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Less Than Angels [PDF / Epub] ☆ Less Than Angels By Barbara Pym – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk It is surely appropriate that anthropologists who spend their time studying life and behavior in various societies should be studied in their turn says Barbara Pym In a wonderful twist on her subjects It is surely appropriate that anthropologists who spend their time studying life and behavior in various societies should be studied in their turn says Barbara Pym In a wonderful twist on her subjects she has written a book inspecting the behavior of a group of anthropologists She pits them against each other in affairs of the heart and mindAcademia is an especially rich backdrop There is competition between the sexes Less Than eBook ñ gender and age groups With Pym's keen eye for male pretensions and female susceptibilities she exploits with good humor Love will have its way even among the learned one of whom is in a uandary between an adult and a young student This is the world of research grants libraries and primitive cultures Here is a particularly interesting contrast between the tribes of Africa and the social matrix of London As the title implies civilized society fares not too well on moral grounds to the primitive societies Barbara Pym does a masterful job with the s of the cloistered society of academia.

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  1. Candi Candi says:

    Less Than Angels is my introduction to Barbara Pym and I must say that I found this piece to be very appealing and surprisingly witty I needed to fulfill a challenge reuirement to read a book about anthropology I dithered for a while in fear of getting myself stuck with a dry textbook like experience Then I happened to stumble across this book one which tells the story of a group of anthropologists and academicians living in London during the 1950s Further I’ve been meaning to read Pym for a couple of years now so the timing was just rightNot much really ‘happens’ in this novel It is solely character driven and those that rely on plot for entertainment would likely feel little love for this one I however delight in the subtle nuances of human behavior I was certainly in good hands with Pym The book really begins with the return of Tom Mallow a twenty nine year old anthropologist who has been in Africa studying a primitive tribe for the past couple of years If you are hoping to ‘visit’ Africa yourself through this book you will be disappointed Pym does not take us into the heart of that continent Rather we only see the anthropologists at their base camp in the city of London and in the London suburbia We get a glimpse into their hearts At first I was dismayed to find I would not get to learn about this particular tribe Instead I was pleasantly rewarded with the realization that there is just as much to observe and glean from those that work in the field and in academics itself A point that Pym herself was trying to convey in this book It is often supposed that those who live and work in academic or intellectual circles are above the petty disputes that vex the rest of us but it does sometimes seem as if the exalted nature of their work makes it necessary for them to descend occasionally and to refresh themselves as it were by suabbling about trivialitiesCatherine Oliphant is a novelist and in a relationship with Tom She is eager for his return to the flat they share together Upon his homecoming it uickly becomes evident that something may be lacking in their relationship with one another Are the two of them a good match if she doesn’t understand Tom and his work? She writes romance and he’s working on a scholarly thesis Can she possibly understand people the way he does? He soon meets Deirdre a young student in the field of anthropology who lives at home with her widowed mother and spinster aunt She is impressionable and sympathetic and perhaps just what a guy like Tom could use right now She was conscious of little vague longings and a slight feeling of discontent but these were not unusual She wished she were cleverer and had a flat of her own and she would have liked to be in loveBarbara Pym is actually uite brilliant At first it seemed that we would get a brief overview of several characters Then I realized that she was in fact placing them under a microscope It was done very subtly I never thought I was studying each individual so thoroughly But a clever sentence here and there managed to fully illuminate each character’s distinct personality There are the unseasoned students of anthropology as well as the experienced and eccentric lot Mark and Digby provided the majority of little laughs – they are like those guys that sit off to the side with their own snarky commentary Somehow you couldn’t help but like them even if you completely disagreed with their ‘insights’ Alaric Lydgate is a mystery to Deirdre’s mother and aunt He recently moved in next door and could occasionally be spotted wearing an African mask He has trunks full of notes on his research of an African tribe which he hordes completely to himself rather than sharing with his collegiate community Central to the story however is the intricate relationship between Tom and Catherine and Deirdre I adored Catherine She exhibits the most growth in the novel and Tom really has her all wrong She may ‘just write novels’ but she has as much insight into human character as Barbara Pym herself She had often wondered why it was that anthropologists seemed to explore only the lower strata of their own society Perhaps it was a kind of hidden fear that they might prove unworthy in some way for she was sure that the experience of a debutante dance in Belgravia would be as rewarding for them as any piece of native ceremonialI was uite pleased with my introduction to this author and will not hesitate to read another of hers in the future I believe I have a copy of Excellent Women sitting on my shelf at home so may grab that one next time I’m due for another Pym What odd turns life does take And how much comfortable it sometimes was to observe it from a distance to look down from an upper window as it were as the anthropologists did

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    More complicated and sad than Excellent Women much better than Jane and Prudence As grey a world as you'd expect with people as small as you'd think but shot through with at least a few characters that try to stay alive I loved Catherine The stock secondary younger set were entertaining A lot open and biting humor than I'd seen in either of the other two novels I'd read Less patience as well in a good way The leading men were less than inspiring per usual Digby is the only one who can come over for dinner with Catherine go hang the rest I think I'd uite like to read uartet in Autumn next

