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10 thoughts on “How I Became a Human Being: A Disabled Man's Quest for Independence (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography)

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    This is the autobiography of Mark O Brien, the disabled man who is one of the protagonists in the movie The Sessions as well as the subject of the Oscar winning documentary Breathing Lessons It s extremely readable and covers Mark s troubles and triumphs fairly well although I would have liked to read about his journalism A strong, strong point is that Mark succeeds not because of his bravery or determination he often ...

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    I wanted to read this book after seeing the excellent movie The Sessions I wasn t disappointed Mark O Brien was a wonderful writer able to convey the limits of his life spent mostly in an iron lung while showing us his amazing talent and inner life.

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    Plukket opp den fordi den ble nevnt flere ganger i Jeg lever et liv som ligner deres og fordi jeg er nysgjerrig p jernlunger vs moderne respiratorer usikker p hvorfor jeg trodde jeg skulle f teknisk informasjon om dem her Uansett, velskrevne memoarer, skrevet med akkurat passe distanse og humor Ser noen sier den er for kald og faktabasert, jeg vil heller si velsignet fritatt fra klisjer og woe is me Plenty av r rende yeblikk, like fult men jeg liker best hverdagsfokuset Synes det er mest spennende lese om sykehusopphold og minst spennende lese om studietiden, men tror det prim rt skyldes at jeg er yrkesskadet.ETA Denne ble gitt ut posthumt, og det...

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    This was the very readable and interesting story of a life that very few of us can even imagine The author, Mark O Brien, confined to an iron lung for life, he manages to as the title suggests, live a life He talks about his insecurities, his health issues, his desires and his accomplishments He navigates relationships, independent living and institutional bureaucracy I came ...

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    Very conflicted as to how to rate this book While I feel the life of Mark O Brien deserves 5 stars, I felt the book was such a drag Very factual, lacking much needed sentiment and emotion Was that intentional Given that he s a journal...

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    Amazing autobiographical account of a writer that contracted polio at a young age and was confined to an iron lung for all but a few hours a day Part of his story was turned into the movie The Sessions.

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    I loved this book What an incredible life this man led.

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    Very powerful Well worth a read.

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    Very inspiring though at times very sad and brought tears to my eyes.

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    What a thoughtful, intelligent writer I was moved by his candor, and will try to find and read everything he has written.

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How I Became a Human Being: A Disabled Man's Quest for Independence (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography) September 1955 Six Year Old Mark O Brien Moved His Arms And Legs For The Last Time He Came Out Of A Thirty Day Coma To Find Himself Enclosed From The Neck Down In An Iron Lung, The Machine In Which He Would Live For Much Of The Rest Of His Life.How I Became A Human Being Is Mark O Brien S Account Of His Struggles To Lead An Independent Life Despite A Lifelong Disability In 1955, He Contracted Polio And Became Permanently Paralyzed From The Neck Down O Brien Describes Growing Up Without The Use Of His Limbs, His Adolescence Struggling With Physical Rehabilitation And Suffering The Bureaucracy Of Hospitals And Institutions, And His Adult Life As An Independent Student And Writer Despite His Weak Physical State, O Brien Attended Graduate School, Explored His Sexuality, Fell In Love, Published Poetry, And Worked As A Journalist A Determined Writer, O Brien Used A Mouthstick To Type Each Word.O Brien S Story Does Not Beg For Sympathy It Is Rather A Day To Day Account Of His Reality The Life He Crafted And Maintained With A Good Mind, Hired Attendants, Decent Legislation For Disabled People In California, And Support From The University Of California At Berkeley He Describes The Ways In Which A Paralyzed Person Takes Care Of The Body, Mind, And Heart What Mattered Most Was His Writing, The People He Loved, His Belief In God, And His Belief In Himself.