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Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye ➼ [Download] ➹ Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye By Jacquelyn Middleton ➹ – Amazing Ebook, Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye By Jacquelyn Middleton This is the best favorite book with over 582 readers online here. Amazing Ebook, Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye By Jacquelyn Middleton This Say Hello, PDF/EPUB or is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

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Jacuelyn Middleton is a multi award winning author of love Say Hello, PDF/EPUB or stories for hopeful romantics—‘hopeful' because her novels are always optimistic and she believes 'happily ever afters' are important now than ever before But life is messy relationships are messy and her books aren't afraid to go there too If you enjoy character and relationship driven stories about people dealing with the triu.

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  1. ReadingTilTheBreakOfDawn ReadingTilTheBreakOfDawn says:

    This was the first book I've read by Jacuelyn Middleton but apparently it's part of an interconnected series that can all be read as standalones When I saw the cover of this book it seemed light and perfect for holiday reading so I had to pick it up even though I'm a stickler for reading things in order 😂 Say Hello Kiss Goodbye is a 3rd person dual POV contemporary romance that had insta chemistry and second chance romance set in London and a bit of New York If you don't fall in love with the places and the people in those places after reading this book you can come back and hound me 😜This is Leia and Taruin's story Leia is a newly divorced fashion designer and is spending the holidays with her sister and father in London It's the perfect getaway for this close knit family Leia has to do some last minute shopping at Ikea and that's where her meet cute with Taruin happens It's fast and cute and I couldn't wait for from them Thank goodness he gave her his business card because if they left each other before trying to find a way to connect again I was going to throw a fit You could feel their chemistry almost instantly and I knew I needed The story begins there and I loved the character's chemistry the awkwardness of them both and the obvious love the author has for all things English Needless to say these two do end up meeting up again but remember Leia is only visiting And since she's newly divorced she is only looking for Mr Right Now But Taruin has had enough of playing the field and he is looking for Mrs Right How will these two get on and how will this journey go??Say Hello Kiss Goodbye is a story that starts in London with some insta chemistry and laughs I loved all the characters and their connections I felt bad for Taruin because I knew he was looking for one thing and Leia was looking for something else I didn't know how Ms Middleton was going to work out this relationship between the two especially after Leia moved back to her home in NYC She never wanted a relationship let alone a long distance relationship but looking at the length of this book something was going to give And that's how this book becomes a second chance romance I won't give you too much just know this is a journey of ups and downs Of family and laughs And deals with mental health issues on top of everything else And it worksI can tell how much love Jacuelyn Middleton has for London and NYC and connecting past characters to her story and the journey they take to finding love I didn't feel any disconnect with Leia and Taruin's story even being that I hadn't read any of her other books but I definitely wanted to know some of their stories because I really enjoyed the supporting characters I loved the language and vocabulary she used for the London characters It made them authentic even if I had to look up a couple of expressions I enjoy that she used characters from different backgrounds and she included mental health as part of the journey of the main characters Overall this story was longer than I anticipated but the details and build up were appreciated If I could add one thing I would want to see some of Leia's pieces since they are one of kind This was an entertaining love story but not an as easy as I first thought it would be Still enjoyed the characters and their journey to get their HEA I swore I'd never risk my heart again but sometimes it breaks its own rulesAll I know for certain isI've missed you Taruin I've missed us

  2. Grey& Grey& says:

    Grey’s Promotions is thrilled to be working with Jacuelyn Middleton on the release of Say Hello Kiss Goodbye Sign up here to be a part of its release Say Hello Kiss Goodbye signup