  3. Geevee Geevee says:

    Less than Angels is a uality character driven work by Barbara Pym with the plot being ostensibly around academia and anthropologists in London in the 1950s We meet the cast over a brief period in their lives where study graduation and mid period plans including overseas expeditions as well as grants collide with young love flat sharing families and backgrounds alongside the lives of experienced lecturers anthropologists and clerical assistantsBarbara Pym draws on her own experiences of people as a university student and a writer; her WWII service in the Royal Navy as a postal censor and tellingly here a assistant editor of the respected and scholarly journal Africa to tell her story It is a clever approach as we find ourselves not just being introduced to each character but through the book's progress being able to learn and consider their actions in short the pen of Ms Pym allows us to study the anthropologists Alongside this we get a picture of 1950s London and the suburban areas that touch it We also experience the country set; their family wishes plans and disappointments for their people alongside the bed sit existence and scraping food together of the young whilst studyingThere are also some uality touches on the role of the church in the story and some funny pieces on the various church figures' behaviour and actions again we the reader are studying church folk and our wider casts connection and thoughts on ecclesiastical services high church low church and plain old modern stuff church buildings and the people who go regularly now and again or just because The story also has a couple of surprise moments that create reaction tension and other human responses for our people in the bookOverall this is a clever and enjoyable book from an author who is not as well read today as perhaps she should be Being a former Booker nominee and writing in a style that cleverly deals with people and people's lives with humour pathos and keen observation she is to be applauded and not hidden awayMy book was a Large Print edition published in 2010 by BBC Audio Books by arrangement with Little Brown Book Group 290 printed pages with an introduction on Pym by Salley Vickers Originally published 1955 by Jonathan Cape

  4. Wanda Wanda says:

    Thus far I have really enjoyed Barbara Pym's work Mind you I’ve read only three books but I've purchased a stack of them to be enjoyed I hope in the future Less Than Angels seems to explore the opposite end of life to uartet in Autumn studying university students instead of retiring civil servants Having been an undergraduate and having taken a number of archaeology anthropology courses I remembered some of my own experiences and realize that I was just as green as these young people Pym's experience as assistant editor of the anthropological journal Africa is on display in this novel She writes confidently about departmental politics and finances relations between faculty members and the unacknowledged underpinning of single female secretaries assistants who make the whole thing run smoothly I wonder if Edith Clovis was based on someone she knew?Usually Pym's observations are uite gentle but this novel seems a bit ruthless somehow As when she has one of the young men comment on Tom Catherine's common law relationshipIt would be a reciprocal relationship the woman giving the food and shelter and doing some typing for him and the man giving the priceless gift of himself said Mark swaying a little and bumping into a tree It is commoner in our society than many people would suppose Apparently male entitlement was fully recognized in 1955Pym would have been in her early 40s when this was published and have been living with her formerly married sister Rhoda to her sister's Mabel in terms of this book Still young yet which may have been the source of the observation of Deirdre “She was as yet too young to have learned that women of her aunt's age could still be interested in men; she would have many years to go before the rather dreadful suspicion that one probably never does cease to be interested”Tom the highly sought after anthropology student would have been far comfortable in a polygamous society where he could have been amourously attached to all three young women The reactions of Digby Mark on their interview weekend when their prof indicated that they should be celibate in the field was telling too Oh the good old double standard where women are supposed to be chaste and put up with men who are notThis is not the dark distant past but still it seems far from our reality I love my glimpses into this world through the shrewd eyes of Miss Pym Human nature doesn't change so her observations still hit the mark for meCross posted at my blog

  5. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    After having finished two very heavy very depressing books I definitely needed something light and amusing but not insipid My intelligence was still intact my spirit just needed uplifting I was looking at my bookshelves and this Barbara Pym novel subtly jumped into my lap I say subtle because that's what Pym excels at Subtle humor subtle sarcasm subtle plot developments All delivered so gently that the characters sometimes never get it but the reader is doing fist pumps and loving what they know is going to happenAn older woman with experience versus a nineteen year old in love clueless men widows old maids vicars and English middle class values mixing it up with anthropologists grants and thesis papers make for a wonderful couple of days or me de stressing and re charging with a favorite author who never disappoints

