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  1. Paul Weiss Paul Weiss says:

    Paleo Indian life at the close of the last ice ageSarabande has set this dark tragic tale of struggle and survival on the northeast coast of North America during the final days of the last ice age To the paleo Indian people of the day the pace and magnitude of climactic change must have seemed powerful and frightening Mammoths and mastodons remained but were obviously so well on the path to extinction that they had been elevated to enormous symbolic religious importance Even for elders wise shamans and the most accomplished hunters knowledge such as migratory routes of critical food and resource supplies like caribou beluga and geese must have seemed fleeting and frustratingly inconsistent Cree and Inuit people from the Arctic and the unforgiving barrens of northern uebec and Labrador the beginnings of the Ojibway Algonuin and Irouois nations that found themselves at home in the woodlands of southern Ontario and uebec or upstate Vermont New Hampshire and Maine plus the eastern maritime ancestors of the Micmac tribe meet intermingle mate and breed battle for territorial and cultural supremacy trade pray and make offerings to their gods kill or help one another and live and dieSarabande fills in her panoramic complex canvas with all the attention of the most assiduous realism painter Tiny single brush strokes are made with the greatest of care and no detail is too small to be included in her exuisite portrayal of this pre historic North American landscape the slate gray colour of the sky during a powerful late winter storm; the sickly smell of rotting meat on the hoof as a dying mammoth searches for a final resting place; the rich sweet colour and taste of sap rising in spring maples; the incredible development of the bow and arrow as a weapon capable of striking from a distance terrifying hunters who know only the lesser power of a stone tipped spear; the first hesitant use of metallic copper in weaponry commerce and art; tattoos jewellery and all the finery of aboriginal costumesIn the foreground of this stunning canvas she paints the portrait of M'alsum a venal self important cowardly almost psychopathic headman M'alsum abandons his youngest brother Ne'gauni trapped in a deadfall dying of wounds sustained in an attack by a tribe of northern hunters foraging far out of their regular territory in the barrens In the same raid his mate Hasu'u is kidnapped and forced to serve as wet nurse to a motherless infant M'aslum adds self pity self doubt and avarice to his list of failings and murders his two other brothers whom he sees as competitors to his position as chiefSarabande's description of a woodland tribesman's courageous stand against the charging mammoth and M'alsum's cowardly flight from the same beast ultimately leading it by chance over a steep embankment to its death was absolutely breathtaking The development of the characters of the Old One and her grand daughter Mowea'ua as members of a very hairy bone deep ugly race on which modern native werewolf mythology might have been based is essentially a whimsical flight of fancy but frankly I found it particularly charmingOther reviewers have commented that they thought the story particularly cruel or savage In an unapologetic afterword Sarabande herself suggests that if her portrayal was harsh it only reflected her genuine beliefs of what life was like at that time based on her extensive research into the findings of archeologists historians anthropologists geologists and meteorologists She goes on to suggest that it is perhaps to our credit that we are shocked and appalled when we read of such things I'm inclined to agree and I for one found the story exciting from the opening pagePaul Weiss

  2. Anna Ertl Anna Ertl says:

    I finally finished this one I started it years ago I love reading prehistoric books such as this The authors notes at the end were very enlightening Where the author got the information from and how they formed the basis of the series is mind bending The best part of this particular book is that William Sarabande is not a man but a woman The characters are all strong and I can actually see their faces by how she writes I will enjoy reading the next in the series

  3. Lisa Popish Lisa Popish says:

    This series is SO GOOD Now onto the final book in the saga Spirit Moon I don’t want it to end

  4. Sallee Sallee says:

    The Ice age is coming to an end and times are changing The story starts out with a small band of people of the forest Malsum head man his wife Hasu'uand Malsum's three brothers They are traveling north to trade goods Along the way the band is attacked by raiders Hasu'u's baby is torn from her grasp and thrown into the river Ne'gauni the youngest brother is speared and is carried away by the racing river and gets stuck under a tree in the river Maslum and his two others brothers had gone on ahead and when they saw what was happening hid in the woods Malsum shows his cowardice and selfcenteredness by stealing of Ne'gauni's unconscious body his goods The story continues The raiders have stolen Hasu'u to be the milk women for that tribe's infant child Ne'gauni is rescused by a girl of the Old Tribe and with her grandmother nurses him back to health even though he has lost a leg Kinap a giant of a man comes apon Maslum in the woods after Maslum has killed his other brothers and his burden woman to pulled the sledge of goods He leads him to the area Maslum wanted to go Maslum lied about his wife his brothers and the killing of a mamouth but Kinap observed the whole thing The story continues as Maslum continues his lies and deceit with the band he was to trade with on the coast The story tells about each of these people and how thier paths cross and how Maslum is dealt with when his deceit is discovered

  5. Janet Janet says:

    What a welcome break from reading mystery novels I do not mean to ignore wonderful tales of spellbinding horror of Stephen King and his ilk or of different themed novels like The Painted House It is just nice to have an entirely different theme in an entirely different time and people so very different from any other novelsIt was very interesting to find at the end of the book that William is actually Joan Although her author suggests that she man up for this series I think I would've enjoyed it a little knowing a woman road Call me sexist if you will Maybe that comes because I was such a fan of The Clan of the Cave Bear seriesIt makes no difference The fact remains that I found this novel uite enjoyable and will be looking for either by William or by Joan

  6. Miika Hannila Miika Hannila says:

    First time I read a novel and didn't start from the beginning of the series Time Beyond Beginning was a novel with strong descriptions powerful storyline and memorable characters especially the giant Kinap I got slightly bored at times with the repetitiveness of the prose the novel could have delivered the story better with slightly tighter editing An enjoyable read especially for those interested in the time period

  7. Cathy Smith Cathy Smith says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads Giveaways This book was very interesting I like learning about the ways and customs of early Americans The story is good but as it got close to the end I wondered if everything would be completed It did and Malsum got what he deserved I was delighted that Hasuu found her way home and he decision at the end A really good book

  8. 66yoguy 66yoguy says:

    I liked it

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Time Beyond Beginning The First Americans #10 ➵ [Read] ➱ Time Beyond Beginning The First Americans #10 By William Sarabande ➿ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Dark forces are at work within the realms of earth and sky and a savage new dance of life and death is about to beginthe internationally acclaimed saga of the First Americans continues in this long aw Dark forces are at work within Beginning The PDF ✓ the realms of earth and sky and a savage new dance of life and death is about to beginthe internationally acclaimed saga of the First Americans continues in this long awaited novel from bestseller William SarabandeAs the Ice Age draws to a close the Time Beyond Epub / men and women living on the northeast coast of the North American continent struggle to adapt to their rapidly changing environment Ancient cultures clash as warriors battle for vital hunting territories When a mammoth is seen in a forest the shaman who is also brother to the headman conjures wondrous and Beyond Beginning The PDF/EPUB ¾ terrifying visions for his imperiled band as he goads them to hunt a beast that may be the last of its kind Although an ancient legend promises death for the People on the day that the last mammoth dies the shaman counters with a legendary promise of his own that those Beyond Beginning The First Americans eBook ´ who dare hunt kill and consume the flesh of the mammoth will be made invincible in battle The hunt is successful but the headman is killed and the shaman comes to power and takes possession of his brother's woman and daughter Although he has no suspicion of his uncle's treachery the eldest son of the former headman must live with the fear of the charging mammoth that caused him to feign injury rather than risk his own life to save his father's Now as Beyond Beginning The First Americans eBook ´ the last mammoth walks the land a young warrior who has lost nearly everything to his enemies must learn new ways or die in a world where men women and even children dare not be less than heroes.