  3. Kate Kate says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for my honest reviewI always look forward to anything Jacuelyn Middleton releases Her books are always so positive and offer an insight into the mental health of the characters — it’s so open and honest and I really do wish other authors would approach the mental health of their characters in a way that makes them as relatable as Jackie’s areSo this book revolves around Leia an upcycled fashion designer and Taruin a businessman specializing in purchasing and renovating old buildings into thriving new ones If you’ve read Jackie’s other books you’ll know we’ve met both of them before — Leia is an ex hockey wife from Until The Last Star Fades and Taruin was a fling of Alex’sfriend of Harry’s from London Can You Wait? In fact if you’ve read all her books you’ll enjoy this one purely because we get to check in with almost every character we’ve met over the course of the books in this universeLeia’s fresh off her divorce from her hockey husband and is looking for Mr Right Now — she’s not in any rush to settle down Taruin is looking for Mrs Right after deciding he wants what his friends have with their happy stable relationships These two are so unfit for each other that they definitely have to come together right? Of course they do But the longer we get to enjoy their fling while Leia is in London visiting her sister the we find out that these characters really DO belong together even if they may not see how it could possibly workThrough this book we watch Leia try to come to terms with the fact that although she may not be looking for Mr Right he might be right under her nose While this is happening we watch Taruin come to terms with his Mrs Right not believing she’s the right one for him and him tackling his mental health head on when he comes to a breaking point Watching Taruin seek help while also setting about a support system for him? That’s exactly what we need to see to help normalize the fact that not everyone is okay but it’s also okay not to be as long as you know you’re not and you take steps to get to a healthy placeLeia also is working on her own mental health; she’s struggled after what her ex put her through and we get to watch her go from a fairly good place to a not so great one and back I think that although this book really isn’t about the mental health it does have a sneaky starring role in it and that’s perfect for this book; it’s a secondary story to that of Leia reallyI felt like the majority of the story was about Leia’s fashion career and really it deserved the spotlight She’s got a fantastic eye for design while still making sure to make her fashion sustainable In fact she’s doing to fashion what Taruin is doing for his buildingsI don’t want to spoil the events of the book for you but I will leave you with this much — if you’re anything like me you’re going to love the build up to the end of story and you will gasp OUT LOUD when you get to the epilogue I know I did and I can’t wait for the next book and hope to see our favorite characters in it as well as seeing what’s next upI also adore the way Jackie talks about the different places mentioned in the book — from London to New York to Orkney It always makes me feel wistful for London and now I’ve got Orkney on my list of places I should definitely get to soon I also want to explore so much of New York after reading about the places Leia’s been And surprise — she also spent time in my hometown of Pittsburgh which made me forge an even personal connection to her character It’s so lovely to read a book where you feel a connection to the places as well as the characters and that’s yet another thing Jackie is great at Another fantastic book that I could not put down once I picked it up and you will not regret taking the time to read this one either

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I love all of Jacuelyn Middleton's books and this one was no exception to that rule Jacuelyn always includes characters that deal with anxiety andor depression and y'all it is so refreshing dealing with characters I can relate to If you've read Until the Last Star Fades you've already met our leading lady in this book Leia If you've read London Can You Wait? you've already met our main man Taruin You don't have to read the previous books to know what is going on but let me just say I loved seeing all my babies again The gang is all back in this book and I couldn't be thrilled Taruin and Leia have a meet cute at an IKEA on New Year's Eve when the power is out and they are stuck with each other Leia is coming off a pretty public divorce and is visiting her sister for winter break She doesn't want to have a relationship with strings so her and Taruin have fling and she heads back to New York She thinks their fling is over but is it really?Taruin was one of my favorite parts of London Can You Wait so let me just say I NEEDED him to get a happily ever after He is a nerdy treasure and deserves all the loveIf you are looking for a fun steamy escape with everything currently going on in our world pick this beautiful book up Jacuelyn makes you feel like you really are in London and New York and it felt so good to be traveling again ; I received this book as a present from the amazing Jacuelyn Middleton in exchange for an honest review This book releases on November 26th 2020 3

  5. Princessofbookaholics Princessofbookaholics says:

    Thanks to Grey's Promotions for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewRating 355 starsThings that I appreciated a lot the meet cute Taruin basically stole the whole show by being the kindest and most supportive man on Earth throughout the book positive talk on mental health accepting each other in spite of each other's past the fashion aspect of Leia's career and how she upcycles fabric to make new clothes how sex positive the book was the endingThings that were just okay too many side characters miscommunication between the protagonists Leia being unreasonable sometimesOverall I enjoyed the book and I would definitely recommend this author as a go to for the romance genre I've read all her previous books and I must say this was steamier than her other works and it was entertaining to readFavorite uote I can't guarantee sunny days or pizza with grapes but I can promise you this I'll never hurt you

