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Little Sisters of the Apocalypse PDF Epub Little Sisters Of The Apocalypse By Kit Reed Rarefishingbooks.co.uk A Motorcycle Gang Of Nuns Rides Out On A Mysterious Rescue Mission In This Dazzling Work Of Metaphysical Science Fiction By Kit Reed This Scarifying Trip Into The Near Future Provides An Extraordinary Look At Women In The Contemporary World Marooned On Schell Isle In A Pre Apocalyptic Near Future, The Women Are Waiting The Men Have All Gone To War The Ultimate Sexist Act When He Comes Back Will He Be Welcomed It S An Open Question But Today Is The Day Everything Begins To Change What Unknown Force Is Rushing Towards The Island What Do The Women Have To Fear Is It The Murderous Outlaw Family, Riding Their Way And Bent On Revenge, Or The Men, Or An Enemy Within But The Bikers Are Coming Sixteen In All, In Black Helmets Emblazoned With A Silver Cross, Metaphysical Infonauts Who Run Computer Programs In A Ceaseless Search For The Name Of God They Pray For The Dead And When They Have To, They Ride Out On Their Bikes To Defend The Living Until They Lift The Face Plates You Will Not Know Who They Are Watch Out For Them The Little Sisters Of The Apocalypse.

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    Computer hacking, motorcycle riding nuns sounds like a pretty dumb concept Kit Reed manages to handle the topic with aplomb,making it an enjoyable and insightful ride.The women of Schell Island have been alone for 5 years all of the men are off at some unspecified war Without knowing why, the Little Sisters are drawn to Arizona to help the women out With the imminent return of their men With the O...

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    Little Sisters of the Apocalypse 1994 examines the lives of a group of women besieged in a world tainted by violence and social disintegration by conflicting gangs of marauders they themselves make up a motorcycle gang as world Disaster nears.

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