  6. Melindam Melindam says:

    'After all life isn’t really so unpleasant as some writer make out is it?' she added hopefully 'No perhaps not It’s comic and sad and indefinite – dull sometimes but seldom really tragic or deliriously happy except when one’s very young' 'After the war I got a job at the International African Institute in London I was mostly engaged in editorial work smoothing out the written results of other people’s researches but I learned than that in the process I learned how it was possible and even essential to cultivate an attitude of detachment towards life and people and how the novelist could even do “field work” as the anthropologist did And I also met a great many people of a type I hadn’t met before The result of all this was a novel called Less Than Angels which is about anthropologists working at a research centre in London and also the suburban background of Deirdre one of the heroines and her life with her mother and aunt There’s a little church life in it too so that it could be said to be a mixture of all the worlds I had experience of I felt in this novel that I was breaking new ground by venturing into the academic scene' –Barbara Pym “Finding a Voice” 1978 BBC radio talkReview to come

  7. Shawn Mooney (Shawn The Book Maniac) Shawn Mooney (Shawn The Book Maniac) says:

    I'm reading Pym's novels in seuence and this her fourth a tale of anthropologists and their loved ones in 1950s English suburbia didn't grab me nearly as much as the first three Not at first But at a certain point Pym set her character Catherine a nonconforming romance novelist aflame I was suddenly gobsmacked wondering just how far the blaze might carry us

  8. Bettie Bettie says:

    view spoiler Bettie's Books hide spoiler

  9. Bibliophile Bibliophile says:

    Another very pleasurable comedy by the marvelous Pym I hesitate to call her novels comfort reads lest someone think I mean fluffy sugary Nicholas Sparksy kind of stuff But really they are comforting almost soothing It's like immersing yourself into a hot bath scented with Earl Grey with a glass of sherry on the edge of the tub Her characters go about their mundane business of academic suabbling this one is set among anthropologists heavy tea drinking and romantic entanglements and somehow Pym manages to make it a riveting read She gently teases these hapless scholars and their bizarre behavior but never resorts to cheap satire as a lesser writer might The characters while flawed are sympathetic and lovingly portrayed Even when they think they are being mean spirited they are really uite adorable as in this conversation between two struggling young anthropologists discussing another successful peer'I should have thought that one might have discerned the faintest glimmer of his genius by now''Certainly his conversation isn't brilliant perhaps even ours is a little better than his' said Digby uncertainly 'And I thought the paper he read in the seminar last term well confused' he added plunging further into disloyalty Mark took him up eagerly on this point and they went into a rather technical discussion at the end of which they had the satisfaction of proving at least to themselves that Tom far from being brilliant was in some ways positively stupid and not always even sound'Almost a diffusionist' said Mark his eyes sparkling with malice 'Oh come' said Digby in a shocked tone Feeling that they had perhaps gone a little too far he changed the subject Maybe this is why I find her books so comforting that the people in them are so very human and yet basically decent

  10. Anna Anna says:

    Compared with the other Barbara Pym novels I’ve read I found ‘Less Than Angels’ serious in tone and content Although the little absurdities of social interaction and snobbery were definitely still present the narrative often took the form of a stream of consciousness that reminded me of Mrs Dalloway There is one rather shocking plot development and the whole felt raw than say Jane and Prudence The running theme of anthropologist anthropologise thyself was very astutely done Beneath the apparent frivolities Pym is a skilled and very perceptive writer I was struck by this observationNow who would like some potato salad?” said Rhoda feeling like there was something a little unappetising about the conversation She had imagined that the presence of what she thought of as clever people would bring about some subtle changes in the usual small talk The sentences would be like bright juggler’s balls spinning through the air and being deftly caught and thrown up again But she saw now that conversation could also be compared to a series of incongruous objects scrubbing brushes dish cloths knives being flung or hurtling rather than spinning which were sometimes not caught at all but fell to the ground with resounding thuds In the haze brought about by Malcolm’s cocktail she saw the little dark skinned aborigines swinging the kangaroo by its legs and hurling it onto the fire Certainly she had to admit that the conversation was different from what it usually was and perhaps that was the best that could be expectedAlthough a nearly bewildering profusion of characters populate ‘Less Than Angels’ the strongest voice belongs to Catherine For the mid fifties she is a radical woman living with a man outside marriage earning her own income and having a very independent attitude Her scenes are the most memorable and powerful of the book particularly when she interacts with Tom’s family or with Deirdre She is kind yet merciless in her understanding of TomYour people wait for you” said Catherine “How soothing it will be to get away from all of this complexity of personal relationships to the simplicity of a primitive tribe whose only complications are their kinship structure and rules of land tenure which you can observe with the anthropologist’s calm detachment”Social commentary aside there are also many delightful moments of levity usually involving the students Their pursuit of free food and fieldwork funding is both amusing and strangely timeless Student house sharing has evidently not changed that much in sixty years either “Digby what is this coming out in you this hearty manner in the early morning?” said Mark irritably “I feel it should be nipped in the bud” I never thought I’d find a novel that seemed eual parts Virginia Woolf and PG Wodehouse but here we are Pym bridges the two in wonderful style Although ‘Less Than Angels’ wasn’t as much fun as Excellent Women or Jane and Prudence I found it moving and memorable as a result Also I read the first chapter aloud to a friend and found it well suited to declamation

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