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Dignity and Defiance EPUB Dignity And Defiance By Jim Shultz Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Dignity And Defiance Is A Powerful, Eyewitness Account Of Bolivia S Decade Long Rebellion Against Globalization Imposed From Abroad Based On Extensive Interviews, This Story Comes Alive With First Person Accounts Of A Massive Enron Shell Oil Spill From An Elderly Woman Whose Livelihood It Threatens, Of The Young People Who Stood Down A Former Dictator To Take Back Control Of Their Water, And Of Bolivia S Dramatic And Successful Challenge To The Policies Of The World Bank And The International Monetary Fund Featuring A Substantial Introduction, A Conclusion, And Introductions To Each Of The Chapters, This Well Crafted Mix Of Storytelling And Analysis Is A Rich Portrait Of People Calling For Global Integration To Be Different Than It Has Been Fair And Just.

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    What I most liked about this book is the conclusion Bolivians know how to protest and have achieved good results on making clear that they are not willing to be abused But the second step is harder to comp...

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    Several case studies on the many historical and present day social injustices happening within Bolivia This book portrays the strength in resources, as well as the continued efforts the people make to preserve conserve its natural resources and public voice A great, dense, read.

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    I finally read this fantastic work by the brains behind the Democracy Center Readable and interesting case studies of Bolivia s development from world bank policies to the war on drugs to remittances Best explanation of how national debt works I ve ever read.