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Eye for Eye Trilogy Box Set ❮PDF❯ ✮ Eye for Eye Trilogy Box Set ❤ Author J.K. Franko – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Talion crime thriller series begins with the Eye for Eye Trilogy Eye for Eye Tooth for Tooth Life for LifeWhat would YOU do if someone hurt the one you loveBook One — EYE FOR EYERoy and Susie ar The Talion crime thriller Eye Trilogy ePUB ☆ series begins with the Eye for Eye Trilogy Eye for Eye Tooth for Tooth Life for LifeWhat would YOU do if someone hurt the one you loveBook One — EYE FOR EYERoy and Susie are the perfect couple an ideal family living a fairy tale life until their teenage daughter is senselessly killedJust Eye for PDF/EPUB ² as they’re managing to put that tragic loss behind them a stranger approaches Roy in a bar with a drunken proposal—he invokes their daughter’s memory to ask Roy to kill a manAll is not as it seems however and Roy and Susie soon find themselves navigating an intricate web of deception betrayal and revengeWill Roy and Susie become for Eye Trilogy Epub Ù victims themselves or can they outwit their unseen enemies And what secrets are they keeping from each other that could destroy themBoxset Bonus — THE TRIAL OF JOE HARLAN JUNIOR A college Halloween party A night of fun dress up and laughter But for Kristy Wise it uickly became a night of horrorNow Joe Harlan Junior entrepreneur and son of a prominent senator is at risk of losing everything as he stands accused of a crime he insists he did not commitYet the facts are undisputed Kristy was drugged and she did have sex with JoeBut was it consensualRead the story Listen to the testimony Is everything that happens next justifiedYOU decideTHE TRIAL OF JOE HARLAN JUNIOR IS THE COMPANION NOVELLA TO JK FRANKO'S SHOCKING THRILLER EYE FOR EYE BOOK TWO — Tooth for ToothRoy and Susie thought they had gotten away with murder Their planning was meticulous Their execution was flawlessBut there is always a loose end isn’t there Always a singing boneNow as enemies multiply and suspicions abound their perfect world begins to crumbleThe hunters have become the huntedBook Three — Life for LifeRoy Cruise and his pregnant wife Susie barely survived an assassination attempt in their own home The police now have them under surveillance Meanwhile Kristy Wise is a loose cannon—she knows too much and is trying to “set things right”What goes around comes around And in this case Roy and Susie may have pushed things too far There are too many dead bodies Too many foes plotting against themRoy and Susie must outwit the police and neutralize their enemies once and for all If not their days of retribution may end behind bars or six feet underIf you like smart fast paced thrillers with unexpected twists then you’ll love JK Franko.

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  1. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    The Eye for Eye trilogy by J K Franko kept me reading long into the nightand the next nightand the next Once I started I didn’t stop until I had finished Each book brought surprises and mystery as I wonder how many people’s lives are going to be affected and who will be left standing I love vigilante scenarios and replays of familiar story lines especially when it is as chock full of danger and suspense as the Eye For Eye trilogy was This proves the chaos theory so be careful about throwing that pebble into the pond It’s not necessary to read the preuel Trial of Joe Harlan Jr though you may find it interesting It is however best to read the trilogy from the beginning with Eye for Eye Tooth for Tooth and Life for Life When it comes to the wrapupfanfrickintastic Even when I thought the story was pretty much over J K Franko kept the surprises coming He even had me feeling sorry for Royand most of the other characters I mean what do you do when the justice system fails you Do you take the matter into your own hands What if it was your child Your son Your daughter Your best friend How far would you go to protect them Seek vengeance for them And is it so wrongI highly recommend picking up this series but be sure and set aside the time Once I started I didn’t want to stop and you may feel the same wayI voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Eye for Eye by J K FrankoSee at fundinmental

  2. Raquel Cordon Raquel Cordon says:

    It had been a while since I'd read a trilogy that was full of unexpected surprises and still managed to bring all the loose ends together into a super satisfying endingHighly recommend

  3. Raul Raul says:

    An intelligent read from start to finish

  4. Susan Susan says:

    A fun read from start to finish

  5. Coco Coco says:

    This trilogy is what would happen if Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Presumed Innocent got married and had a babyNuff said

  6. Roy Roy says:

    What a ride Like Agatha Christie but on steroids or something strongerTons of unexpected twists And beware—Franko is not afraid to kill his main characters some that you wouldn't think could dieAll the threads come neatly together at the end of the trilogyIntelligent dark humorousI want

  7. Jay Jay says:

    A masterpiece of a trilogy Fantastic Twists great characters and everything comes together brilliantly I started book one on Thursday night and finished the whole set by Sunday JK Franko is my new favorite author