  6. Rachel McMillan Rachel McMillan says:

    Thoughts to come

  7. Mia Book Addict Mia Book Addict says:

    Review coming soon

  8. Christine Elgar Christine Elgar says:

    WOW Jacuelyn Middleton knocked it out of the park with this novel I couldn’t put this one down from the very first chapter to the last I just wanted to know about Leia and Taruin So I read Until the Last Star Fades about an month ago I enjoyed it but it a slow burn and I was hoping for a faster burn Say Hello Kiss Goodbye delivered this novel is a sizzling romance with the sexual chemistry jumping off the pages and the plot was palpable and fast paced This had everything that I was looking for in a romance novel I hope that Jacuelyn writes a seuel cause I want Leia and Taruin Thank you Jacuelyn for writing an amazing romance novel that has hot romance damaged egos believing in true love and the most perfect man I’m fully in love with Taruin Jacuelyn does an amazing job at developing beautiful complex characters are putting them in the same social circles so this novel had many of her other characters in this novel It was really wonderful to see that she builds about the world and really takes the time to pour her heart and soul into her writing “WILL HER FLING BECOME HIS FOREVER?Leia Scott has sworn off love Fresh from a messy public divorce from her hockey player ex the twenty six year old fashion designer temporarily trades New York for London to heal and embrace her freedom Her vow? To protect her heart steer clear of relationships and say yes to flings without strings She throws herself into designing upcycled dresses and exploring London with her sister But Leia’s carefully curated plan encounters a flirty complication with an irresistible British accentWealthy charming and devastatingly attractive Taruin Balfour is tired of meaningless hookups and dates that go nowhere For years he has played the bon viveur with reckless abandon throwing decadent parties sleeping with a parade of women and diving into extreme sports around the globe But now the young property developer wants He craves love and commitment to prove his kind heart matters than the abundance of zeroes attached to his bank balance Struggling with undiagnosed depression Taruin worries he’ll never find The Oneuntil he meets his princess a fashion designer named LeiaAfraid of falling in love and fearful of being alone Leia and Taruin enter into an entanglement that threatens to hurt them bothFrom the award winning author of UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES comes a sexy story of love second chances gratitude and finding beauty in the broken and the forgotten” Author’s synonyms from GoodreadsI loved this novel so much I simply can’t say that enough It was excellently written the plot is fast and witty the character develop is complex and smooth and the chemistry between the Leia and Taruin was the backbone of this novel and every minute of it was AMAZING I loved this novel so much thank you Jacuelyn for writing this novel it was one of the best romance novels that I have ever read I know that it takes a lot of guts to write your story and then to publish it on your own so you can have control over your story and it 100% worked in your favour this novel is a masterpiece Congrats Jacuelyn you have out done yourself on this beautiful novel I look forward to the other novels that you will be writing in the future This novel also had me missing London England so much I visited for the first time last September and I fall in love so hard that this novel was able to transport me back there It was a lovely adventure and the scenery in this novel is breath taking This novel was a solid shining 5 stars This novel would make a wonderful Christmas gift to anyone that loves romance novels I know that I will be gifting this novel to loved ones for Christmas this year Say Hello Kiss Goodbye is out on November 25th 2020 check your local bookstore to pick up your copy

