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WATERLOO COMMANDERS: Napoleon, Wellington and Blucher Read WATERLOO COMMANDERS Napoleon, Wellington And Blucher By Andrew Uffindell Xxlhuge.eu The Three Commanders In Chief During The Waterloo Campaign Rank Among The Most Famous Soldiers In History Rarely Have Three Such Remarkable Men As Napoleon, Wellington And Blucher Confronted Each Other On A Field Of Battle Or Had Such An Impact On The History Of Their Time Andrew Uffindell, In This Readable And Meticulously Researched Three Part Biography, Gives Vivid Accounts Of Their Parallel Lives And Extraordinary Careers The Dramatic Contrasts That Emerge Between Their Backgrounds, Personalities And Methods Of Command Offer A Fascinating Insight Into The Secrets Of Leadership And Into The Warfare Of The Napoleonic Era.

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    I got this to research the background for my Regency hero found it really useful and full of information including eyewitness accounts, which are fantastic It is well laid out with helpful maps and even for a non historian like me, it was easy to read Good book.It was odd to read old fashioned history about the big picture Modern history and TV programmes are so much about the individual now I watched Nelson s Navy where they took 6 skeletons traced back their jobs from the age, physique and injuries However this book has lines such as with a loss of 5,000 Wow Five thousand The savagery of the good old days is hard to imagine Also, if you are suffering from cut backs, take heart that for most of us it is not in the ba...

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    enjoyed reading about the 3 commanders at the battle of waterloo through their miltary careers and quite easy to understand and helpful maps and the battle itself on the fields of waterloo and the aftermath of the battle too , well worth reading if interested in miltary history

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