  8. Paula Ruiz Paula Ruiz says:

    One of the best trilogies I have read in years and years Each book builds on the prior so read them in order The first book is fantastic full of unexpected twists and surprises Then each subseuent book raises the stakes and gets even better Hats off to Mr FrankoPlease write

  9. Erica Metcalf Erica Metcalf says:

    The Eye for Eye Trilogy by JK Franko is a wild and stressful ride If you enjoy crime thrillers you'll love this Full disclosure I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review during this book tour via Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours This did not affect my rating in any way Phew this trilogy I have to say right off the bat I absolutely despised every single character in this series However I also found them all incredibly intriguing It was like watching a suspenseful day time soap; I just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next My only slight complaint and it's my common complaint was that a lot of this seemed very repetitive to me Unfortunately that may just be because I read the three back to back I'm not totally sure Where there are so many characters and moving pieces this could help remind readers of certain things but for me it really bogged the stories downBook One Eye For EyeOne of my favorite elements of book one Eye For Eye was how well our two main characters Roy and Susie planed things out I was eually shocked and awed readers of this trilogy will understand this comment I just couldn't help myself by how they kept justifying what they were doing to themselves even when their sense of right and wrong kicked in I also loved how the narrator broke in every now and again to make statements that reminded the reader that this didn’t all go as planned and that were really recounting their story at a later date My last note about book one is that it took me until page 272 to make a connection that had been there all along and phew what a sudden realization that was I can't believe I hadn't put it together sooner It's not like it was even slightly hidden Everything fell into place for me at that point And oh my god that epilogue Talk about things falling into place This really threw me for a loop but it all made so much senseBook Two Tooth For ToothIn book two I really enjoyed getting to know characters that were tangled up in this crazy web Just like the first book revenge is planned murder occurs but the story also gets even complicated Roy and Susie are certainly confident in this one than they were in book oneI enjoyed the mystery element of this book as we watched Kristy on her uest to find out what was going on as well as how a new player in this twisted puzzle was going to fit in The same case here with the epilogue It tied up a few loose ends wonderfully but also made me want to shout what's next This was my favorite passage from this bookThe funny thing about nostalgia is we only tend to remember the good things about the good ol’ days It’s only when we stop and actually walk back into that old high school building that all the bad shit comes rushing back Book Three Life For LifeHoly the first chapter had me panicking I love when books can make me have a physical response I really enjoyed that in this book we started seeing the downfall occur This was my favorite passage from this bookYou scream The sound is muffled by the box The only one who can hear it is you and you know it

  10. Liz (Quirky Cat) Liz (Quirky Cat) says:

    I received a copy of Eye for Eye Trilogy in exchange for a fair and honest review The entire Eye for Eye Trilogy written by JK Franko can be found as one complete set now – and personally I adore it when it's easy to jump from one novel to the next Included in this collection are Eye for Eye Tooth for Tooth and Life for Life Eye for Eye Love and revenge freuently go hand and hand That is a dominant – but not the only – theme within Eye for Eye Roy and Susie had the perfect life right up until their teenage daughter was killed that is Now an opportunity has arisen and with it the change to invoke pain as a sense of justice Tooth for Tooth They say that every action has conseuences a fact that Roy and Susie are about to learn the hard way They thought that they were past the events of Eye for Eye – that they had gotten away from it and with it They were not entirely correct as a new hunt begins Life for Life How far would you go to get revenge How much farther would you go to prevent things from coming full circle Roy and Susie have been through hell and back these past few years and will have to go through in order to find their happy ending “You see the universe still had accounts to settle And Susie and I were way overdrawn” I picked up the Eye for Eye Trilogy hoping for a thrilling series of reads – and that is exactly what I got I ended up reading the entire trilogy over just two short days which is the main reason why I am reviewing them as a whole instead of individually as they are one in my mind I simply couldn't put it down The tale of Roy and Susie certainly gets dark at times but it comes with many fascinating and satisfying moments as well The suspense constantly seemed to build up rather than coming in waves Meanwhile the stakes also seemed to grow as Roy and Susie repeatedly found themselves in over their heads Both literally and sometimes ethically The conversations and debates raised by this series alone are enough to keep any reader interested if you ask me While I didn't love to see the pain that this one couple went through I did enjoy all the food for thought that JK Franko provided here One of the many highlights in my mind is the sheer level of detail included and the lengths our characters go through in order to achieve their goals It made the whole world feel just a bit real – both the good and the bad One thing I would recommend for all of those readers thinking about picking up this trilogy read it with the lights on and when you're not home alone Trust me on this one the chill factor is real and you'll be checking your windows and doorsCheck out reviews over at uirky Cat's Fat Stacks

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