  9. Cristina Cristina says:

    Say Hello Kiss Goodbye by Jacuelyn Middleton Kirkwall Press 2020A Romance of Second ChancesShe resurrects old textiles; he rescues old buildings Like the materials central to their respective careers Leia Scott and Taruin Balfour can sometimes look and feel a little worse for wear But maybe they’ll save each other and rebuild something totally unexpected? In her fourth novel Say Hello Kiss Goodbye a stand alone story still set in the same “world” as her previous three books award winning author Jacuelyn Middleton reenters the realm of travel romance heartbreak and creativity central to all her work It’s a steamier book than her previous novels but like its predecessors Say Hello Kiss Goodbye does not steer away from physical mental and emotional challenges of life and love Showcasing the reality of mental health and serious traumas with empathy and realism is essential to Middleton and her work And so is the lighter side of life pop cultural references Star Wars Outlander Poldark etc punctuate the pages of Say Hello Kiss Goodbye adding levity and lightReaders of Middleton’s earlier works will remember recently divorced Leia and gadabout Taruin rejoicing that we find here a significantly fleshed out and human side to these once peripheral figures Other characters from previous works also punctuate the novel offering fans the perfect kind of warm familiarity that eases us deeply into the story as if we’re not just watching old friends but vitally visiting with them Although I’m not the biggest reader of the romance genre compared to other genres; and while the sexier side of this novel it gets very steamy and sex positive from male and female perspectives what always attracts me to Jacuelyn Middleton’s books is that there’s always substance behind the bodies There are feelings inner monologues uestions and even embarrassing moments that normalize imperfection What is I also enjoy the creative side of both of the main characters Leia and Taruin are saviors of others and other things whether recycling fabrics or restoring buildings and giving them a new life They are far from perfect but well suited in that they often make mistakes while trying to escape their painful pasts and previous decisions But this novel is all about second chances and resurrecting one’s self despite trauma tragedy and tribulation Middleton also takes the time to address abuse affairs mental health and physical disabilities She cares about familial relationships heritage and friendships Her female figures are career driven; her male figures are not always stereotypical men without vulnerability or shallowness Here in Say Hello Kiss Goodbye Leia initially wants a no strings relationship while Taruin tired of his footloose ways is ready to build upon a foundation in his own life—not just in the buildings he loves Above all Middleton remains sensitive to the delicate threads of human experience on two sides of an ocean that creates the tapestry of human experience This reminds us there may be strength and beauty in the knots of the weave than the perfectly smooth threads we’ve come to expect thereAll in all Say Hello Kiss Goodbye a novel for hopeful romantics is a sexier steamier and perhaps even complete addition to Middleton’s body of work Particularly during a time of uncertainty and uarantining and when we’re all ready to say farewell to 2020 readers desire pure escapism Wanderlust has never been real Say Hello Kiss Goodbye is the easiest way to travel—to London New York City and the Orkney Islands All immersive books are the best passport and Middleton’s latest like her previous trio is no different

  10. Victoria Victoria says:

    An early copy was provided to me by Grey's Promotions in exchange for an honest reviewWow Books like this is the reason I still read romances Leia and Taruin's whirlwind romance was beautifully crafted realistic still whimsical feeling like a dream to attain in the future Say Hello Kiss Goodbye is about a playboy wanting to settle down and a divorcée wanting some fun Part of an interconnected series of standalones I was very intrigued to spend time with these characters that I had met briefly before Taruin in London Can You Wait? and Leia in Until the Last Star Fades What I loved The Romance the setting the characters pretty much everything The story takes place mostly in London but also spends time in New York City and Scotland's Orkney Islands The research and attention to detail that is included in these books regarding the setting is amazing you could follow the directions in the book and truly make it to the intended location The descriptions create such a vivid picture in my mind that despite not having spent very much time or any time at all in these locations I feel like I have Something I love about her novels is the sprinkling in of other characters and how they pop up between books Leia and Taruin both appeared before and she had created enough intrigue with them previously to be excited about their book They were developed well and we were able to truly connect with and learn who they are They aren't perfect they don't have just one flaw They feel very raw and human and imperfect and it made it so much easier to connect with them And their romance Instant chemistry steamy sex positive sex scenes it was very easy to see that Leia and Taruin cared about each other in all aspects of their relationship Their relationship was than just romantic It was great seeing them develop as friends too getting to know each other and being supportive in their personal and professional lives Another thing that I loved about this book is it's honest portrayal of mental health struggles Both main characters struggle with depression and anxiety and the therapy positive narrative and realistic struggles and portrayals really stand out and this is something in all of her books but is especially prevalent in this one However the parts of this book that weren't my favorite was the first person inner thoughts in the 3rd person narrative style There were a lot and it was very jarring and distracted me from the story It was hard to focus with sections that would just switch every other line to a character thought from the story telling I don't typically mind it in most novels but it wasn't something that worked for me in this one Another thing was the same issue I had with her previous book and that was length There was so much detail and so much description that it felt almost like I was reading a textbook I feel like someone of that could've been cut and we wouldn't really miss anything To tie up this long long loooooooong review overall I think that was a fantastic book with some style choices that just didn't work for me personally Jacuelyn Middleton is a fantastic story teller and I will continue to read everything she writes

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