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آداب الصحبة والمعاشرة General Description Al Ghazzali Places Great Emphasis On The Virtue And Spiritual Reward Of Having A Good Disposition He Also Discusses How To Recognize The Sicknesses Of The Spiritual Heart, The Signs Of A Good Character, The Raising And Training Of Children, And The Prerequisites Of Becoming A Disciple.

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    Some great advice but full of unauthentic and forged hadeeths

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    I carry this with me almost everywhere I go If you master the advice Ghazzali submits in this short treatise, then you ve mastered half your faith.

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    This is a short, simple and profoundly illuminating read Knock open the knots wound around the heart.As the hadeeth goes, the believer is a mirror to the believer.

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    Al Ghaz l begins by telling us that the contract of brotherhood confers upon your brother a certain right touching your property, your person, your tongue and your heart by way of forgiveness, prayer, ...

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