high start rating It captured and maintained my interest throughout the entire novel There was a rich B storyline There even was a main storyline thread about Andreis growing up in Bosnia during that terrible war I was reading late into the night when I should be sleeping Unfortunately I did not enjoy the level of dread I felt I am ambivalent about this because it is a credit to the author’s writing ability but it decreased my enjoyment Let the reader be forewarned about this aspect Lastly there was one loose end at the end Overall I rate this novel with four stars I have received a free e book version of this novel through NetGalley from Crossing with an expectation for an honest unbiased review I wish to thank Crossing for the opportunity to read and review this novel early

  4. Christine Christine says:

    I first started reading the Sandhamn Murders series a few years ago and have really enjoyed each of the books I have read I like the characters of prosecutor Nora Linde and her best friend DI Thomas Andreasson both individually and when they’re spending time together as friends or discussing a case I also like learning about life in Sweden through the descriptions included in these booksUnfortunately “In Bad Company” is my least favorite of the books in this series I was disappointed in how dark this book is compared to earlier books in the series It is of a domestic thriller than a mystery which would be okay if it wasn’t so depressing Domestic violence is the focus of the book and there is so much tension and foreboding that I had to keep putting the book aside Tension and suspense are a good thing in a thriller but drug dealer and abuser Andreis Kovac is such a vile character my feelings kept turning to dread We are given every reason to despise the character even before some of his worst acts have occurred before the author starts to reveal his backstory Andreis witnessed terrible things as a child in war torn Bosnia but it didn’t make me feel sympathetic towards the adult Andreis Andreis’s wife Mina makes some uestionable decisions but I liked her and kept reading because I wanted things to work out for her Nora and Thomas are able to team up and get a resolution of a sort to the case but the book ends on a very creepy note I look forward to reading these books by Viveca Sten whenever they are released in English but would only rate this one as 35 stars Even though this one wasn’t my favorite I will still continue to follow the seriesI received this ebook from NetGalley through the courtesy of Crossing An advance copy was provided to me at no cost but my review is voluntary and unbiased

  5. Celeste Miller Celeste Miller says:

    Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC This is the 2nd book I've read by Viveca Sten and it's the 9th in the series I read book earlier this year and liked it too If you like Nordic police procedurals with some legal courtroom drama thrown in I definitely recommend these This one was a very fast read and I was sucked in the whole time I actually had anxious twists in my stomach at the end Even though I kept telling myself she's going to be OK So that's a sign of good suspense as well CW for domestic violence Very extreme and the story talks about it in depth since the main storyline is around a woman who is fleeing her abusive husband and how she manages with the police the shelter and deciding if she'll testify against him or not It's a heartbreaking story but it's not unrealistic at least the domestic violence part and the struggles she has making her choices I like the main cop and prosecutor characters too I can tell that there is a lot of history there and I'd looks to read the earlier books sometime There is also a storyline about the war in Bosnia and the refugees who fled to Sweden

  6. Hannelore Cheney Hannelore Cheney says:

    Thank you NetGalley and Crossing for the eARCI've read every book in the Sandham series and this 9th was definitely the darkest The subject of domestic violence looms large and it's uite disturbing Nora is heavily involved not only career wise but emotionally as well Thomas takes a backseat in this story as he's struggling with his personal lifeMina's husband has become increasingly violent and the last time he attacked her he almost killed her She's so terrified of him that she feels there's no way out for her and her baby son As he's being investigated for fraudulent financial dealings he becomes frustrated and increasingly dangerous He's a terrifying monster and his lawyer comes close to being one as wellShe's dreadful and will do anything to win her caseIt's easy to feel sorry for her especially her poor baby but I also felt frustrated with her decisionsThere's a feeling of impending doom throughout the book which made me uncomfortable but I couldn't put it down reading till my eyes hurtDefinitely recommended

  7. Elisa Elisa says:

    The Sandhamn Murders series has been a favorite for years but this last volume was a little disappointing The “Bad Company” in the title seems to refer to Mina’s husband Andreis a refugee from the war in Yugoslavia who is now so abusive that it’s a miracle he hasn’t killed her The action on Sandhamn combines with flashbacks of Andreis’ flight from Yugoslavia Nora Linde is looking into his shady business deals but gets involved in allegations of domestic violence and can’t turn a blind eye Now in the real world this is a horrific and serious problem In the plot of this novel it sounds like a PSA about an abusive husband who borders on caricature There are too many twists that don’t really pan out and as terrible as the was in Yugoslavia was the flashbacks slowed down the rest of the action as well as the pace I still enjoyed reading about Nora and her police friend Thomas working together I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased Thank you NetGalleyCrossing

  8. Ken Fredette Ken Fredette says:

    I loved how Viveca Sten takes the war in Bosnia and brings it back to the here and now and even threatens Mina with the loss of her son even after her husband has been killed But lets get back to the crew that always is in her novels Thomas and Pernilla seemed to be apart but maybe in the end they might have reconciled Nora and Jonas seemed to be involved with each other Mina and Andreis Kovač were in a on and off marriage relationship after their son was born Mina's parents were worried about Mina I've given you the main characters yet there are which helps to fill in the missing areas of Mina and Andreis relationship with each other We digress to Bosnia every now and then but you can see where Andreis gets his anger from Read the story to get all the missing facts that Viveca has to offer in this novel You won't regret it

  9. Linda Linda says:

    This is one of my favorite series and I so look forward to a new one Ms Sten did not disappoint and I hope you will like this one as much as I didDomestic violence holds center place in this story and it portrays the underlying brutality a huge majority of women suffer when caught in this horrible web Nora and Thomas find themselves committed to bringing an evil criminal to justice and saving his battered wife and son at the same time There is darkness in these pages and you will feel the anxiety and fear permeate your soul as you follow their attempts to save this strong but beaten down young woman The ending will leave you tense and breathless but just wait until you read the very end

  10. Debra Dowling Debra Dowling says:

    I love this series and this book did not disappointNora finds herself in the middle of building a case against a brutal man Andreis She is working on getting him convicted for tax evasion when it becomes apparent that he is also excessively abusive to his wife Her life long friend Thomas is working on a murder case which also seems to be connected to Andreis Can Nora with the help of Leila and Thomas find a way to protect Mina Andreis' wife from his abuse and get him sentenced to a long term in jail And how many people will get hurt or killed in the process Great combination of action suspense family and friendshipI received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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